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Update 12/7/14 - One Year Anniversary

A year ago, I was up late thinking that I wanted to start my own anime blog. I didn't really think that many people would actually read it. Little did I know a year later that my blog would be getting almost 100 views a week. (Last week's blog had over 140 views). To this day it still blows my mind. I just can't believe how much you all read this! So before we begin breaking down some of my favorite posts over the last year, let's talk about something that took me over a year to do. Free! Eternal Summer the 2014 season two to 2013's Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. When season two was announced I convinced myself that I needed to rematch the first season so I tried but I couldn't keep up with it and all my other shows on top of school work. That was just me being finicky. So I finally watched it, cried a lot, and loved it. But that isn't what you are here for. We are finally at One Year. For one year, I have talking about all things anime! So

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