Korean Break Part 1: Idol Music

Hey guys! So as promised, I'm going to delve into a world I have loved for years now. As a bit of back ground, let me just explain to you a bit about my love for Korean music, television, movies, etc. I've told you all before that my dad is one of my biggest supporters, well, he's actually the reason I got into Korean music. He lived in Korea for a year when he was in the army years and years ago. So he knows a bit about Korean culture - well, Korean culture in the 80's that is. When I first started getting into anime and manga, he had recommended that I check out "Kpop". Now this was before Kpop got huge here. My first group ever was CNBLUE - I still list them as my favorite group, even among American bands. Now, 5 years later, here I am with about half my playlists on my phone being some sort of Korean mix list. So that brings me to being here wanting to share my love with all of you.

This isn't going to be a post about me delving into groups, because there will be individual posts for my favorites, but this is going to be for those groups that are amazing, but just didn't make the cut for keeping this Korean Break short. I love every single one of these songs and hope you will too.

My Favorite Music Videos (excluding my favorite groups):

Monsta X's "Hero" - I actually typed this post listening to this song. As you can see by the thumbnail, this is one hot video. Enjoy. And so you have an idea of who I like, meet Shownu: 

He can be my hero any day. *fans self* Anyway, watch for yourself. 

EXO's "Overdose" - I bought this song immediately after the release of the music video. I fell in love instantly and I think you will too. 

Trouble Maker's "Trouble Maker" - Taking HyunA from 4Minute and pairing her with Hyun-seung from Beast makes for one hot as hell music video. Hyun-seung is gorgeous in his various suits while HyunA rocks ever number she is thrown in. You'll certainly be in trouble if you ever meet these two. 

Speaking of...4Minute's "Crazy" - This very video is why I am confused more American guys aren't in to Kpop. Every single girl is gorgeous and they flaunt it for sure. It's just...crazy...see what I did there. Yeah I went there. Don't judge me. 

Girl's Day's "Something" - I'll show you two videos for this one...the first will be Girl's Day's actual music video. The second, you'll just have to wait and see. 

This second video features a member of a group who will not be featured today but will actually be  part of their own post. NU'EST's Ren got to perform to this Girl's Day song. Ren is the one in the thumbnail. Ren is 100% male. 

B.A.P's "Warrior" - Okay to be 100% honest with you. I love the music video for this really amazing dance break they do in it that is NOT part of the actual song. 

SHINee's "Sherlock" - This song gets you curious for more. It draws you in and makes you beg for more SHINee. 

So curious...you get a second one. SHINee's "Everybody" - This video shows you exactly what is so gorgeous about a hot guy wearing a uniform. The song is upbeat and pulls you in captivating you for sure. 

CL's "Hello Bitches" - A solo artist who is part of a girl's group 2NE1 but badass in her own right. 

AMBER's "SHAKE THAT BRASS (feat. Taeyeon from Girl's Generation)" - Another breakout solo artist from a girl's group f{x} and shaking up the world. This video features cameos from a lot of different idols including Aron from NU'EST (he's the guy on the saxophone at the beginning). 

f{x}'s "Electric Shock" - A well renowned video in the Korean Idol world, it was even the center of a funny video with Anna Kendrick of Pitch Perfect fame.

GOT7's "Just Right" - One of my favorite songs to listen to. It is fun to listen to and it has a good message...if you speak Korean or listen with subtitles ;). Plus Jackson, Bam Bam, and Mark are just plain adorable.

GOT7's "Girls Girls Girls" - The debut single from this group is bold for sure. That's why it is so amazing. They own it, plus Mark knows that all the ladies want a piece of him.

BEAST's "Beautiful Night" - I absolutely love this song. I fell in love when I first heard it on my Pandora. It captivated me and made me want more.

BEAST's "FICTION" - The "first time" I heard this song, it was part of a YouTube playlist. As I'm listening, I realize I'm singing along with the song. Only to realize that I actually owned this song. Talk about a fail.

4Minute's "Hate" - 2016 brought with it a new single from these badass girls. The beat is ridiculously sick and I can't get over the song itself. See for yourself.

EXID'S "Up and Down" - If you don't know this song or at least the infamous dance, well you don't know K-Pop.

INFINITE'S "Bad" - There is something about this song and the music video that is just hot. Maybe bad is a bit good.

Since I couldn't pick one...here is my EXO Triple Threat:

"Call Me Baby"



Royal Pirates' "Drawing the Line" - Kind of reminds me a bit of a mix between CNBLUE and FTISLAND but pretty damn awesome in their own right.

HyunA's "Bubble Pop!" - What kind of list would this be if I didn't end it with this classic song? It's just a damn fun song to listen to.

PHEW. That was one hell of a list. It only seems really long because of all the music videos AND it's actually shorter than it was originally because I took out the songs of the groups that will have their own post. So obviously there weren't any songs from CNBLUE, NU'EST, BTS, and BIGBANG. I even excluded songs my members of BIGBANG because those will be in the BIGBANG post. I didn't include 2NE1 because once you get hooked on CL you'll look into her 2NE1 music. 

Anyway, I have a few more lists for you to look at, don't worry...videos will not accompany the following lists. 

My Favorite Songs to Dance To

"Bubble Pop!" by HyunA
"Sleep Talking" by NU'EST
"Up & Down" by EXID
"Just Right" by GOT7
"Crazy" by 4Minute
"Overdose" by EXO
"Ringa Linga" by Taeyang
"Good Boy" by GD x Taeyang
"Boy in Luv" by BTS
"Fire" by BTS
"War on Hormone" by BTS

My Favorite Music Videos

"Dope" by BTS
"Up & Down" by EXID
"HATE" by 4Minute
"Fire" by BTS

What is your favorite Korean group? Do you have a favorite song? Do you have a favorite song that makes you wanna dance? Do you have a favorite music video? Let me know! 

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Until Next week! See ya later! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 6/6/16


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