Update 1/22/14

Hey guys!

Again let me just say how completely sorry I am for the last update being so delayed. I have just been so busy readjusting to being well busy. I know poor excuse huh. Any way. 

Manga and anime people. I have been starting some new ones and reliving some old ones. 

Crunchyroll has Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi (which you should remember as one of the movies I most look forward to) speaking of it is set for a March 2014 release. Know what else is set for a March 2014 release??? Blue Exorcist on Toonami. Alright!

Haha. So besides getting all goofy over yaoi and exorcists. Let's be serious for a moment. 

Over the last several years Funimation employees (I don't want to label them 'voice actor', 'engineer', 'director' because they dabbled in it all) J. Michael Tatum, Terri Doty, and Stephen Hoff produced an amazing show called "That Anime Show". Which was a podcast that you could listen to on their website or on iTunes. I had only been listening for a year and a half, but still felt heartbroken (though I understand completely) that they announced the last episode. The finale.

Bottle Cap was an amazing and funny way to end the era of awesome. Not only was the witty show a great ending the wonderful Terri Doty was on her game with Twitter and her request of #TASFinale. She even answered a question I had about the last 20 mins of the show if there had in fact been a dog barking in the background. Nasty neighbors. Lol. I am so happy that I got to experience the magic this show brought to our lives. It took you inside the crazy lives of the voice actors and, though not always talking about anime, let you experience their world. Farewell That Anime Show, you will be missed. I have one last thing to say: "Fuck you, That Anime Show". (If you don't get this, you haven't heard the show). 

Moving on. So there is this amazing group called Manga Anime Reviews (M.A.R). I love them. They take anime and manga then review it based on the positives and the negatives. So far I haven't found a review I don't agree with plus they have great recommendations for anime. You can follow them on twitter and they are really friendly. 

Their home page at http://mangaanimereviews.com

New Releases

Manga Reviews

Anime TV Show Reviews

Anime Movie Reviews

They have really great reviews. For example, let's take Naruto and Bleach as an example of their reviews. I mean duh, those seem to be all I talk about. 

Naruto was rated by MAR as a 92% for the overall rating and a user rating of 95%. They list the positives and the negatives of the series as well as review the series. 

Bleach was rated at 90% by Mar and 88% by Users. 

Now this one is a little bit different, this is a really awesome series that I just got into (so basically I crammed and watched the entire series in a few days) that they have rated perfectly on this site. MAR gave it a 85% and users gave it a 90%. Depending on how the rest of this story pans out, I can see this rating dropping or raising. Plus it is a current anime series still airing in Japan. 

Okay, so maybe that turned out to be a little bit more of a let's talk about Kuroko no Basuke. Haha. Any way. MAR is a wonderful site but if you follow MAR on twitter, let's just say that it is always good to read their Twitter for updates and such. Plus you can talk to them and you can even get anime recommendations. 

Why don't you guys check them out and tell me what you think?? I absolutely love it and can't wait to see what else they have to offer. Let's make them a site everyone will want to go to. 

Now, guys, this is a serious thing you are about to see. 

Yeah you have this right. This was my Facebook post after I read the new chapters of Bleach and Naruto. Let me say SPOILER ALERT. 

So if you read Bleach you know that Tite Kubo has kept Ichigo hidden from us and hasn't told us anything more than he is powerful. Now after the death of the Star by Renji's hand this newest chapter is about what makes the Quincies well Quincies. To me, I didn't really understand it and felt that it was more of a filler episode until the end where it is mentioned about why the Quincy are killing Soul Reapers. Who knows, maybe he has something planned, I just hope it doesn't suck. Like a certain manga series I know that worked you up then just ended *cough, cough* Vampire Knight *cough, cough*. 

Okay, any how....

Naruto. Um...I don't think I can go into too much detail without feeling REALLY FUCKING SAD once again. Best friends Naruto and Sauske are shown at the end of the newest chapter laying down with their lives slowly slipping away from them. Sakura and Karin crying in despair that they fear they will die. I am so hoping something happens, I mean you can't kill the titular character can you? *sniffles*

Okay let's not talk about that any more. 

So if you guys want to, don't be shy and follow me on the following sites. I am always talking about goofy stuff all over the place but these are the sites I am on religiously. (Even when I should be studying for school). 

Twitter - @Katrina_Meade on Twitter.com/Katrina_Meade
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Though I warn you that if you follow me on Instagram you will get A LOT of pictures of my dog. Hahaha. What can I say? He loves anime too. 

See he even wants to imitate #2. 

My challenge I leave you with is to find something anime related in your life and post it on either Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter. Tag me in it (depending on the site) or leave a link in the comments below. What inspired this? I mean come on look at my Gus, he wanted to take part in a live-action version of Kuroko no Basuke. (not really but you get the idea). 


Mata Raishuu Ne (if you can tell me which amazing YouTuber who says this, you are awesome). 

xx Kat 


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