7 Years of VIXX: 05/24/2012 - 05/24/2019

안녕하세요 별빛~ Finally it is our time! Today is a very special day. Seven years ago under Jellyfish entertainment, six boys flew onto the scene as Superheroes and continued to grow. With 별빛 on their side 빅스 reigns as the concept kings of the k-pop world. In honor of these men who rule my heart, I have put together this fun blog post. 시작!

May 24, 2012
VIXX - 박스


"Rock Ur Body" 

"다칠 준비가 돼 있어"



"대딥은 너니까"


Explicit Version 

Clean Version 







"The Closer" 

"Milky Way"

"태어나줘 서고마워"




May 24, 2019
VIXX - 박스

Over the last seven years, VIXX has released several amazing title tracks and has always been active in loving their fans gifting them with beautiful songs and music videos. However, something that is generally overlooked by the general public is there brilliantly crafted non-title tracks. Let's take a look at my top ten favorite tracks. 

1. Love Letter

~Ever wanna see me ugly cry while I am singing? Yep, this is definitely the song that triggers that for me. Especially when it is at a concert performance...and the group is also crying. Oh damn here come the waterworks...But in all honesty, this soft and sweet ballad is a true testament to the vocal talents that reside within VIXX. No rap. All vocal. It is extremely gorgeous. 

2. Memory

~This song was the start of Hyuk killing it as a vocalist. Ever since the beginning Hyogie has always felt like he could never live up to his hyungs...this song threw all those damn issues out the window. I have said and I will say again...Hyuk needs his own solo career...with a band. This beautiful duet between Hyuk and Ravi fits better than you would ever expect. LR who? I think this song is on every single one of my writing playlists...it is captivating. 

3. Now We

~Can we just agree that ballad VIXX is one of the best versions of VIXX? Like I am all for their huge production pieces...but just them in a sweet ballad singing is just...ugh...kill me now. I almost want there to be a concert where its just VIXX on chairs, singing these sweet ballads to us Starlight...because...vocals man vocals. 

4. Silence

~Okay, so I don't just like ballads, I like their more obscure tracks. Silence which is off their Eau De VIXX album caught my attention immediately. I don't know what it is about the song, but it is anything but silent. 

5. After Dark

~This was probably one album that I had a hard time picking a song from. I don't think people realize how beautiful (musically) the Error album is. From start to finish the album is gorgeous and filled with amazing songs. But the one that I chose that stood out to me the most was After Dark. It kind of holds its own against the rest of the tracks on the album and is a fun piece to watch live. 

6. Say Love

~"Ah 어떡하지" I love fun songs but I also love cute songs about love. This song is so wonderful to listen to and I always feel happy after hearing it. I don't even know if I've ever not smiled and danced while listening to this song.

7. Crush My Mind

~I don't think that enough credit is given to Japanese efforts. From their La La La Aiwo Arigatou album comes this wonderful track that has a bit of a futuristic feel to it. Obviously you know that I love anime (this blog was built on it) and I feel like this blog post reminds me of an anime credit track. It's definitely worth listening to and it's one of my favorite of their Japanese non-title tracks.

8. Secret Night

~I just...um...have you ever read the lyrics to this song? I love it a lot. It's a lot of fun and a very interesting song to rock out to. Plus it is an amazing song to watch them perform live. But seriously...listen to the song...fall in love with it...then read the lyrics. It'll rock your world.

9. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

~And now we are back to their ballads. From Shangri-La this song is absolutely gorgeous and deserves so much praise. I can't even come up with words for how I feel listening to it.

10. Don't Want to Be An Idol

~And here we have a track of the main vocalists of VIXX showing off their talents. Leo and Ken are brilliant vocalists and this song which is a sweet ballad gives them the chance to show off their skills. It is such a 180 from the title track On and On that Don't Want to Be an Idol captured the softer side of the vocalists who are torn between their love for their person and their love for their career.

I could go all day with this I could talk about all, hell I would love nothing more than to ramble about and listen to VIXX all day long. Gosh that would be the coolest wouldn't it? To sit and just listen to VIXX all day with a group of Starlights where we could all gush about VIXX endlessly? Now, I decided that not only would I share with you my own experience with VIXX, I have also reached out on twitter and asked some Starlights to share their own love. Let's dive in. 

