Twenty-Eight Years of Me

Hey guys, I know that you were expecting the next post to be about the Girls In K-pop series, but I am not finished yet. I want it to be absolutely perfect. So instead, I will be doing a birthday blog post because it is my 28th birthday! I haven’t been consistent with any of my birthday blog why start now! There is so much I want to just chat about, so let’s get started. 

It’s hard to believe I have been alive for twenty-eight years. Like genuinely hard to believe. I’m almost 30! ㅠ.ㅠ But I have so many things to be thankful for over the last twenty-eight years of my life. It’s been a hard time for me as of late because I have been in therapy trying to undo years upon years of trauma - trauma I wasn’t aware was trauma until it was presented as such. I really don’t wanna go into that right now but just know that because I have good days and bad days it unfortunately affects the frequency in which I write and update. But you came for birthday festivities! 

Obviously I have been jamming to girl groups lately - hence why I am writing an entire series about girl groups. Let me know who I should check out or even who your faves are. I’m always on the lookout for new music. I have the entire series - sort of planned - so look forward to those posts - I.O.I is next. 

So please look forward to that post coming soon. 

As for what I’ve been doing outside of k-pop, I have been re-watching/re-reading a ton of anime and manga series. I highly recommend them, so here is what I’ve been into lately. (I know I’ve recommended these before) 

Strike The Blood

This anime/manga series is one that I adore. I recently just started to read the light novel series, but I highly recommend. You can catch all the episodes on Crunchyroll and the manga/light novels can be purchased on Amazon Kindle. 

Dance in the Vampire Bund

I wrote an entire blog post about it - you can check it out here: It’s not very good lol, plus I am now reading the manga again because I never got the chance to read “part 2” of the manga series - which is out now. You can catch all the episodes on Funimation and the manga can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or you can read it online through the Apple Bookstore. 

The Betrayal Knows My Name - Uraboku

I know I have discussed this anime/manga series a number of times - I suddenly had a craving to watch/read this series again. So here I am the happy owner of the digital download of the anime and the digital download of the manga. You can buy the manga through Book Walker and the anime through iTunes. Sorry I don’t have Android, but I’d assume that you can purchase through the equivalent. 

Tokyo Ravens

This is actually one of my favorite anime series - you can find it on my top 10 and I reviewed it here for my birthday one year. I was 23 when I wrote that blog post - so young. I own the series in Japanese and English - on digital and dvd. I also have owned the manga series in English on Book Walker since 2016 just impatiently waiting for the last four volumes of the manga to be translated. I wish I knew Japanese so I could buy the entire series in Japanese and have no problem. I just wanna know how the series ends. Cause the anime is open-ended and I have not read the manga in completion as of yet. The manga ended in July 2017...but I think the manga possibly ends the same way the anime does. Wow I could go on all day about Tokyo Ravens. 

Sword Art Online

Yes, I have picked this anime series back up again! I took a break from Alicization because it was hard to keep up with everything because there is A LOT of information to process and it is actually easier to process everything while binging it. I am caught up and watching the series as it is released weekly - you can catch it every Saturday on Crunchyroll or Funimation. I highly recommend you check out this series - don’t believe the haters - SAO has been on air this long because there is a fan base there. 

Now, outside of rewatching/rereading series, I just sat down and watched Hamilton on Disney+. It was an amazing show and I highly recommend everyone watch it a couple of times. I have been spending a lot of time on TikTok - mostly watching - but you can sometimes watch my crackhead self making videos about k-pop, anime, and even my life. You can follow me on TikTok - username: vamp1929. 

As far as k-pop goes, I’m always learning something knew every day. I’m either finding a new artist to jam to or I am rediscovering an old classic. I really enjoy using YouTube Music and letting it create a playlist of songs that are mostly based on my taste. I will turn it on and have the music videos playing as I work. So like for example, as I am writing this, I turned on YouTube Music - I selected DDD by EXID and it created a playlist around that - so I’ve been jamming to mostly some Queens - MAMAMOO, EXID, Sunmi, Chungha, etc. but it also throws out EXO, BTS, ONEUS, etc. because that is the type of music I listen to. It’s a really awesome tool to mindlessly listen to music to. I suppose you could do similar with Spotify...but I prefer watching the music videos. 

I’ve also been trying to be active again in my writing - so don’t forget to check out my ongoing story Keep My Heart on Wattpad or AO3. On Wattpad, I am KatMeade and on AO3, I am vamp1929. Say hi if you read my story. 

I really just wanted to give you guys a blog post to read today on my birthday, I’ve only ever missed my birthday once on here. I hope you guys are having a great day wherever you are. Thank you for spending my birthday with me. 

I’ll see you all shortly with my I.O.I blog post. Until next time! 

Ja  ne!

xx Kat



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