Update 3/23/14 part 1

Hey guys! I'm back and this time I have a helluva big one for you. So fair warning that the last half of this update will be a full, in depth, spoiler filled review of Naruto Blood Prison. I will throw up my spoiler alert but please read the rest of the blog except the review if you haven't seen it.


Do you guys know what exciting news we have received in the world of anime? Two much awaited release dates have been set! Yep the ones that have been huge buzz in the anime world. Sailor Moon Crystal and Sword Art Online II have received a release date of July 2014.

Sailor Moon Crystal is going to be a retelling of the story with new. revamped animation following the story that we all know and love. It will hopefully be less cheesy than the original 90's version. It will also be  a wonder to see who will claim the English rights this time around. 

(image featured on Strawburry17.com)

Sword Art Online II will follow along with the game story line and begin telling the story of Gun Gale Online. 

(image from Sword Art Online Facebook fanpage, banner featured at Anime Japan in Tokyo)

Now two more anime that have also received a release date of July are Love Stage!! and Black Butler Book of Circus. I don't know much about Black Butler but Love Stage!! is one of my favorite yaoi stories. It is about a young boy from a family of famous people who was forced to act in a commercial as a child who is now grown up into a quiet otaku. The story starts when his costar from that commerical states that he won't do it unless he has all the original actors. The amateur actor doesn't know that his costar was infact a young boy and is now an otaku. I won't go into too much detail but it is an amazing story that I recommend you read or just wait for July to see the anime. 

(image via Crunchyroll.com)

In other news, Johnny Yong Bosch gave his fans the opportunity to ask him a question and he would answer. So naturally I hoped right on Facebook and asked him. Here's what happened. 

Have any of you seen Trigun? Do you like Johnny's performance as Vash? What is your favorite performance of his? I like him in Bleach as Ichigo...obviously. However Vash is a definite favorite and probably him in Durarara. 

So I know I said that I would do a movie review in this post but I have decided to split this post into two different posts. Part one and two if you will. Anyone that wants to read that post can head over there but be warned that I am going into full detail. Spoiler alert will warn you before you read. 

Now....Character of the Week. 

Technically it is one character but it is also technically two characters. 

So the character I chose is from a little anime called: Aquarion EVOL. 

Didn't see that coming? If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you should have because I watched the show recently with my sister. 

The cahracters I chose are:

Amata Sora 

Kagura Demuri

The reason I chose them is because even seperately they are very powerful elements but together they are a super strong duo. Amata and Kagura's story is a really interesting one and it makes the anime all that more amazing. Plus they find themselves in a love triangle. 

So speaking of Aquarion EVOL. I went on Twitter in excitement because I spotted Terri Doty's voice in the English Dub and got an exclusive convo with her. Seriously you guys should follow her because she is funny and amazing. Plus she is so nice to her fans. Actually follow most Voice Actors and you will meet amazing people who love their fans. 

Did you guess the Character correctly? Who would you like to see next?

Comment below or let me know on Twitter. Your character may be next. 

You guys are awesome. 

See you next week. 

xx Kat

If you want to see the Naruto Shippuden the movie Blood Prison review head on over to part 2 of today's blog. 

Ja ne. 


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