5/21/19 I took to Twitter and called all my Starlight followers to let me know the following: 1) When did they first hear VIXX, 2) What their favorite song is, and 3) who their bias is. I'll first give you my own answers and then I'll follow-up with the lovely Starlights who answered. 

1) I first heard VIXX's Superhero on Pandora back in 2012, on one of the stations that I listened to. I listened to the music all the time and even downloaded it during that time. I fell in love with Voodoo Doll there. Then in 2014 (I think) I saw them on a Korean TV Show that aired on YouTube which led me to falling for N. Finally when Chained Up was released I watched my first music video. (You have to remember I was in college at the time and didn't have time to binge music videos like I do now especially with my love for anime and my blog taking up the rest of my free time)

2) My favorite song is still Voodoo Doll

3) Obviously I love all of VIXX equally but my bias is Hakyeon while Jaehwan is my bias wrecker. 

1) I have a bad memory to remember when! xD but through that dating show with Hakyeon ;)

2) The Closer, at the moment *-*

3) King Ravi <3

1) I read comments on Park Hyo Shin's MV "Wild Flower" about VIXX's Hongbin being a fan of him, I think that my first VIXX song that I listened was "Eternity" 

2) Fantasy//Love Letter

3) Jung Taekwoon

1) A friend of mine was so happy for the debut of VIXX LR, I was intrigued cause I didn't even know VIXX and...leshinset knocked my door. 

2) Secret Night - To Us - Escape

3) Leo (Ravi/Ken/Hongbin wreckers depending on the season?)

1) I'm lucky to have found them right at the beginning of my Kpop experience which was around 3 years ago. 

2) (really difficult to pick just one) You're Mine, Lover Letter, and Thank You for Being Born)

3) Jung Taekwoon

1) I not so long ago in k-pop, in august 2017 I first saw mv VIXX LR, and in my head was only "omg omg ooomg! who are these guys?!!"

2) Oh, it's a very difficult choice)) I love all VIXX songs but maybe 닮아 (Resemble) 

3) Hakyeon

1) I was into BTOB first and saw VIXX appeared in MTV diary being good friends with each other, but not until I saw VIXX's performance of Shangri-La at MBC 2017 year-end show I become a Starlight. 

2) Dynamite and Shangri-La

3) Rabin

1) I'm baby starlight, I met them through a video of their fantastic presentations in 2017. 

2) Into the Void, Eternity, and Love me do. 

3) I'm currently VIXX biased

1) I think it was the first time I stumbled on Voodoo Doll MV 'safe' vers., not sure exactly when but around when it came out (I was less into boy groups and less regular with kpop back then, so it actually took a bit of time to get hooked)

2) Eternity 

3) double ult N & Leo

1) I'm a baby starlight, I've known through a korean variety show and I haven't let go of them since then. My heart is and always will be with VIXX. 

2) Favorite song is scentist, shangrila and dynamite

3) All of them. Can't choose of only one because they are all bias wreckers

Wow, thank you so much to all Starlights who participated I am so happy to share this wonderful day with you all. I'm sorry I don't write more about VIXX but they are my happiness and I am always willing to talk about them, it's just hard to not get lost in them whenever I try to write about them. I will literally get distracted and never finish what I am writing. I hope we can all love VIXX for the rest of our lives and I can't wait until we see what they have for us in the future. 

That is all that I can write for now as I have been writing this post for a while now (I have been very busy at my full-time job lately) and would like to actually post this during their anniversary in Korea. So if you want to talk more about k-pop and VIXX, definitely find me on Twitter, otherwise, you can always follow KAC here to see what cool posts we have from anime to k-pop (including my new series which will probably start in July about my Traveling to Korea in 2020). 

So...until next time! VIXX, thank you for being born and thank you for walking with Starlight. We love you. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat


  1. Ohhh very lovely of you! You put a lot of effort to write it. Congrats!! And it was a pleasure to help you ❤


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