Forever Starlight

안녕하세요 별빛! It has been so very long since I have written and for that I am truly sorry. I have not forgotten and have attempted many times to write a blog post. In my own personal life, you have all probably watched me spiral deeper within myself and lose a part of me along with my motivation. I am working hard to make sure I can bring you the best part of me. All of my therapy visits so far have helped me be more honest with myself. I am hoping that I can one day be fully present for you all. But you came here for VIXX, so let’s begin this journey.

As most of you are aware by this point in time, with the fact that I have written countless blog posts about it, VIXX is my favorite group of all time. It has been two years without a full comeback from the group: the last comeback being Eau De VIXX in Korea April 2018 and Reincarnation in Japan September 2018. Yes we did get Walking and Parallel in 2019, but it isn’t the same as a full comeback. Now you ask, what has the group been doing in the last 2 years. Well they have been busy. Ravi, Leo, Hyuk, and Ken all have released solo albums. N, Leo, and Ken have enlisted in the military. Ken, Leo, and Hyuk have been very busy with their musical/acting careers - N has been active in military musicals. Ravi is running a company and debuting amazing artists. And Hongbin is doing his own thing. 

With Hakyeon enlisting first, as the eldest member of the group, in March of 2019, Taekwoon enlisting in December of 2019, and Jaehwan enlisting July of 2020, it is only a matter of time before the rest of the members enlist as well. I think that Hongbin and Sanghyuk will be the next to enlist followed by Ravi within the next year. Ravi will be the last to enlist in my opinion because he is still establishing his company and once he is at a good place to hand over the company to be watched in his absence, he will enlist at the last moment. Don’t take what I say as fact, it is just speculation. I also think that in light of recent events, Hongbin will quietly enlist, probably posting a letter to fans through the fan cafe. Hyuk is a different story, I don’t know what he is going to do, but I think he will follow in his friend Sungjae’s footsteps and quietly enlist after wrapping up some projects. Ravi is the most difficult as he is the most active member. He is on a television show, is constantly releasing content, and is always doing something. So his is going to be a bit more of a public enlistment. Jaehwan hasn’t announced more than he is enlisting in July at this point, but he too has been fairly active with his YouTube channel, his solo debut, and his acting. 

But again, this is all speculation and my own thoughts on what they might do. Enlistment seems like a frightening thing and honestly, I used to be afraid of it. When Hakyeon announced he was enlisting, my heart dropped. I’d survived enlistments before, but I had never had a group enlist quite like VIXX. They mean more to me than I think I can express. They have been there through thick and thin for me. If I could talk with VIXX, I would want to explain how they saved me. How if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t really be happy in life. That they found me at the right point in my life. Again, I never saw any of their music videos until later on. I had heard their music before on like Pandora or whatever Internet Music Streaming I used back in 2012 and I fell in love with them. It wasn’t until I watched MBC’s All the KPop Entertainment Academy on YouTube that I discovered the wonder that is Cha Hakyeon. I fell for him hardcore before I realized that he was the same person as the leader of VIXX. I do not believe the episodes I watched were English Subbed so I just had to watch and hope for the best. I believe episodes of the show are still available on MBC’s kpop YouTube channel. 

Damn that is a throwback though, does anyone else remember the show? Or just me? It was great. Actually...looking at the show on Wikipedia...this is where I was introduced to most of my kpop groups. There were some legendary groups involved in this show and the hosts were amazing. 

The last time that I talked in depth about VIXX was at their seven year anniversary, now here was are at eight years. Even though we don’t spend a lot of time together, they are not forgotten. They are always in our thoughts and we support them no matter what. Being a Starlight/별빛 is everything to me. I am proud to share my love for VIXX, I don’t hide them and I can easily show off my support. Whether it is buying an album, writing a blog post, or just simply retweeting a ROVIX tweet. I am always supporting these six wonderful men. There isn’t a song of theirs that I hate and I’m always excited when they release new music, whether as a group, as a solo artist, as part of an OST, whatever it is. 

I could go on for hours about VIXX, hell if you combine all of my posts into one, it would be hours. So I end this with, I will always be a Starlight and that will never change. I am Forever a Starlight. 

Until next time.

Ja ne! 

xx Kat 



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