Update 2/9/14

Art is explosion. That is what the most recent episode of Naruto Shippuden taught us on Toonami. While most people don't go as eccentric as Deidara, everyone does express themselves through their art.

Clearly as you have guessed, this is going to be about art. Fanart, AMV, mangaka, anime. You name it. Every piece is as important as the next. I am going to show you all a bit of what I have been working on in my time of being a huge fan.

I am sure that if you all follow me on Twitter and Instagram you have seen my drawings that I post or my short clips of the AMV's that I am doing, but I have never posted anything for you all to see. Now what I show you all needs to stay on this blog because I don't often go sharing this kind of stuff for a reason.

First up: "War of Change" by Thousand Foot Krutch with the anime Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Now this one is a personal best. I just finished it recently (like 2/2/14). The reason I chose this song is because it definitely brings out the darkness involved in this series. Not many songs that I have chosen for a series has pulled out just a single element but this song definitely does. Take a look.

See fits doesn't it? I personally like that it helps to expose a little bit of the hearts that rest in Naruto and Sasuke. Totally worth it.

Next up: "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons with the anime Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

This video took me AGES to do because I spent hours upon hours trying to match every little detail to the song. I think I spent around two months maybe making this video. Yeah there are still some things off but I think I did a damn good job. It is my favorite one I have done so far. Plus who doesn't think this song fits the FMA franchise? Take a peek.

Personal favorite by far. Every time I am putting together an AMV and I take it to my guinea pig (i.e. my sister), she asks me to play this one for her as well. She loves it. So yes, every time I make one of these I run it past someone who isn't me. What do you guys watch?

Now what my favorite pieces of art is my drawing. I have only been drawing for like two or three years and I have to say that I think I am getting better. If you follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, or Instagram, I post a lot of pictures that I draw there. I love to doodle and it is very time consuming especially when I get grandiose ideas. That doesn't mean I don't (in my mind) think I suck balls.

Here are a few examples of my drawings and an example of why I keep doing it.

First up is a chibi Lavi from D. Gray-Man holding a stuffed Panda. It is actually the drawing that is in my three-ring binder for my classes this quarter.

Next up is Minato Namikaze from Naruto. Okay so if you didn't see a Naruto related drawing coming you need to leave. (Just kidding please don't leave). This is one of the few FULL color pictures I have done. I actually have a full color picture of Lavi but the only people who have access to that one are my friends on Facebook or on my private Twitter account. 

This next drawing is the one that made my life of drawing continue. So it is Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist the 2003 version. 

Curious on why this half-completed drawing changed my mind on quitting? Just take a peek below. A while ago the Vic Mignogna Facebook page did this one-day contest thing where if in that day you posted a message to Vic they would get it to him and get his reply to that person. So me being me didn't want to pass up the chance and skipped my way over to messages and sent out the follow message. 

I was so freaked out that I had missed the deadline until this came back to me. 

Yes he said "Lovely drawing". I don't even know how to explain the feelings that coursed through me. So needless to say I was extremely happy and wanted to keep drawing for the fact that real people out there would love my drawings as much as he did. 

Phew. So HUGE turn of events here but guys, I did it. I finally freaking did it. Kat's Anime Corner Episode 1 is now live on YouTube. Yeah I said that it was going to be vlog style but I chose instead to do a Podcast style video as I feel a lot more comfortable behind the camera rather than in front of it. I will post it here: 

Check it out. 

So a quick question for you guys. Do you like this style of blog where I post pictures and videos to talk about them or do you like my old style where I ramble on and on and on and on about things? Would you rather see both? Would you rather see a different style? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter or Tumblr, hell even let me know on YouTube. I want to have this blog (WHICH IS ALMOST AT 200 VIEWS IN 3 MONTHS) be set to make you guys happy. 

Well that is it for now. 

See you next week. 

xx Kat


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