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안녕하세요! I have been a bit distracted as of late, but no worries! I am back with a new blog post and it is actually about anime! So while I have been busy with IRL things and reading 완전무결하게 사로잡히다 and other inappropriate for youth manga/manhwa, my little sister has been re-watching Fairy Tail. Because of her and ViniiTube's "Top 10 Saddest Fairy Tail Moments" (after I recovered myself from sobbing like a baby) I decided that I wanted to talk about my favorites from Fairy Tail. Anything from favorite sad moment to favorite character to favorite opening credit to favorite fan ship. So let's get into it! 시작!


패이리 테일 (Fairy Tail) is, as you know, my absolute favorite anime of all time. I fell in love quickly with the anime and have been gone for it since. It is sad that this is one of the most hated anime in the anime community - so many people have bad things to say about the show and I don't get it. But we came here to discuss favorite parts, so here we go, these are my favorite things and I am always open to hearing what everyone else thinks is their favorites.

There is so much that i could talk about and I could probably go on for days about the story. I don't think I will be talking about the final season yet because that is still ongoing and deserves a list all on its own because it is an arc of the story that is filled with so much emotion as it is the final battle. Hell, all of the arcs in Fairy Tail can get their own lists...maybe I'll do that another day.

So one thing you will learn if you ever hang out with me and talk Fairy Tail is that I have a lot of favorite characters...most of which are unconventional as people typically enjoying the characters who are main characters or part of the main group, but a lot of my favorite characters are bad guys or side/supporting characters. I blame a lot of my interest on fanfiction, there is so much great fanfiction out there especially Fairy Tail fanfics, I've even talked about them before. But that is not the time for this, let's talk about my absolute favorite character.

Zeref Dragneel, the black wizard. This was a slow burning love. It was actually while I was reading the manga that I found my intense love for him as his character developed. I can't even explain what it is that I love so much about him. From his history to his magic to his flaws to his love, I am enthralled completely. The thing about Zeref is that there is a depth to him, a light to him. When you learn about his love for Mavis, it makes him human. When you learn about his connection to Natsu, it makes him human. The immortal demon seems human when you finally learn the emotions behind him. I won't spoil too much because his entire story spans the entirety of Fairy Tail, once the series is over and you have seen it through, I highly recommend rewatching because you will find little clues here and there that give you hints as to what the story is. Most stories you can tell make up the connection as they go along, but you can find little clues that were hidden about it all.

Some other notable loves: Mystogan, Jellal, Laxus, Sting, Gray, and Loke.

But the thing that I always discuss whenever I talk Fairy tail is the character I relate to the most. I actually pick Lucy. There is a darkness to why I think so. First and foremost, we are both writers who take our personal experiences and make them into written works. Second, our intense love for our friends pushes us to give up our own happiness to help our friends. And the most common thing we share is the hatred we seem to face. Being called annoying and obnoxious as well as weak and useless. Though both Lucy and I have grown in our respective worlds in ways that people never imagined. Growing away from the weak and useless moniker and taking on a new name of useful and showing a strength all of our own.

Lucy is the character who, to me, has shown the most growth in the series of Fairy Tail. Lucy is my favorite character growth in  the series. At the beginning of the series we meet the 16/17 year-old mage who has finally run away from her abusive household and watch her join the guild she has dreamt of. In her own right, Lucy is the strongest Celestial mage of her time. She is from a long line of strong female wizards: Anna and Layla are brilliant mages in their times. One of the first times you see this is when she is saving Leo's life. She summons all of her spirits at once to call forth the Celestial Spirit King in protest of his harsh judgement on Leo. She is also the first Celestial wizard (to our knowledge) that has been invited into the spirit world on a number of occasions. During the Edolas arc, Lucy is able to utilize her Spirit magic in the magicless kingdom proving further how out of this world her magic truly is. (*Please do note that I am not including anime-only arcs*)

During the Grand Magic Games, she would have shown a lot of potential had it not been for Raven Tail's harsh cheating and then she held her own for a time against Minerva's beatings. After the GMG, Lucy was shown her true strength when she came back from the future to warn Fairy Tail of the dark future that was to come. Lucy's biggest strength is the strength she gives to her friends. With the death of Future Lucy, Natsu was able to fight against Future Rogue. And then later Lucy finds strength from Future Lucy to close the gate with Yukino. The strength of all 12 zodiac keys is rather impressive when you see them all working together to close the gate and then again when they try to destroy Eclipse (even if Natsu ultimately destroys it).

The Tartaros arc is where we see the first true test of Lucy's strength and the beginning of her evolution into a strong mage. When the entire guild is captured in Alegria, Lucy is the only one who breaks free. Mard Geer issues an all out attack against the mage which no one anticipates that she will live from. She is attacked by countless guards who she easily dispatches with Sagittarius but loses him and turns around to summon Virgo. She then simultaneously summons Loke. When a third enemy appears, Lucy does the impossible and summons Aquarius so she has three open Zodiac gates (which is only possible from a strong Celestial wizard). Despite having three of her strongest spirits out to fight, Loke and Virgo are quickly forced back to the spirit world. Because Lucy has the strength to summon three Zodiac at once, Aquarius gives Lucy the option to do the impossible and summon the Celestial Spirit King (we'll talk about this shortly as it is one of the saddest moments for me). With having summoned the King, we get a glimpse at Lucy's future power when she takes on Aquarius' power to take out the enemy using her most powerful spell. This is definitely a battle I recommend watching even if it only takes place over the course of 2 episodes.

