Kat’s Anime Corner Birthday and Giveaway

Hey guys! Happy Halloween! It is my spooky season and the best time of the year! 

I’m sorry that I have been so flaky this year. I have really gone through it with my anxiety and depression. Panic attacks galore. You can still catch me over on TikTok being my crazy self especially when I am shit-posting during times of insomnia. It is actually over on TikTok that I came up with the idea of this blog post! As you know, every December we celebrate Kat’s Anime Corner’s Anniversary! This year we have been around for 7 years! Can you believe it? I can’t either. 2013 seems like just yesterday (most days). So let’s go over this awesome giveaway as we commemorate seven years of Kat’s Anime Corner. 

This might be our biggest giveaway ever. So much amazing content to giveaway. And before we get started, let’s talk quickly about the future of KAC. I’m sure that you remember a while ago that I said that I would start a Patreon and that was the way to allow for me to afford to do more giveaways but I didn’t really like my Patreon as it was and decided to revamp it (pun fully intended). There are six awesome tiers and a ton of amazing goodies to go with those tiers. 

Newbies Tier ($1+ per month)

Newbies are beginner level which means access to base level Patreon posts. Your support is greatly appreciated. 

Trainers Tier ($5+ per month)

Trainees have access to general posts as well as exclusive behind the scenes content and the Kat’s Anime Corner Discord. 

Pre-Debut Tier ($10+ per month)

Pre-Debut gets general access to everything as well as exclusive Discord Chats, behind the scenes content, blooper content, early access, and unreleased content. 

Idols Tier ($25+ per month) 

Idols get general access to everything as well as exclusive Discord Chats for $25+, all the exclusive content of the previous tiers, early access to giveaways, and the ability to help come up with content ideas.  *early access to giveaways means that you get exclusive giveaways and get a special early access chance to enter giveaways before they are posted to social media. 

Superstar Tier ($50+ per month) 

Superstar tier gets everything from the previous tiers and a monthly letter (sometimes you may find a surprise with your letter). As well as an exclusive Discord Chat for $50+.

Boss Tier ($100+ per month)

Boss tier is top tier, you get access to everything from the previous tiers as well as exclusive access to lives and exclusive Discord Chats for $100+ Tier. 

The funds earned from Patreon will help out with Kat’s Anime Corner blog and vamp1929 TikTok. With a steady income, we will be able to produce higher quality content, purchase items for giveaways (which we can do more often), hire staff to produce consistent blog content, and so much more. So please if you would like to support Kat’s Anime Corner, join us on Patreon today. 


But now, back to the content you actually came for! The Anniversary Giveaway! It will be a k-pop and anime giveaway, so it touches all bases of KAC viewers. If you follow me on TikTok at all you’ve already got an idea of what will be included within the giveaway. This giveaway will end on December 31st, 2020 - figured I would give a large window of time - 2 months should be sufficient meaning packages will ship in January 2021.  Unfortunately due to postal restrictions, I cannot send these packages internationally, so I can only do US shipping. I’d love for this to be an international giveaway, but I can’t...which sucks. Please look forward to a global giveaway in the future. Now, what I am giving away! 

My Hero Academia Heroes Rising (Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital Copy Combo) - 1 Winner

Mystery My Hero Academia Keychain (Unopened) - 7 Winners

Dreamcatcher Dystopia Lose Myself Poster - 1 Winner

BTS BangBangCon Poster (Individual Members) - 7 Winners


Like I said, this is probably our biggest giveaway! The DVD winner also gets a My Hero Academia Keychain of All Might. The BTS Posters are first come first serve as they are individual members. Now you must be wondering - how will you be able to enter? Super simple! There are FOUR ways you can enter! (In the future - Patrons will get their own entry with the early access tiers) 

Comment on KAC Blog Post

Super simple, comment down below which item you would most look forward to as well as either your Instagram or Twitter Username so I can DM you if you win. You have to be following me on the platform you elect to be DM’d on. 

TikTok Post

Since this started on TikTok, I will have a TikTok post for you to interact with. You have to go to that video, like it and either comment or duet with the item that you would most look forward to. You have to be following me so that I can DM you. 

Twitter Post

Again, super easy, find the giveaway post (it’ll be pinned on my profile - you can go to either of my Twitter accounts) then like the post, comment the item you most look forward to, and follow me on Twitter so I can DM you. 

 Instagram Post

You should know the routine by now. Find the giveaway post to like it (on either account), comment the item you most look forward to, and follow me on Instagram so I can DM you. 

Please remember that if you are entering this that you are 18+ because I will need to ask for your address and please remember that this is a US only giveaway. Again, I am hoping to do an international giveaway as soon as I can. I may try to find something that I can do where I can order stuff through like Amazon or something for an international winner so I can do one sooner rather than later. I will continue looking into this. 

Well, that is all for now. So look forward to everything. If you want to see all ways you can support Kat’s Anime Corner check out here: https://linktr.ee/vamp1929

Until next time! See you later. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat



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