Korean Break Part 5: To Anyone

Calling all Blackjacks! Do you know a little group by the name of 2NE1? They were one of my first female Korean groups to get into. Until April of 2016 this group consisted of 4 members, but it is now a trio. Let's take a look at these gorgeous gals and their impressive careers since they hit the music scene in 2009. These label mates of BIGBANG, have an impressive track list. As a group and as individuals. So like their label mates, I won't cover all their songs, just my favorites.

2NE1 1st Mini Album
Track 1: "Fire"

Track 7: "Lollipop (Bigbang & 2NE1)"

To Anyone
Track 1: "Can't Nobody" 

Track 3: "박수쳐 Clap Your Hands" 

Track 10: "날따라 해봐요 Try To Follow Me"

Track 12: "Can't Nobody (English Version)"

2NE1 2nd Mini Album - EP
Track 2: "Ugly"

Track 4: "Hate You" 

I Am The Best (내가 제일잘 아가) - Single

Track 1: "I Am The Best (내가 제일잘 아가)"

Falling In Love - Single 

Track 1: "Falling In Love" 

I Am The Best - Single (Re-release)

Track 1: "I Am The Best" 

Track 1: "Crush"
(Note: They only uploaded their Japanese version to their YouTube Channel)

Track 2: "Come Back Home" 

Track 7: "Happy" 

I don't plan on going over CL's songs as I already covered my two favorites and I mentioned her in the BIGBANG post when she sang with GD and Skrillex. Now let's actually introduce you to the current members of 2NE1 as well as the past member because it's not fair to count her out of this as she was a big part of all their current songs. 

Bom (Park Bom) 
March 24th, 1984 (32)

Dara (Park Sandara)
November 12th, 1984 (31)
Singer, Dancer, Actress, Model, and Host

CL (Lee Chae-rin)
February 26th, 1991 (25) 
Singer-songwriter, Rapper, and Model

Former Member

Minzy (Gong Min-ji) 
January 18th, 1994 (22) 
Singer and Dancer

As fans we should all wish Minzy the best of luck on her solo career and hope that she knows she will be missed as a member of 2NE1. 

What do you think of this hip-hop/R&B girls group? Are you looking forward to the new music we'll get from the trio? What is your favorite song? 



See you all next time! Just remember there are only a few more blog posts left in this Korean break.

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 8/4/16


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