New Group Alert: Bringing on the Fanfare

Hey guys! I know that I promised that I would be getting back into anime, but a new group has caught my attention that I needed you to know about. I do have 2 full length anime reviews in the works and many more ideas being tossed around. I promise that I am not forgetting about you, I have just been struggling to find motivation and a lot of shit has been happening in my life that I don't have the liberty to share at this time.

Now to start things off, in the middle of November I did a crazy thing and dyed my hair. I know what you're thinking, "Kat, you dye your hair all the time". Yes that is true, but this time it is the color that is the crazy thing.

I dyed my hair mint green just like my bias Yoongi. Isn't that amazing? The reason behind it I shall keep a secret. I actually posted a picture to the blog's Instagram shortly after dyeing my hair because I was keeping the fact that I dyed my hair a secret from my family to get a live reaction instead of a fake reaction like I always get because they've had time to process my hair color choices. I know that a lot of people don't support me dyeing my hair, but I love it and I am thankful to Taylor for talking me into it. We'll see what my next color choice is. If you have any recommendations let me know.

And now it is time to actually talk about the group that brought us here. So as you know, my favorite group is CNBLUE and their company is called FNC Entertainment. Well FNC has produced a hot new group that I am obsessed with. This obsession comes at a good time since I am heartbroken that my first girl group 2NE1 has officially disbanded. Let me introduce you to the boys who bring about Sensational Feelings all across the globe...that sounds really dirty.

Part of FNC's NEOZ school, this hot group debuted on October 5th, 2016 with a 3 track mini-album called Feeling Sensation. On October 6th they debuted Fanfare on stage at M! Countdown and then by November 15th they were also promoting their second single K.O. As FNC's first dance boy group, they are doing amazing. Like I said, FNC is known for groups like CNBLUE, FTISLAND, and AOA. This is their first boy group like this and I can't say they did a bad thing. I am already obsessed.

My first real introduction to the group was on their episode of After School Club. I follow ASC on V Live App and watched SF9's Before School Club and After School Club videos. I instantly fell in love with these boys. They are very funny and outgoing. Plus they are all extremely talented. I highly recommend checking out their episodes. They were in episode 237 of ASC that aired on November 8th at 1pm KST. You can watch the Before School Club video over on the ASC V Live page here and you can watch the ASC video here!

Now before I start going into each of the members of this group, I've decided that first we will talk about their album Feeling Sensation. As previously mentioned, it is a 3 track album and they are amazing songs in their own rights. Each track shows off a different style of music and it works for this 9 member ensemble.

Track 1: "Fanfare"

The debut single from SF9 brings on the energy and is filled with each of the personalities of these members.

They really do bring on the fanfare in this upbeat track. What's cool is they have also released the track in Chinese and it is just as hyped.

Though nothing is as badass as their live performance of this song, check out their performance at the red carpet of MAMA 2016.

Track 2: "K.O."

This track stuns you with a very aggressive sound and a very in your face dance routine. K.O. is definitely a favorite song of mine. Well...all of the songs are my favorite so I can't decide.

Plus Inseong and Taeyang's vocals fit this song perfectly. Their windmill dance at the beginning is the part that is catching everyone's attention.

Track 3: "Together"

Vastly different from the other tracks, Together is a softer song that greatly emphasizes the vocal talent SF9 has. I wish that they had a performance of this song or something that I could show you but they don't. Instead check out their performance of their song "Together with You" which is a more upbeat song from their web drama Click Your Heart.

I honestly think that this group has a ton of talent and I can't wait to see what they will do in the future. Thank you FNC for creating SF9!

Now, let's actually introduce you to the members of this group. Like always I will introduce from oldest to youngest. So be patient with me as there are 9 members.

Inseong (인성)

Real Name: Kim In-seong
Hangul: 김인성
Birthdate: 1993.07.12
Height: 184 cm
Role: main vocals

Youngbin (영빈)

Real Name: Kim Young-bin
Hangul: 김영빈
Birthdate: 1993.11.23
Height: 178 cm
Role: group leader and lead rapper

Jaeyoon (재윤)

Real Name: Lee Jae-yoon
Hangul: 이재윤
Birthdate: 1994.08.09
Height: 182 cm
Role: lead vocals

Dawon (다원)

Real Name: Lee Sang-hyuk
Hangul: 이상헌
Birthdate: 1995.07.24
Height: 179 cm
Role: lead vocals

Zuho (주호)

Real Name: Baek Ju-ho
Hangul: 백주호
Birthdate: 1996.07.04
Height: 182 cm
Role: main rapper

Rowoon (로욱)

Real Name: Kim Seok-Woo
Hangul: 김석우
Birthdate: 1996.08.07
Height: 189 cm
Role: main vocals and visual

Taeyang (태양)

Real Name: Yoo Tae-yang
Hangul: 유태양
Birthdate: 1997.02.28
Height: 181 cm
Role: main dancer, main vocals, and center

Hwiyoung (후영)

Real Name: Kim Young-kyun
Hangul: 김영균
Birthdate: 1999.05.11
Height: 177 cm
Role: supporting vocals and rapper

Chani (찬희)

Real Name: Kang Chan-hee
Hangul: 강찬희
Birthdate: 2000.01.17
Height: 174 cm 
Role: main dancer and maknae

So I decided that since I've done it for all my other groups, I want to rank the members of SF9. However, I've placed rules on this one. I will only be ranking 7 of the members. Hwiyoung and Chani will not be part of my ranking as they are too young. Both of them are under the age of 18 and I cannot bring myself to rank them. Plus they are too adorable like younger brothers to even think about that way. If I was younger, maybe, but Hwiyoung is 7 years younger than me and Chani is 8 years younger than me. My own little sister is only 5 years younger than me. So anyone that is younger than my sister is out of the question. BTW, cool fact! Taeyang and my little sister share a birthday! They are the EXACT same age.

1. Inseong

2. Zuho

3. Taeyang

4. Dawon

5. Rowoon

6. Jaeyoon

7. Youngbin
It's actually funny, I never knew that all of these boys were in the drama Click Your Heart. I watched it when it first came on Netflix and loved all the boys in it. Only to find out that they are actually members of a new favorite group! The funniest part is that Inseong is my bias and he plays Zuho's friend in the show. When I watched the show the first time, I laughed because I thought a supporting character was cuter than the main characters...only to find out that the supporting character is my bias of SF9. How funny. Click Your Heart's main characters are played by Zuho, Rowoon, Dawon, and Chani. It is definitely worth the watch. You'll laugh and cry...just like me. I hope. 

So please, check out SF9 and support them on their journey! I have already fallen in love with these boys and wish them the best on their future. 

Don't forget to check out next week's post about KAC's 3 year anniversary. If you have been a long time reader or even a new reader, please reach out to me and let me know a favorite moment from KAC. Your moment may be part of the blog post I am working on. And thank you for 3 years! 

Until next time! じゃね!

xx Kat

Update 12/3/2016


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