After Tartaros, Fairy Tail disbands and Lucy moves to the capital where she invests all her time tracking down the members of Fairy Tail. I would go on, but further discussion leads us into the final season of the show. So I'll zip my lips. But basically, Lucy is a brilliant character and develops beautifully throughout the show.

Now since I brought it up, one of my favorite heartbreakingly sad scenes, is Lucy breaking Aquarius' key to summon the Spirit King. See the only way that a Celestial mage is allowed to summon the king is to break their Zodiac key for which they have a close bond with the spirit. Aquarius was Lucy's first key as a mage and Aquarius was Lucy's closest friend after her mother passed away. Though it was never shown, it was clear that Aquarius cared for Lucy in her own way. They were closer than the other spirits because Aquarius was there through it all. She saw the darkness that surrounded Lucy as a child. Aquarius gave Lucy the option to break her key because she knew that Lucy had the strength to do this. Lucy knew by saying that she would be saving her friends that the mage would go through with the difficult task. To see Lucy sob her heart out as she cried for the Celestial Spirit King's door to open was hard to watch, but even hard to watch was her break down in a puddle as the key broke in her hand and you knew that her heart broke with it. Lucy was not the same after this and I think that Aquarius is part of the reason (besides her immense love for her friends) that she kept tabs on the entire guild. She didn't want to lose anymore friends. Aquarius became Lucy's newest strength. The scar on her heart wouldn't ever heal, but she knew that Aquarius was watching over her however she could.

Phew. Do we need an emotional break? Yeah. Definitely. Let's talk about my favorite opening and ending credit.

This is the toughest thing I have ever had to think of. There are so many amazing opening and ending credits of Fairy Tail. Many of which I listen to all the time. So it is hard to pick just one of each, but I will certainly try! I can't guarantee that these will be my favorites forever...especially because my favorite song changes with whatever my current listening mood is. Now, the two that I have chosen are my go-to songs and are amazing songs on their own. Some honorable mentions: "Rock City Boy" by JAMIL - this is the opening credit to the Edolas arc and I have a soft spot for Mystogan, "Fairy Tail ~Yakusoku no Hi~" by Chihiro Yonekura - this is the final opening credit for the first series and ends on a high note, "STRIKE BACK" by BACK-ON - this was a contender for spot one because it is a badass song but it also is the opening for the dragon part of the arc, "NEVER-END TALE" by Tatsuyuki Kobayashi and Konomi Suzuki - I love this song so much as it resonates Fairy Tail energy plus I love Konomi Suzuki's voice, "BELIEVE IN MYSELF" by Edge of Life - this is another strong contender for top song if I didn't sob like a baby each time I watch the opening credit, this is the opening at the climax of the Tartaros arc, "Ashita wo Narase" by Kavka Shishido - this Fairy Tail Zero opening that if you watch each episode the credit images change each episode because it counts down each episode - it was a surprising song choice for the arc, and "Be as one" by w-inds - this is the only other contender for favorite ending credit. I don't even think there are other options for endings that I love.

"Masayume Chasing" by BoA - the first opening credit for series two, this song is sung by Korean pop Queen BoA and faithfully represents what is going on currently in the show.

"We Are The Stars" by Aimee - the final end credit song for the first series is a soft and kind of sad song that is fitting (in a way you wouldn't expect for how upbeat everything else is).

Let's talk my favorite arc of the show, while you'd think it would be Tenrou, Final Season, or Tartaros because of their connection to Zeref, but it is actually the Grand Magic Games arc. Why? Because it shows the true strength of the Fairy Tail members plus it also includes one of the coolest battles (and one of the saddest battles) with the fight against the dragons. Running from episode 151 to episode 203 this is covered from the end of the first series to the beginning of the second series. It is also the arc of my most of my favorite songs. Taking place after the seven year gap, Fairy tail enters the Grand Magic Games this year with two groups of Fairy Tail making it into the games to prove their worth as the strongest guild. It is also the dream place to pit characters you've been dying to see fight one another against each other.

It was amazing to see the fun fights of the Fairy Tail team but also getting to finally meet the other groups. Plus this was our introduction to Sabertooth and the fact that Lucy isn't the only Celestial Mage in a guild. You also get to see the conclusion of the differences between Ivan and Laxus. However the largest reason for my love of this season, it is Fairy Tail's redeeming arc. It is them finally proving who they are and that they are truly the strongest guild. From Lucy withstanding Minerva's beating until the very end to Natsu taking on the Sabertooth guild to Erza versus 100 demons to Cana's use of Fairy Glitter to the fight against the twin dragons and finally the last battles where the five Fairy Tail members stood before Sting battered and broken yet still ready to give their all to prove their worth.

