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Before I begin, I would just like to take a moment to say that my heart goes out to Funimation's Mike McFarland whose dog Kilo passed earlier in the week. Losing a pet is a hard thing and never a fun recovery. They are a companion that you miss long after they are gone.  Here is what he had to say. 

Mike and Kilo

Kilo, may you be in a better place. 

Sorry about that. Hey guys. It's that time again. A new season is coming around and I have a little preview for you.

Spring 2014 Anime Line-Up: 

Be prepared fans. We’ve got a large one. New seasons, new shows, April has it all. Here is what I found. All summaries for the shows listed can be found on their respective Wikipedia pages or on MyAnimeList.net. 

Date A Live - Saturday April 12th (Funimation) *
Black Bullet - Tuesday April 8th (Crunchyroll) *
Fairy Tail - Saturday April 5th (Crunchyroll)
Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara - Monday April 7th (Crunchyroll)*
Seikoku no Dragonar - Saturday April 5th (Funimation)
Dragon Ball Kai - Sunday April 6th
Broken Blade - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll - unfortunately this will not be streamed in the US)
Blade and Soul - Friday April 4th (Crunchyroll) *
Mushishi: Zoku Shou - Saturday April 5th (Crunchyroll)
Soul Eater NOT! - Tuesday April 8th (Funimation)
Isshuukan Friends - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll)
Selector Infected WIXOSS - Friday April 4th (Crunchyroll)
Baby Steps - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll)
Haikyuu!! - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll)
Ping Pong the Animation - Friday April 11th (Funimation)
Akuma no Riddle - Friday April 4th (Funimation) *
Gokukoku no Brynhildr - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll) *
Gochuumon wa Usagi Desuka? - Thursday April 10th (Crunchyroll) *
Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san - Friday April 4th (Crunchyroll) *
Hitsugi no Chaika - Thursday April 10th (Crunchyroll) 
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll) *
Mangaka-san to Assistant-san to the Animation - Tuesday April 8th (Crunchyroll) *
Kamigami no Asobi - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll) *
Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll) * 
Kenzen Robo Daimidaler - Saturday April 5th (Funimation)
Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou - Friday April 4th (Crunchyroll)
La Corda: Blue sky - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll)
Love Live! - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll) 
Mahou Shoujo Taisen - Tuesday April 8th (Crunchyroll)
Captain Earth - Sunday April 6th (Crunchyroll)
Escha & Logy no Atelier: Tasogare no Sora no Renkinjutsushi - Thursday April 10th
Lady Jewelpet - Saturday April 5th
JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Stardust Crusaders - Saturday April 5th (Crunchyroll)
Hero Bank - Monday April 7th (Crunchyroll)
Yuu-Gi-Oh Arc V - Sunday April 6th
Dragon Collection - Monday April 7th (Crunchyroll)
Oreca Battle - Monday April 7th (Crunchyroll) 
Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun - Wednesday April 9th (Crunchyroll)

Don't forget coming Saturday July 12th, 2014 my most anticipated sequel! The movie K: Missing Kings is to be released. Also announced for the Summer 2014 Anime Line-up is a little series known as Dramatical Murder. Don’t know what that is? Look it up. It’s a BL game series. I have never played it myself because none of my computers have the necessary programs to download it, but I have watched the play-throughs on YouTube. I am extremely excited and cannot wait to see what they make of this series. The opening song will be “Slip on the Pumps” by Goatbed. 

Actually that last line is a good transition into what I am going to talk about next. What I found to be my top 10 openings of the Winter Anime. I only watched a few shows this season but there were a lot of good songs. Mind you that a few of these started in the Fall run but they all ended with the rest of the Winter anime. 

Top 10 Winter Openings
“Fight 4 Real” by Altima - the second opening from Strike The Blood
“The Other Self” by Granrodeo - the first opening from Kuroko no Basuke 2
“Niji no Oto” by Eir Aoi - the main theme from Sword Art Online Extra Edition
“Strike the Blood” by Kishida Kupdan & the Akeboshi Rockets - the first opening from Strike the Blood
“Hengen Jizai no Magikarusuta” by Granrodeo - the second opening from Kuroko no Basuke 2
“Click” by ClariS - the opening from Nisekoi
“Azurite” by Petit Milady - the opening from The Pilot’s Love Song
“EX:Futurize” by Yoko Hikasa - the opening from Z/X Ignition
“Tomadoi -> Recipe” by Mika Kuning - the opening from Engaged to the Unidentified
“Divine Intervention” by fhána - the opening from Witch Craft Works

Now there was only one ending that really stuck with me from this Winter season. Any guesses? 

“Fantastic Tune” by Kensho Ono from Kuroko no Basuke. Yep. The beautiful song that is song by the Japanese voice actor of the one and only Kuroko Tetsuya. 

Do you agree with my list? Do you feel a different song stood out to you this season? Let me know in the comments below. 

So because I couldn’t just get away with doing one top openings list, I had to put together a different one that excludes the winter 2014 openings. Without further ado, here is a Top 10 Openings List. 

