Fan Favorite: Revisiting BTS

Hey guys! I know what you are probably thinking, hasn't she already done a blog post like this before? And you're right. I have. But the thing this day, it is one of my most popular blog posts. So that is why I will be revisiting BTS and going back to re-write one of my most famous blog posts. In 2016 when I originally did the Korean Break series, I wrote about BTS, so here we are two years later and about to revisit the most viewed blog post (or at least one of them). This is where YOU come in to play. The reason I am letting you know in advance that I am writing a new blog post is because I want to include ARMY in this blog post.

So please, re-read the original blog post here: Korean Break Part 3: Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Then let me know the following:

1. How did you discover BTS?
2. Who is your bias?
3. What is your favorite song?
4. What is your favorite album?
5. Any suggestions you have for KAC, they can be BTS related or not.

Then on the 5 year anniversary of Kat's Anime Corner in December, I will post the NEW blog post about BTS. As ARMY are some of my biggest followers, I figured I would do something fun for you guys. As a thank you for being so loyal to KAC. So share this post with your friends and let KAC know! This will be amazing and I want to write what you want to see.

Thank you very much. Until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat



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