Just A Quick Update

Hey guys! I am so sorry for being a bad blog mom. I have no excuse other than...I am lazy. I have been laying in bed binge-watching The Sim Supply on YouTube while rereading my favorite fanfics.

So because I have been "busy" doing that as well as getting started on my new job (which is going well, I think...I'm only two weeks in at this point), I have been slacking in my other areas like this blog, my editing job, and my YouTube channel. You can still find me very active on social media (mostly Twitter). I do have several blog posts mostly written, I just need to edit them, type them, and upload them.



I just wanted to share a few of my current favorite things in a quick update. Let's get to it!

Top 3 Favorite K-Pop Groups

1. VIXX (obviously) 

2. EXO 

3. GOT7

Favorite Fan Fiction (k-pop)
*these aren't in order like my top 3 groups*

1. The Perfect Partner by Avid_Rdr

~Looking for help in learning the Korean language, Jenna ventures into the world of language learning via a popular language app installed on her phone only to meet her "perfect partner"~

Fandom: BTS


2. Lupus Tales by kpopismydrug

Book 1 Lupi Summary ~This is one summer break that Taehyung will never forget. From dealing with a moody mare that likes to this she's a stroppy teenager rather than a horse, to dealing with childhood memories that threaten to choke him, Taehyung will soon find out that when you take a trip down memory lane, some things are more than just memories.~

Fandom: BTS

3. FanOfTA

I literally can't pick just one story to talk about...but if I HAVE to pick just one...maybe....I guess I would say the one that introduced me to Sarah...(Side note: I've read EVERY story she has written)


Re: Awakened by FanOfTA

~Twelve guardians of the past were appointed to keep the demon at bay. With new forces stirring in the darkness, the seal threatens to be broken. Can the new guardians band together to prevent destruction and bring balance back to the world? 

Fandom: EXO

4. Immortals (Vamp AU) by inkin_brushes



Part 1 My Head's Underwater (But I'm Breathing Fine) Summary ~Hakyeon was the best vampire hunter for fifty square miles, but a hunt gone awry and a taciturn vampire named Taekwoon change everything.~

Fandom: VIXX

Favorite Songs: 

"Bad Boy (English Version)" - Red Velvet

"Unlimited" - SF9

"Now or Never" - SF9

"Lo Siento" - Super Junior 
*Both Leslie Grace and KARD versions*

"Me & U" - Super Junior

"Dimelo" - KARD

"Starry Night" - MAMAMOO


"Cover Girl (feat. LE)" - LEO

"Touch & Sketch" - LEO

Favorite Manga: 

Fairy Tail 100 Year Quest


The Grim Reaper and an Argent Cavalier

Vampire Knight Memories

That is all that I currently have at this time. Again...I am so sorry for being a bad blog mom. 

See you all soon. Until next time! 


Ja ne! 

xx Kat
= ^.^=

Update 08/13/2018


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