This is a beautiful arc that can be viewed time and time again and never get old. Yes I love the entire series as a whole, but this arc marks so much for the group. What is your favorite arc?

Now, let's talk one of the biggest thing: relationships. There are actually a lot of "confirmed" ships in this series...while they may not have come to fruition in the series, you can tell that the ship is there. So let's break them down.

Natsu x Lucy

The biggest ship of Fairy Tail, that while it didn't happen in the series, is 100% canon. Lucy and Natsu have both expressed feelings for one another. There is even a theory that they are soulmates. One of the famous scenes of reference is the very first time Natsu and Lucy meet, Lucy is under a love spell and Natsu barging into the crowd breaks her from the spell. Typically once you are caught in the spell, it has hard to break from it like that unless...you met your soulmate? Who knows. But there is definitely a strong connection between the two. It's especially noticeable during the final season, but like I said, we won't go into that detail while it is still airing. 

Erza x Jellal

The only thing keeping these two from actually being in a relationship is themselves. If you've seen any of the side stories and short chapters, you've more than likely seen their almost confessions. Then there was the whole "I'm already engaged" thing that Jellal pulled out of nowhere...complete and utter lie. Then the fact that they both use one another as their inspiration to keep going. Just kiss and shut up already. 

Grey x Juvia

What started out as a one-sided love, turned into a series of events leading up to both of them realizing the actual strength of their love and their bond. While yes Grey takes some time to grow into his feelings, Juvia also grows into her feelings. She starts out being really stalkerish but eventually grows up. You do have to remember that these characters are only teenagers and in their early twenties for this series. 

Gajeel x Levy

Probably the only couple that I think is end-game in the original series. They have the strangest coming together out of all of the couples, stranger than Grey and Juvia. Gajeel legitimately tortured Levy and crucified her to a tree. Gajeel eventually redeems himself, but Levy proves to be terrified of him for some time. It isn't until Levy shows her Fairy Tail strength that Gajeel even starts to notice her. From there it is a steady growing love that you see blossom before either of them realizes it themselves. 

Some other notable couples: Sting x Yukino, Rogue x Minerva, Evergreen x Elfman, Hibiki x Jenny, and many more. 

Now, fanfictions...Oh boy are there a lot of amazing Fairy Tail fanfictions out there. I've even spoken of my favorites in the past. I talked about them back in 2015 and they are still considered some of my favorites to read. There are a few new ones that I've read as well and even picked up new ones since I have since changed from reading on Fanfiction.net to reading on AO3. 

The thing is that they range between FFn and AO3 for sure because some authors are still only writing on FFn and others have pulled their works from FFn to AO3. So let's talk about a few of them and if you have any recommendations, please let me know. I love reading all sorts of pairings (though my favorite are Lucy pairings...as you will soon see).

by leoslady4ever
(Co-written with Deathsembrace137)

~ Lucy had never considered a love with Laxus, until the day he died saving her life. Now, he haunts her thoughts with dreams of what might have been, and unable to move forward, she finds herself going back, learning everything she can about the man who, out of love, have his life for her. Soon she realizes, his one sided love, may not be so one sided after all. 

Pairing: Laxus x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 14

by obscurewriter05

~ Lucy has feelings for a certain Dragon Slayer who also has feelings for her, but neither of them want to acknowledge them. So what happens when the two start taking on jobs alone together? 

Pairing: Laxus x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 38

by sora1213

~ Set seven years after Fairy Tail's win at the GMG. When an accident brings Lucy and Laxus together they believe they are happy, but what happens when another accident rips them apart, who is the mysterious organization after Lucy and why? What surprises are in store for these two? 

Pairing: Laxus x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 37

by imholynight

~ Lucy's Missing. Team Natsu is frantic. They must find her. And...is this a love story in action? 

Pairing: Laxus x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 31

by Rhov

~When Lucy gets pregnant with Loke's child, Fairy Tail must protect her from the harsh laws of the Spirit World and enemies who want her half-spirit baby. The Lion fights for his lover, his child, his guild...his PRIDE!

Pairing: Loke x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 50

by ErzaDLaw

~ One night, Lucy has a nightmare about a certain blue haired mage. Will she be able to, or can she, reach him and save him in time? 

Pairing: Jellal (Mystogan) x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 23

by ErzaDLaw

~ Lucy and Gray get roped into helping Erza with a secret rendezvous. Will they discover that perhaps that they are more than just friends and teammates? 

Pairing: Gray x Lucy
Status: Complete
Chapters: 10

I literally have so many more to talk about but I could spend all day talking about them, these are my favorites though. There are more out there that feature different pairings: Lucy x Sting, Lucy x Rufus, Lucy x Lyon, Lucy x Zeref, Lucy x Gajeel, and so many more. I don't typically read other pairings, usually only Lucy pairings. Let me know if you read any Fairy Tail fanfiction and what you would recommend.

But like I said earlier, I could talk about Fairy Tail for days. I have been typing this blog post for far too long and want to share it with you. You can keep up with Fairy Tail in their final season on Crunchyroll and Funimation or you can read along with their newest adventures in Fairy Tail: 100 Year Quest. So please continue to love Fairy Tail and I'll see you all next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat


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