Korean Break Part 4: B to the I to the G (BANG BANG)

Hey yo VIP! Are you ready for this? This is one of my high school friend's favorite bands! So let's break this down. I wouldn't say that BIGBANG is my favorite band but they are up there. Since they have been around since 2006, I will only highlight a few of their songs rather than all of them. But first rather than seeing their music, let's introduce you to the boys themselves.

BIGBANG was formed on August 19th of 2006. There are five members and each is talented in their own right. Starting from oldest to youngest we have:

T.O.P aka Choi Seung-hyun. He is a rapper, a singer-songwriter, and an actor. He was born November 4th of 1987.

Taeyang aka Dong Young-bae. He is a singer-songwriter and has an amazingly successful solo career. He was born May 18th of 1988.

G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji-yong. He is a rapper, a singer-songwriter, a record producer, and a fashion icon marking him as one of the most successful members of BIGBANG. He was born August 18th of 1988.

Daesung aka Kang Dae-sung. He is a singer, an actor, and a television host. He was born April 26th of 1989.

Seungri aka Lee Seung-hyun. He is a singer-songwriter, an actor, and the baby of the group. He was born December 12th of 1990.

This group does a few collaborations. The most notable collaboration was with label mate 2NE1 as part of a cellphone promotion for the LG Cyon.

GD is no stranger to collaborations having worked with big names like CL, Skrillex, Diplo, and many more.

These boys are pretty damn famous and I will show you several of their songs to give you proof of why they are probably #1 across the world.


"Monster" from Still Alive

"Fantastic Baby" from Alive

"Blue" from Alive


"Bad Boy" from Alive

G-Dragon Songs: 

"COUP D'ETAT (feat. Dipole & Baauer)" from COUP D'ETAT, pt. 1

"Crayon" from One of a Kind


"Good Boy" from Good Boy

Seungri songs: 

"Let's Talk About Love (feat. G-Dragon and Taeyang)" from Let's Talk About Love

T.O.P songs: 

"Turn It Up" from Turn It Up

Taeyang songs: 

"Eyes, Nose, Lips" from Rise

"Ringa Linga" from Ringa Linga


"Lollipop (Bigbang & 2NE1)" from 2NE1

I am seriously in love with Taeyang...I mean look at him: 
Gorgeous right? 

What is your favorite BIGBANG song? Mine is "Monster". 



That is all for this week. Can't wait to show you more! 

Until next time. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 7.28.16

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