Movie Review: Attack on Titan - The Movie Part 1

Hey guys! Welcome back to Kat's Anime Corner! Did you enjoy the Korean break? Let me know what your thoughts are on that. Also, what did you all think of the Terri Doty interview? Isn't she the best? You guys obviously liked it a lot because we got to over 300 views in the week to two week mark since I posted it. Terri is amazing and I cannot wait to have more opportunities to do interviews and what not in the future. We've also hit an amazing milestone! KAC has hit 21,000 views! You guys rock! So now, let's go forward with this movie review.

Recently released on DVD and Blu-Ray through FUNimaion was part one of the Attack on Titan live-action movie series. Fair warning, do not go into this expecting a reproduction of the television show. According to Wikipedia, there were characters dropped from the movie story because they changed the location from the original setting in Germany to a new setting in Japan.

Orphan Eren, his best friend Armin, and his girlfriend Mikasa are the main characters of this series, just like in the anime. However, when the Colossal Titan attacks, the movie changes the story you know.

Without spoiling the movie, I'll give you a basic overview. Monzen - home to Eren, Armin, and Mikasa - gets demolished by titans. Time skips 2 years to Eren and Armin having joined the scouts under their instructor Hange. The scouts are sent on a mission in hopes of closing the hole in Monzen which appears to be part of the main plot in Part Two since they never arrive in Monzen in Part One.

With this FUNimation DVD you get the option to watch the movie in the original Japanese or in the English dub which brings back taken such as Bryce Papenbrook, Trina Nishimura, Josh Grelle, and more. I actually really enjoyed the original Japanese version but the English dub gives you the feel of the television series because of the voice actors.

Before I talk about the actors and the characters, let's talk about music. The score was composed by Shirou Sagisu who is well known for his work on shows like Bleach, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Black Bullet. Also, you can look forward to his most recent work on Shin Godzilla which is being released by FUNimation. Sagisu's work reminds me a bit of Hiroyuki Sawano's work but more dark and less grand. My absolute favorite part of the music though is the end credit song "Anti-Hero" by Sekai no Owari (End of the World). It is very fitting and I highly recommend checking it out. It is available for purchase on iTunes.

Now for the part of the movie that really truly matters to fans. The characters of Attack on Titan: The Movie are not the same as the characters you've grown to love in Attack on Titan the anime. Let's go over the characters who are in the movie as well as their actors. I'll give a snippet of my thoughts on certain characters as well.

Eren - Haruma Miura

*fans self* Like holy shit guys, I can't get over how cute Eren is in the movie. He is definitely older in the movie than he is in the anime and significantly hotter.

Mikasa - Kiko Mizuhara

I am having mixed feelings, but I kind of hate her in this. She's more of a bitch it this...

Shikishima - Hiroki Hasegawa

We don't really get to meet him too much in this movie, but I already feel like he is fishy.

Armin - Kanata Hongo

I have never thought Armin was hot...until now. I am in love with him in this movie.

Jean - Takahiro Miura

He is still a dick.

Sasha - Nanami Sakuraba

Good ole Sasha, she is essentially the same except I think she has feelings for be the judge of that.

Sannagi - Satoru Matsuo

Fukushi - Shu Watanabe

Hiana - Ayame Misaki

 I'm not sure what I think of Hiana. I kind of like her character but at the same time I'm pretty indifferent to her character.

Lil - Rina Takeda

Souda - Pierre Taki

Hans/Hange - Satomi Ishihara

This woman will always be my favorite. We are the same level of crazy, that's for damn sure.

Kubal - Jun Kunimura

Now don't go holding your breath, like I mentioned before Levi is not in this movie. As much of an utter disappointment that is, they still bring a good group into this movie. At least they kept Hange. 

So what are my thoughts exactly? I have to say that if you go into this not wanting an exact replica of the anime, you have yourself one badass B-rated movie from Japan. If you are looking for an exact reproduction of the anime...just watch the anime. You'll hate the movie. I have decided that I don't hate the movie. Even though I do have difficulty watching the English dub because then I hear the voices of our beloved characters and expect the same feel as the anime. Someone also had told me that this is a scary movie. Well at times it is gore-filled with blood splattering as people are crushed and crunched, it is actually less gory than the anime. I did get squeamish at parts, but I was able to watch the movie by myself unlike the first time I watched the anime. Now Japan, please do not make a Tokyo Ghoul live-action, because I still to this day cannot watch the unrated version of the anime by myself...

I recommend watching this movie at least once. If you love it, watch it again. If you hate it, tell me why? I'd like to have a discussion with you all about your thoughts on this movie. Then we can all chat when part 2 is released this December on DVD. 

Until next time! 

Ja ne! 
xx Kat

Update 10/28/16


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