Update 12/7/14 - One Year Anniversary

A year ago, I was up late thinking that I wanted to start my own anime blog. I didn't really think that many people would actually read it. Little did I know a year later that my blog would be getting almost 100 views a week. (Last week's blog had over 140 views). To this day it still blows my mind. I just can't believe how much you all read this!

So before we begin breaking down some of my favorite posts over the last year, let's talk about something that took me over a year to do.

Free! Eternal Summer the 2014 season two to 2013's Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. When season two was announced I convinced myself that I needed to rematch the first season so I tried but I couldn't keep up with it and all my other shows on top of school work. That was just me being finicky. So I finally watched it, cried a lot, and loved it.

But that isn't what you are here for. We are finally at One Year. For one year, I have talking about all things anime!

So let's break down a few of my favorite posts. I was going to do a commentary but I wound up laughing too hard and couldn't formulate articulate sentences. (I was also talking to a co-worker and maybe I will sit down with my little sister one day and we can record a new podcast where we do a commentary on a few updates).

Now out of all my blogs posts I do have favorites. One of my absolute favorite things to do is my Top 10's. It is a lot of work but I really love the result. My favorite top 10's are:

10/28/13 - Top 10 Favorite Anime
4/13/14 - Top 10 Winter OP
5/25/14 - Top 10 Spring Anime
7/6/14 - Top 10 Spring OP
8/24/14 - Top 10 Summer OP
8/24/14 - Top 10 OP of All Time
9/14/14 - Top 10 Summer Anime
9/28/14 - Top 10 Female Voice Actors
10/12/14 - Top 10 Favorite Endings
11/16/14 - Top 10 Fights (One on One & Teams)
11/23/14 - Top 10 Fall OP
11/23/14 - Top 10 Memorable & Influential Deaths in Anime

Then there are my reviews. There are four reviews I have done that mean so much to me. 

3/24/14 part 2 - Naruto Shippuden the Movie: Blood Prison Review
4/20/14 - D. Gray-Man Review (Easter Update)
6/1/14 part 2 - Bleach Review
8/3/14 part 2 - Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse Review

Last, my all time favorite post was my Voice Actor Spotlight of Monica Rial. Not only is she a favorite voice actor but she actually read it. Can you believe it? Neither can I! It still doesn't feel real. 

Because I am feeling nice...here is my original commentary of my first few posts. 

Born December 8th at 1:33 AM was a little blog called Kat's Anime Corner. What started out as a little corner of my writing blog became a large part of my life. Technically speaking I first started Kat's Anime Corner on October 28th but the actual blog started on December 8th.
My first post was a top ten anime list (oh how this has changed). My #9 was SAO and I said that my reason for it being so low is the incompleteness that they should continue. Oh silly me. My #4 was Naruto Shippuden and I rant on how I hate the OG Naruto. I still hadn't finished it at this point. Then there was my Question Time. I still ask questions but not like this. And the ending "See ya soon! =^.^= Kat". The blog has changed so much, plus I use pictures now.
So 10/31/13 was the first time I reviewed Naruto and Bleach chapters...and remember when I reviewed Naruto Shippuden? I quit that when I realized I just talked about that a few weeks prior. This update also marked the first time I used pictures...and tried my hand at comedy. It didn't work out so well.
Haha update 11/6/13 was started with a discussion of SAO and a pic of Todd Haberkorn. Then I did something else. Trivia Time, where I asked a question about the first role of Cherami Leigh's I heard. Then you have my description of Blue Exorcist. "Rin - son of Satan - becomes Exorcist - seeks vengeance against Satan - who killed Rin's foster Father. So Rin wants to kill his father to avenge his father...."
Reading through these makes me glad I use spellcheck now. Then in the manga spoilers I censored fucking...this update also marked the start of me trying to find the perfect ending for the blog. 
Yeah, so you can see I quit only after reading through three updates. I was laughing way too hard and had way too much fun reading through it.

