Update 3/12/14


Failure is a part of life. 

I'm sorry I could apologize over and over but it will never make it up to you. 

I have had a really rough last couple of weeks. I don't know what has been going on but I have been lost within my own head. It scares me. 

I haven't really watched any anime other than stuff I have already seen. Like Vampire Knight, Uraboku, and Naruto Shippuden Blood Prison. Yeah not a lot going on. 

I won't get into it too much, just that I have been feeling down. So again I say, I'm so sorry. 

Hey Guys!

I know what you're thinking. Is she going to keep her promise?

No probably not. I had a really busy week and then I had a party to attend this weekend. As I said I have been exceedingly busy and will be more so in the coming weeks. Classes are coming to a close in a few weeks. I am going to take my week break between quarters to write out at least outlines for the blog and my videos. The reason? I will have surgery classes next quarter so I won't be able to do too much writing and I really want to start getting organized in this life.

Okay...let's get going.

Guess what? April 2014 is going to be amazing! The list of anime that will be released unto the world is beyond belief.

Clearly you all aren't able to see my Facebook and I am certain I haven't mentioned it in full depth but I am extremely excited about the fact that Broken Blade will be an anime. Broken Blade (or Break Blade) is a 6-movie series about a world of crystal magic users who control machines in their armies. It's a complex anime that kind of reminds me of the Aquarion series. If you wanna hear me gush about it check out Episode 2 of Kat's Anime Corner when it's up on YouTube. I'll put in a link here when it goes up.

Now this is what we have to look forward to in our Spring 2014 anime. Not everything but the ones I am most looking forward to.

Broken Blade
La Cordo d'Oro Blue Sky
Soul Eater Not!
Black Bullet
Date A Live
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

There are a whole bunch of others but I am super excited! What anime are you guys looking forward to?

So I haven't been up to date too much anime-wise but I have kept up on my manga. Naruto and Bleach on Wednesdays and Kuroko no Basuke on Fridays.

I promise when I feel better mentally I will let you guys know. I will definitely be able to actually write a proper blog. Next week I will hopefully have a movie review or two, but I have finals next Tuesday and Wednesday. Yep it's that time again. Three months have gone by so fast! Super glad you guys have been along with me for four months now. Can you believe it? It's been fun and more fun is on its way.

Now the moment you have been waiting for (I think).

Character of the Week!

If you remember several weeks ago I posted a picture of a shirt collar on my Instagram. I realized after posting it that it looks very similar to Edward Elric's black jacket from the 2003 Fullmetal Alchemist.

It isn't.

The character I chose is Rygart Arrow from Broken Blade.

Are you surprised? Rygart is one of my favorite characters because of his innocence and the willingness to betray his own heart for the sake of his friend.

Fun Fact:
In one of the movies Rygart and Zess are fighting and they then call out to each other. I had to pause the movie because there was a video I had watched on YouTube once that bashed anime where best friends are fighting and call out to each other. (Hint: SASUKE! NARUTO!) It had me laughing so hard. 

So that is all I have for you right now.

Have a suggestion?

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I'm always up to chat.

Questions will return next week!

Thanks for understanding.

xx Kat


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