Top 10 Openings
“Rondo” by On/Off from Vampire Knight
“Doubt &Trust” by Access from D. Gray-Man
“Zero” by AAA from Sands of Destruction
“Hero’s Come Back!!” by nobodyknows+ from Naruto Shippuden
“Takanaru” by Fujita Maiko from Hiiro no Kakera
“Henai no Rondo” by Granrodeo from Karneval
“Kings” by Angela from K
“Fate” by Kokia from Broken Blade
“Karma” by Kokia from Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
“D-tecnoLife” by UVERworld from Bleach

I know you are probably thinking. “Wait, didn’t she already do a top 10 openings list?” Yeah, I did. But this one is a bit different. Sure there are other openings out there, but these are songs that fit for the theme of the show and helped set the mood. That is what sets these openings apart. Plus these are all songs that I can’t help but listen to when the openings start. With technology the way it is, we can skip the openings, but these are the ones I just can’t find myself skipping. I listen to them over and over. I am always sad when they change openings, so I am always prepared to rematch the anime in hopes of hearing this song. Oh who am I kidding, I just turn on my openings playlist and listen to these songs. 

What are your openings that you MUST listen to? What opening do you think sets the mood for the show? 

Doo-doo-doo-doo!! Yeah...that was supposed to be trumpets. Whatever. It's that time once again!

Character of the week!

So this character I have chosen, I just spoke of recently. As I was talking about this guy, I was thinking of how much I liked him. Without further damn ado (if you can name the YouTuber who I just copied you get extra credit)...

Akatsuki Kojou from Strike the Blood

Did I surprise you? No I didn't think so. I am very predictable. Though the one I have planned for the end of April will shock you. Haha. 

Moving on. 

He is a sixteen-year-old immortal vampire known as the Fourth Progenitor. As an ecchi anime, it's obvious he is a "pervert" but it's just an overreaction of the feminist-type women that surround him. I mean what teenage boy isn't going to get a little hot and bothered when a girl is flashing him? I mean seriously? Plus I haven't once seen him blatantly pull a...oh I don't know, a Jiraya and spy on the girls. Hell if we are gonna talk pervert can we take a moment to realize that Kirasaka Sayaka is more of a pervert than Kojou? She was watching him while he slept! *shudders* That's just creepy. Anyway. Kojou is kind-hearted and willing to give his all to protect his friends. Three cheers for this handsome, gentleman of a vampire. PLUS how many girls has he saved and never really demanded much. Also, note that there have only been a few times that he has taken blood where the girls weren't forcing it on him. 

*steps down off my soap box* Sorry. I get really frustrated with stupid people like that...yet I absolutely love the show and cross my fingers for a second season. 

Did you like the character of the week? Can you think of someone better that you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below or find me on Twitter (@Katrina_Meade) or Tumblr (vamp1929.tumblr.com). Hell even Instagram me a picture just mention @vamp1929 and the #characteroftheweek and I will see it. 

Well now. It's that time in the blog. Get ready for the weekly manga update. For all those who stop reading here. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! Ja ne!



This newest chapter starts off with Naruto and Sasuke, who were lying dead just moments before, standing before their respective groups saying "Let's Go". Then it changes to Gai who is ready to attack one last time. Madara goes on to explain how Gai's heart will stop with this last attack. As Gai prepares his attack, Kakashi remmebers meeting Gai and his father outside of the academy. Gai then attacks Madara. Madara laughs and goes to finish Gai off when Naruto arrives and stops the attack. (Proving how powerful he has become because he fends it off with just a kick) Madara comments on the changes he sees in Naruto after Naruto saves Gai by doing something to restart his heart.

Naruto's eye. Let's talk just about that. He isn't in any specialized form like Sage Mode or Tailed Beast Mode but his eyes are in the Sage & Tailed Beast Mode mix. SO FREAKING COOL!!

This makes me curious to see what Sasuke will look like. Is he going to have a new stage of Sharingan (which was hinted at in the promo video for the clothing line <- If you haven't seen this video...look it up) or is he going to gain the Rinnegan? Hell, he may even gain something far more powerful. We won't know until maybe next week. And I said MAYBE.

So tell me, what was your favorite part? Did you find something else intriguing?


Do I need to say it? Probably not, but I will. Ichigo isn't back. Now Zaraki's fight is continuing. Pretty much the same thing until he pushes the Quincy to the point of thinking he will lose. The Quincy catches on and prepares for an even stronger attack with a stronger form. Zaraki gets excited and calls the name of his zanpakuto.

Guys...I need to stop predicting things. I predicted that Sasuke and Madara were the reincarnation of the oldest son. I predicted that Zaraki would be more powerful if he knew the name of his zanpakuto. 

Naruto Prediction

Bleach Prediction


Anyway, you are probably wondering why I haven't talked about the ANBU arc of Naruto? Well I am going to discuss the entire arc (or what there is of it) at one time, hopefully in May. I have all of May and June planned out. So I know what I am going to write about. April is almost finished being written. I am working on the 27th right now (It is the 9th as I am writing this, mind you) and I have it all set up that I should be good to go when the times come. In May or June I will start to plan out July, August and maybe September. It all depends on how much I can get done. By the time you will have read this I probably already have July started. I really like this new system and I feel like I can get the most out of it. PLUS I have really awesome ideas coming starting in May and June. Hopefully little segments that are kind of spotlight kind of things that will only happen once a month. You'll have to tell me if you like it or not.

If you have read this far. I applaud you.

So if you have a recommendation that you would like to see happen in the blog, let me know. I really want to write what you would like to read every so often.

So this is the end of this update...finally. You guys are going to be mighty tired after reading next week's update. It's a long review (no spoilers - or at least not a lot of them) and a discussion on yaoi, plus there should be some great chapters for Naruto and Bleach.

Well then.

Ja ne.

xx Kat


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