Now for some milestones for Kat's Anime Corner:

On 10/19/14 Kat's Anime Corner had it's 50th update and it was my VizMedia app review plus my review of the show Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.

Over the last year I have made it all the way to over 3000 views on the blog and I documented the journey.

2/22/14 - 200 views
3/30/14 - 260 views
5/11/14 - 500 views
5/25/14 - 598 views
6/15/14 - 773 views
6/29/14 - 890 views
7/13/14 - 1000 views
9/14/14 - 1831 views
10/5/14 - 2000 views
11/15/14 - 3000 views
12/7/14 - 3385 views

Now the time we have been waiting for. Let's go over the last year of Character of the Week. A segment that started on February 22nd of 2014. 

2/22/14 - Byakuya Kuchiki

3/12/14 - Rygart Arrow

3/23/14 - Amata Sora & Kagura Demuri

3/30/14 - Akashi Seijuro (I couldn't settle for just one picture...)

4/6/14 - Reiji Azuma

4/13/14 - Akatsuki Kojou

4/20/14 - Allen Walker

4/27/14 - Tohka Yatogami (I laughed hard..."Yatogami")

5/4/14 - Tsunade Senju

5/11/14 - Kushina Uzumaki

5/18/14 - Tatsuya Shiba 

5/25/14 - Roronoa Zoro

6/1/14 - Lavi

6/8/14 - Erza Scarlet

6/15/14 - Maes Hughes 

6/22/14 - Momiji Sohma

6/29/14 - Senri Shiki

7/6/14 - Blank: Sora & Shiro Nai

7/13/14 - Lenalee Lee

7/20/14 - Tohru Honda

7/27/14 - Ichigo Kurosaki & Naruto Uzumaki

8/3/14 - Jellal Fernandes

8/10/14 - Ryner Lute

8/17/14 - Enju Aihara 

8/24/14 - Princess Nike

8/31/14 - Mamoru Chiba

9/7/14 - Sailor Moon

9/14/14 - Death the Kid

9/21/14 - Layfon Alseif

9/28/14 - Orphen

10/5/14 - Kazuto Kirigaya

10/19/14 - Toshiro Hitsugaya & Rikuo Nura

10/26/14 - Winry Rockbell

11/2/14 - MIX

11/9/14 - Lulubell

11/23/14 - Yato & Jiraiya

11/30/14 - Lust

Holy crap. That is a lot of characters and there are a lot more to come. Character of the Week will pick up again next week with a personal favorite character of mine. 

Now this is the end sadly and  I will see you all next week. 

For those of you who enjoy spoilers, stick around because I have Fairy Tail episodes and Bleach chapter spoilers. 



I don't know why I even bother at this point. Still no Ichigo. Still no idea what is going on. Still no fucks to give. 

I really wish that I could figure out what is going on and why it is important. There really is no explanation behind this thing. Plus the chapters feel so short and rushed. What are your thoughts on this? 

Fairy Tail 

In the newest episode of Fairy Tail we are thrown back into the battles. Levy is still struggling against Capricorn to win the Fairy Tail Cult Quiz. Then Gray is challenged to a dance battle against Cancer. 

No one minds this fight one bit...he wins and closes Cancer's gate. Then Cana using the amazing power of her dad is able to destroy Aries card and beat Scorpio. She closes his gate ending their game. Now Natsu and Wendy are on a search for Loke. In one of the ruins Natsu blasts down a wall that shakes the world. The Princess discovers a new gate that appears. The Thirteenth gate. 

So i put off mentioning this until the end but...is Lucy a masochist to Virgo's sadism? Haha. Even Virgo started to notice that Lucy loved her torture. Shit is getting crazy on Fairy Tail. 

Next week we finally have Aries vs Juvia. Are you prepared? 

That is all for this week and I can't wait to talk about next week's blog with you all. Keep your eyes on the Kat's Anime Corner Facebook page for a few sneak peeks into it. Plus the new setup for the blog will be shown. Still trying to figure out how to get a new design uploaded but I don't know how I will do it. 

Until next week. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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