Album Review: Love Yourself 轉 'Tear'

Hey guys! I don't think I have ever written an album review on here. Like ever. I've written album reviews, just have never posted them on here, I also used to review albums for my high school's newspaper. I was in charge of the variety column and got so many free albums to listen to and review. Plus I got to meet this really cool indie band, I wonder if they are even around... That isn't what you are here for though LOL. You are here because I am finally reviewing an album, and it isn't just ANY album either. On May 18th, 2018, 방탄소년단 released their album Love Yourself: Tear. The world is SHOOK. Like literally. As BTS is going to be performing at and are nominated for an award at the Billboard Music Awards, there is so much love for the boys going around the internet right now. So let's add to this love fest by reviewing the album. Now, fair warning, these are my first thoughts of each of the songs, so please be kind. I love each of the songs on this album and none of them are being hated on, I am just giving my honest opinion. I do actually love BTS.

Track 1: "Intro: Singularity"

- Taehyung's voice kills me. This song sincerely captivated me and it is like I am under a spell when I listen to it.

Track 2: "FAKE LOVE"

- I am seriously disappointed that Yoongi only has the one small part, but I am so glad that this beautiful song showcases the pure talents of Bangtan's vocal line. Tae's voice as the song opens grasps you and the song doesn't let you go once. It sticks with you even after it is done.

Track 3: "The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)"

- This song is heart-wrenching but very beautiful. Again, Bangtan is showcasing its vocal line. I think Jimin's voice stands out the most in this me at least.

Track 4: "134340"

- This song kind of reminds me of their tracks like Whalien and Ma City. It is the first track to really feature the rap line which isn't heavily featured in their title track and is absent in the intro and third track.

Track 5: "Paradise"

- This song brings us back to the feeling Bangtan brought forth in Love Yourself Her. Jimin is once again oustanding in this song.

Track 6: "Love Maze"

- This song brings back feelings from the Skool days. Innocent sounds and sweet vocals. Very impressive.

Track 7: "Magic Shop"

- The song everyone was look forward to. Starts off sweet and slow. Then it picks up and takes off to a deeper level. The verses by the vocals and rap line compliment each other nicely. My heart kind of melted a bit listening to this song.

Track 8: "Airplane, Pt. 2"

- Yes. That is all I can say. The beat. The lyrics. The everything. I just can't even formulate how much I love the Latin feel to this.

Track 9: "Anpanman"

- A hip hop track! Finally! I really do enjoy this track very much. I have no idea what it reminds me of but if you haven't guessed, I really love songs featuring the rap line prominently. This may be my favorite non-title track!

Track 10: "So What"

- This song is definitely a dance pop song. It is very upbeat and very reminiscent of their The Most Beautiful Moments in Life era or even Wings or You Never Walk Alone. If you know what I am talking about, let me know. It is really hard to explain.

Track 11: "Outro: Tear"

- Yes. All I can say is yes. Rap line. I freaking love the rap line. I need to listen to this song on repeat. Multiple times.

Needless to say, there isn't a particular song that I hate off this album, I actually like all the tracks. I don't know what my favorite song will be off the album yet, but for right now the two that I am looking at the most are Anpanman and Outro: Tear. Which songs have stood out to you the most? I know a lot of people are loving Airplane Pt 2. Honestly, I am too. I don't know if you know this about me or not, but I love Latin music. I always have. It never came as a surprise to my family that I wound up liking Japanese and Korean music because of the fact that growing up I was always drawn to music from different countries more than I was to American music. Latin music has always stood out to me the most purely because of the beats that are used. Especially Latin Hip Hop/Rap. So for BTS to use that in Airplane Pt 2 has definitely caught my attention. I hope they use Latin influence on other songs in the future.

Now, let's also talk about the physical album. I actually have purchased two copies of the album so far. If you don't know, for their Love Yourself albums, there are 4 editions. For Her there were L, O, V, and E. I own all four of those. Now with Tear, they have Y, O, U, and R. I own Y and R so far. I will be purchasing O and U when I can. Something though to know, before I talk about the album, is that I have also purchased some copies that I will be doing a giveaway with. Stay tuned for that post coming soon with rules about the giveaway.

©Katrina Meade
Anyway, the sleek black album is beautiful. Each letter has a theme and each theme doesn't disappoint. Like I said, so far I've only gotten the Y and R themes, but I love them already. In my R copy, I got a Taehyung photo card. The album also comes with a full size poster and a standing picture (and I have an extra one that will also be given away at AniMinneapolis at KAC's panel). In my Y copy, I got a Jungkook photo card. Also, according to an email I had gotten, some of these additional items are limited to first print only, so some of the items are rare and exclusive. So, they are going to be well sought after.

©Katrina Meade
Have you gotten your album yet? Planning on getting an album? I would love to see pics. Also, if you want to be part of the giveaway, check out the blog post featuring the giveaway rules.

Well, that is all I have for today. I wish BTS all the best for this album and am so proud of how much they have achieved for this album.

Until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat



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