Crunchyroll Mystery Bags

Hey guys! So this blog took a lot longer than it should have. The blog should have gone up in February but there was a delay in Crunchyroll shipping out the bags. So let's look at what I got this year!

Crunchyroll Mystery Bags

Last year I bought the Naruto Mystery Messenger Bag. This year I bought the Free! Iwatobi Swim Club and Attack on Titan Mystery Backpacks. Let's take a peek at the goodies I got inside my mystery bags. 

Attack on Titan Levi Plush

Attack on Titan Eren and Colossal Titan Pins

Attack on Titan Mikasa Wrist Band

Free! Samezuka Swimming Club Key Ring

Free! Playing Cards

Free! Haru Plush

Did you participate in this deal? Did you get a different series? Let me know! Also, will you be participating in the newest one for Cyber Week? 

See you guys soon. 

xx Kat

Update 4/10/16


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