Game Update #TTEOTS - Aeon Does It Again!

Hey Guys! I swear I am alive. I know I was supposed to post two more blogs last month but I have been...busy I guess...I just need to find my muse again. Speaking of muses, last month I spoke about To The Edge of the Sky and said that in February there would be an update. Well, let's chat about that beautiful update!

#TTEOTS Phase 3

As most fans know, especially if you follow Aeon on Twitter, that only Android and PC users were graced with the amazing joy of playing the newest update when it was released on the 2nd and 3rd of February. Apple users were only allowed to play after the 10th and 11th of February due to the Apple's App Update Approval System...or whatever it is called. (I added the 11th because I didn't get the option to update until the 11th) It seriously pissed off Apple users (myself included) because we really wanted to support TTEOTS to the fullest and all we could do was spread the #BTSxTTEOTS. Spoilers weren't allowed because a good portion of the users use iOS software. I could have played the update if I really wanted to on my computer, but I really don't like the feeling of otome games on computers. I feel like they are easier to use on phones and tablets. Unfortunately that means that I have to wait with the rest of the Apple users. 

But you didn't come here to listen to me whine about the iOS crisis, you came to hear my thoughts on the game. Now like all otome games, there are bad endings...ya girl here ran into one on my first play through and I don't ever want to relive that experience again. Anyway, this update allows you to meet all the Operatives. In the previous updates you only got to meet Four, Zero, Nine, and Six. With this new update you finally get to meet Five, Eight, and Three. All eight members of Phantom Alpha have finally come together. You get to explore a bit more as Seven and interact with your members. One day I will have to go through and play all the routes, but obviously I play through the Four route as much as I possibly can. Though, I am curious about the Zero route. #TeamDev 

Even though you have to start over (you can't pick up where you left off), you are greeted to new music and it is just as beautiful. Now when you get to the newest parts of the prologue, you are greeted with the KAIROS take-over. It's weird to find out how relatable the characters are and how much no one expected to see all the quirks they love translated to the small screen. But honestly, no one talks about how amazing TTEOTS is than my friend over on twitter @amerryfangirl! I sent out a tweet and asked people to let me know what they like about the update and she did not disappoint. A myriad of tweets came in from her and I want to share them with you. (A fangirl is always around to help out another fangirl, so go give my girl some love for being so awesome!)


Here are Martha's thoughts: 

"I love the back and forth between all the team members, it helps make it feel like you're really there with real fleshed out people. Six and Four are especially cute with their back and forth. I miss the music that used to play, but totally understand why they had to replace it. As far as the replacement goes, I enjoy it! It's still emotional, and fits the aesthetic well while setting the mood for each scene. I like how different it sounds for each member. Zero's interaction with Seven is both heart warming and heart shattering. It already hits close to home, with JK having given up his childhood to pursue his career. So it was emotional to play through that scene. There's a heaviness to him that's so well written. Very compelling. The new style of animation is gorgeous. I nearly fell off my couch when Zero made eye contact while offering to talk. The way his eyes shifted between his work and Seven's face, the blush and pale that would come over him, and the distant sadness were stunning. Meeting Three, Five, and Eight was wonderful, even with so little screen time (I know other game plays will come with more screen time, tho) they managed to show a lot of who they are on personal levels. Eight's quiet care for Five and his concern over his cat is precious. I haven't seen much of Five yet, I'll see more with the other game plays, but I can already see his adorable child-like ways that play into the duality of his character being Siren class, and a deadly operative. Three cracked me up. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him when I play again. His "charm" on the roof had me busting up laughing. Great comic relief. Six's personality SHINES. He's a bit of a wrecker for me. So cheeky and clever. He's hilarious, balancing out Four's grumpiness. You can tell they have a great friendship, which is wonderful. But I already touched on that. I think what I enjoy the most is how true the characters are to their inspirational counterparts. I can see so much of each BTS member in the game characters, kudos to the writers for being able to make such a stunning AU while maintaining so much personality. And one final thought: I have to freak out over the story itself. Not just as an ARMY with emotional attachment, but as a nerd who enjoys a great sci-fi universe. The apocalyptic setting, rebellion, social issues, climate dangers, augs - it's a universe I can't wait to learn more about." 

Those are her thoughts, and the reason I decided to use them is that they are so very similar to my own thoughts. As she was messaging me I was having a hard time writing because each and every thought in my head was being written out to me via my own friend on Twitter! 

Everything she said is true, there is so much beauty in the story that Aeon has captured and I can't wait to see this world unfold. If you want to check out @amerryfangirl and me conversing on Twitter about TTEOTS, you can check it out here. We talk about the routes we took (which wound up being similar despite our bias lol). She took the Nine route and I took the Four route. 

Now one thing for sure that I want to touch on is the amazing community. When you start TTEOTS, you aren't just playing a game, you are joining a large community of amazing people. From the Aeon staff to the Operatives to the fans. After my last blog post about TTEOTS the reach KAC got because of TTEOTS fans and ARMY was amazing, so I want to say thank you very much. I'm trying to repay my part by donating to the TTEOTS as well as spreading awareness via Twitter and KAC. So if you have found KAC through TTEOTS, let me know, and my KAC readers if you've discovered TTEOTS through KAC, let me know! You can comment down below or you can reach out via Twitter or Facebook! I'll also have a cool TTEOTS post in the coming months, but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for that when it comes around. 

That is all for now. Don't forget to follow the TTEOTS team on Twitter! 

Ajane J.K. Celestin "Xel"  - @xelestialwriter
Egle Dilyte - @stormvalkyrie
Marta Fernandes "Monz" - @monzana21
Hazel - @xxeru
Jackie - @eeveedream 
Zero - @OperativeZeroPA
Three - @Operative_Three
Five - @OperativeFive
Six - @OperativeSix
Eight - @OperativeEight
Nine - @OperativeNinePA

UPDATE 02/16/18: There is currently no Operative Six RP account until further notice. 

They are all super cool and you can always say hi! Oh, you can also follow me on Twitter too. Duh...@katrina_meade or the official KAC twitter (which I totally need to be more active on...oops) @katsanimecorner.

That's all for this update. I promise I'll be back soon, hopefully with my Korean Break Season 3...I've been a bad blog mom. Sorry. 

Until next time. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat
Update 2/11/18


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