Top 10 Hottest Guys in Anime

Hey guys! It's time again for a new post. So this is probably the first time that a podcast and a blog post go together. Like literally...they are the same thing. The only difference I'm not making an utter fool of myself. No lies, if you wanna hear me laughing and getting generally excited about hot anime characters...go watch the podcast now (or just wait until the end of this post and I will have the video already there).

So this is a really tough subject to do because my thoughts are changing every three months as I am introduced to new hot guys. So I tried to stay away from too new of shows but also avoided longer, older shows. I especially stayed away from the big three because those three deserve their own lists. Anyway, let's get started.


Top 10 Hottest Guys in Anime

Let's start out with the easiest part. I had a lot of fun picking these guys and recording the podcast. There, easy. Lol. This was one of the hardest lists to do. I even had to ask the lil sis who some hot guys are...she then demanded I specify...and I replied that what else would I be talking about besides anime guys. Like really lil sis. Haha. Anyway. Delusions aside, let's see who made the cut and who didn't (I only have 4 who didn't make the cut in the list because they were going to get spots until I remembered 4 other hot guys). 


Ah, one of the first loves of my anime life. D. Gray-Man was and could very well still be the show of all shows. So it goes without saying that Allen Walker is my number ten pick. There is something so refined yet mysterious about this fictional 19th century exorcist. I can't wait to learn more of his dark secrets in the chapters to come. Plus, a 2016 anime reboot is just begging to rekindle the flame I hold in my heart for our dear Mr. Walker. 


Speaking of Exorcists, how about the son of Satan. Yes, Blue Exorcist's own Rin Okumura takes the nine spot. With his blue flames and unyielding charm, this Exorcist in training steals the hearts of girls all around. There is something rugged about him yet at the same time there is something soft which make him very appealing and extremely easy on the eyes. While his twin brother Yukio is something to look at, Rin steals my heart. 


Knocking Rin and Allen out of the water is the sexy demon of the show Hiiro no Kakera. Takuma Onizaki is the love interest and leading man in this romantic drama. The 2 season show features this sexy red-head as he struggles between his love for his girl and the demon inside him. Don't get me wrong there are plenty of gorgeous guys in this show, but Takuma steals the show especially with his gorgeous voice.


Demons hold nothing to this next entry. Blood Dupre from Alice in the Country of Hearts is a gangster who is the main love interest in this story for our titular heroine Alice. It isn't really a surprise that Blood is the character I chose from this beautiful series because I have always thought that if The Mad Hatter was a hot guy that him and Alice would be perfect together. If Blood wasn't hot...I would have picked Boris who is this series version of the Cheshire Cat. Plus his voice is that of the gorgeous Lightning Dragon slayer from Fairy Tail. 


In this futuristic show that is The Irregular at Magic High School, one man stands above the rest. The main character Tatsuya Shiba. He is extremely talented and smart but humble too. Okay, so he has no choice because he has no emotions in his heart. Or should I say...what's left of it. He is ridiculously good-looking and so very kind. 


Back to reality, our next pick is a volleyball captain. The gorgeous raven-haired captain of Nekoma, Tetsuo Kuroo is absolutely perfect. His appearance makes him scary but his personality is pretty freaking awesome. Plus, his best friend is played by Yuki Kaji! Can you believe that? Oh man. Kuroo is probably one of the best blockers that you get to know. He is really good about getting people to do what he wants them to do, in particular he can get people like Tsukki to do what he wants. 


What is better than Alice in Wonderland? How about a cross over of Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz? While there are many characters I would love to select from the world of Pandora Hearts, there is only one who will always own my heart. Jack Vessalius, the man who has his hand in each and every problem that our protagonists find themselves in. Your opinion of Jack will vary depending on how you know him. If you know him from the anime, he is beautiful and lovely and so very nice. If you know him from the manga, he is all that but he is also so very bad. 


You thought we'd only have one demon on this list? Hahahaha. You're funny. This next demon is one of the strongest...ever. Luka Crosszeria from Uraboku is 100% loyal and dedicated to Yuki. Yuki is a boy who is a reincarnation of a girl who is a reincarnation of a girl and so on and so forth. Luka and Yuki are in love and they trust each other. There is something about this dedication that is so very fucking sexy. I'm sure you remember that one of my first blogs ever featured this hot, hot man. 


Finally, we're getting to the meat of the list. (No pun intended). Who other than a God could take the number 2 spot. Now he isn't a well known God, but he certainly leaves an impression. The Noragami God, Yato, is so very deserving of this spot. I mean look at him! He is so very gorgeous. And, like the number 5 spot, his regalia is played by Yuki Kaji so that makes him ten times hotter. His voice actor also helps so very much. His voice actor also plays our number 1 think on that until you get to it. 

Honorable Mentions

Saito Hajime and Okita Souji - Hakuoki

Tatara Totsuka - K
Lavi - D. Gray-Man



Is anyone surprised by this pick? Like really. I just had him as the number one spot in my previous review for the show. This Kuroko no Basuke captain with his Emperor Eye, Akashi Seijuro stole my heart the first time I ever saw him. (Funny thing is...I fell in love with him before I even heard his voice...) Like I said, he is played by the voice actor as Yato. Said voice is hot. Haha. See what I did there? But being serious, what isn't there to love about the ex-captain of the Generation of Miracles? 
Why don't you guys let me know who would be in your top 10 list? Either in the comments, on Twitter, on YouTube, or on Facebook.

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I apologize that I lost my damn mind in the podcast, but that's what you get when you record a podcast at 3 in the morning after having 2 big ass cups of coffee. 

I had fun doing this list and I hope you guys enjoyed it as well. Let me know what you'd like to see me do in the future. I'm always look for new top 10 lists to do. 

See you all next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 1/20/15


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