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Hey guys! This post is a long time coming. I've been busy as of late but have not forgotten about you. I did want to do this blog post months ago, but I have short term memory problems or is it a short attention span? LOL. Anyway, I have a couple things I want to talk about first.

1) The Kat's Anime Corner x BTS Five Year Anniversary Special will be up in December on the 5th Anniversary of KAC, so keep your eyes peeled for that. I'm slowly working on it. Also, before anyone tries to accuse me of anything, I am not writing about BTS because they are the most popular group right now. I am writing this because first, I like BTS, and second, I wanted to revisit one of my most popular posts which happens to be a Korean Break from 2016 where I talked about BTS. So there is that. But anyway, look forward to that post coming in December.

2) Keep My Heart: As I talked about in a previous blog post, I have been focused on writing a lot and have been writing a story called Keep My Heart. The full links to the story can be found on my twitter account or in the previous blog post. But, the reason I brought it up is because I have been dedicating most of my time to the story, so I sincerely apologize that I have not paid KAC my 100% attention.

3) Serendipitous: Another project I have been working on. One of my best friends, whom I have mentioned on here before, Amanda, has published a book - and I helped. Well...sort of. The last year Amanda and I have taken her monstrous story and turned it into three separate books. We are still trying to brush up on any mistakes we missed, but we have actually finished a book! So give it a check out on Amazon: Serendipitous by TK Stephens.

4) One of Few Audiobook: Speaking of things I have worked on. Remember that book review I did for the wonderful Terri Doty? Well that book is now in audio format, or will be soon. She has a preview that you can hear here:

I may have swooned a bit because, fuck, do I love Monica Rial as Vera. I'll be reviewing the audiobook when it is finally released, so be on the look out for that.

Now, let's get this shit started.

With growing popularity in K-Pop and Korea, a lot of people are wanting to go to Korea. But what are some things you should know before traveling there? There are plenty of articles about this and are usually written secondhand. Yes I know I've never been there myself, but I've been talking to Sunny of Korea Box and she has helped me answer some questions about Korean Culture whether you are talking about or to a Korean individual or you plan on visiting Korea. A friend had shared a list with me once that sparked this post. That list was EXTREMELY offensive and clearly written by someone who lacked knowledge, didn't care, or just wanted to jump on the bandwagon. Let's discuss what I covered with Sunny. (It's basically an interview....)

What is idol culture (especially fans) like in Korea versus America? 

I can't completely compare because I never experienced American idol culture. In Korea as you may know Idol culture is very 'prohibited'. Because they have been trained since they are really young (some idols started their training from elementary school). And one they started training not only their singing and dancing talent but also their diet, friends, education, habits and etc are fully cared by agency. Once they become idol, their life becomes more prohibited. (By prohibited, Sunny means - restricted, like there are a lot of rules)

What are things Koreans basically dislike that Americans do when they are either talking about Korea or visiting Korea? 

I would say...hmmm you should say the polite words to senior (older person). And to younger person (junior) you can say normal, informal expressions. But for English speaker it is hard to think in that way of speaking. 

Tips essentially for Americans who plan on visiting Korea and don't want to end up insulting everyone they meet. 

Whenever you try to say something Korean language to Korean people, just add "yo". It is easy way to make the phrase in polite way. 

What are the biggest differences between the two cultures that you have noticed being part of them both? 

In Korea, we are very strict regarding 'age'. So we are very strict to be "polite" to older person. 

As you can see, I just covered a few of the more broad subjects with her because Sunny is my friend first and I don't really like to feel like I'm using our friendship for KAC gain, but I also am very excited that she is happy to help educate on Korean culture. I am so excited to learn more and maybe one day I'll be able to meet her in person.

So I also decided to share the post that started it all and wanted to get Sunny's opinion. Here is the post I am referring to, unfortunately I don't have a source because it was screenshot to me.

Now, one last thing, one of my friends shared this article post with me and it is kind of what sparked this whole thing. What is the popularity of "western" music? I know that probably in the older generations (very similar to older generations of westerners) that only listen/watch the things that they grew up with or are familiar to them. But basically, how much of what is said in this article is a lie? I don't know who wrote it, but I feel it is very rude and wanted to set the record straight. 

Oh my...I'd say everything in this article is not true...who wrote it...Thanks a lot for your effort to set that straight. But sadly, i would say all information there are incorrect...

So as you can see, when things like this get written, a lot of people can easily (and rightfully) become offended. Please when you are writing articles: Be kind, be respectful, be open-minded, be willing to learn, and please do your research.

One of the big things I wanted to highlight in this blog post was a good source (at least it is my favorite source) for good information about Do's and Don'ts of Korean culture. I've actually talked about her before because she is probably one of my top favorite YouTubers EVER. I have been watching Megan Bowen for so many years and have learned so much from her. I like to reference her older videos when I am able to submerge myself in my Korean studies (which I am behind on again....I'm trying to find stability in my life where I can study hard....2019 will you be kind to me?). I'm just going to post a couple of videos (recent and older) that showcase that there are RELIABLE sources out there for learning about Korean culture.

So please subscribe to Megan, she is really fun to watch and she makes informative videos on top of doing fun vlogs and whatnot. Here channel link is here: Megan Bowen YouTube.

Well, I think that is all for this time. Let me know in the comments who you rely on for informative research about Korean culture. Do you have a friend like Sunny or a YouTuber like Megan?

Until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat



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