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Hey guys. It's finally the end of yet another month. Can you believe it? Time seems to fly by so quickly. It seems like just yesterday I was writing these updates as an extension of my writing blog. In actuality that was back in November and December of 2013. April has come to a close and with that, I am proud to talk about what I have finally settled on for as a schedule for the Spring 2014 anime season.

Let's go.

Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san (a short yuri series that is hilarious and super cute)
No Game, No Life (a series about some intriguing genius')
The Comic Artits and His Assistant (a strange series that combines the voice of Kirito and a pervert)
Black Bullet (runner for the anime of the season?)
Brynhildr in the Darkness (a series that is similar to Elfen Lied but involves witches)
The Irregular at Magic High School (runner for the anime of the season?)
Kamigami no Asobi (a series that makes me question my sanity some times)
The World is Still Beautiful (a series about romance and magic)
Blade and Soul (girls with swords...need I say more?)
Naruto Shippuden (continuing anime on its way to number 1)
Nobunaga the Fool (a series that is a new find for me but continuing from the Winter season)
Date a Live (a good start to the second season)
Dragonar Academy (a decent show so far)

I  think I have settled. That huge list of anime has been condensed to a small fraction of a list. Sure I will find others that will catch my attention down the line but these are the ones I am interested in now.

My big two new series are Black Bullet and The Irregular at Magic High School.

Black Bullet I read the manga prior to the release of the anime. I fell in love. It reminds me of a mix between Guilty Crown and D. Gray-Man. So far the show is amazing and the voices are better than I could ever ask for. (I'll give you a hint...the main voice is Yuki Kaji). If you haven't started watching it yet, I highly recommend that you do.

Now the Irregular at Magic High School is a refreshing change for me. I have yet to read either manga series for it. This series holds a lot of mystery to me and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

I would recommend any of the series that I am watching and I am prepared to take on recommendations from anyone. (I will say though that I won't take a recommendation for a sport anime because I tried those and realized that my love for Kuroko no Basuke was a fluke and won't happen again, I really don't like sports)

What shows are you watching this season?

Quotes. Let's talk about quotes. There are many great things you read in stories or hear in movies that catch your attention and make you recognize the good in life. Or something like that. Half the time I wonder what I am even saying. Any way. There are things written by authors that hold meaning and give us a reason to fall in love with their work. Here are some of my favorite quotes from some manga series that I read that made me fall in love with them.

"I did choose. I chose my own path to protect. I wanted strength. I always always wanted the strength to protect people. I remembered that when I lost my power. Rukia gave me the power to protect when what I wanted was power. Everybody helped me regain my power when I lost my power. That's why I'm going to protect them and fight you."
- Ichigo Kurosaki, Bleach vol 54

"In that case...I'll break the curse. If there's such a thing as peace, I'll find it! I'm not giving up!"
- Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto vol 48

"Equivalent exchange. I'll give you half of my life, so give me half of yours!"
- Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist

"When you close your eyes and think of the world, what do you see? I don't see countries, or cities, or multitudes of strangers. After all these years of fighting, all I see are my comrades from the Order. Am I horrible? My friends are more important to me than the world. My friends are my world. When one of them dies a part of my world dies with them."
- Lenalee Lee, D. Gray-Man vol 8

"Protect me?! You're abandoning me! Spare me the pretty speeches!! You don't care about me! Unlike Yukio, I was too much trouble for you! You can't handle playing father anymore! Admit it! Don't ever pretend to be my father again!"
- Rin Okumura, Blue Exorcist vol 1

"Let me join you! Whatever you guys say I'm not Satan's son!! My true father was Father Fujimoto!"
- Rin Okumura, Blue Exorcist vol 1

"It's not same old, same old! I just learned a whole bunch of hard names all at once."
- Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto vol 60

There is something so inspiring about these quotes. Whether it's the strength of the character, the kindness, the sadness, or even the darkness, I can always rely on these authors to provide chill-inspiring quotes.

What is your favorite quote? Which author provides your favorite writing? Which character appeals to you most by their words?

Guys...it's that time again.

Every week on Instagram I post hints for Character of the Week asking you to guess and see if you know which anime character I am posting. If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should. I really enjoy playing this game. My Instagram is @vamp1929. Look for my post of #CharacteroftheWeek and join in on the game.

Let's see if any of you guessed correctly.

This week's character is:

Tohka Yatogami from Date a Live.

She is the first spirit that you get to meet in the series. (She isn't my favorite by far) She is also the "first" person to fall in love with Shido. She is a powerful spirit called "Princess" and she is an extremely jealous person. Her name Tohka Yatogami was made for her by Shido. Tohka meaning April 1st, which is the day she fell in love with Shido. She is the first person to jump into action whenever Shido is in danger, but she is a little...how do I put this nicely...ditzy? She isn't the smoothest character which makes her kind of relatable. She is constantly trying to find ways to get Shido to take her out on a date or spend time with her. Unfortunately she doesn't always get the best advice so she ends up doing things in such awkward ways.

Tohka is a strong person and a powerful person. Which is why she has earned this spot on Character of the week. We will learn more about this crazy girl as season 2 of Date a Live unfolds each week this Spring 2014 season.

Did you like the character of the week? Want to see a different character? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below what you would like to see and maybe I will use your character in the future.

So guys, this is the part where I say farewell to those of you who don't like spoilers. Want to make a request about a topic for Kat's Anime Corner? You can find me on Twitter - @Katrina_Meade, on Instagram, or you can comment below. I have a lot of fun things planned for May and June, but I am always looking for more ideas.

You guys are awesome. See you next week!




Sasuke and Naruto are now launching their attacks on Madara. At first Madara scoffs at them until he realizes that while one is attacking him, the other is attacking his shadow. Baffled he comes to the conclusion that they can sense his shadow in Limbo with their new powers.

Naruto using his Hermit Sage power can sense the shadow whereas Sasuke can see the shadow with his Rinnegan. Madara then sets his sights on stealing Sasuke's left eye. However Naruto and Sasuke evade al attacks.

So Kakashi fans, I warn you that you will be furious for this.

Madara steals Kakashi's sharingan so he can use Kamui and kill Obito. The last thing shown is Madara appearing before Sakura and Obito.

Now I really don't know how this next chapter will play out but I think that Obito, Sasuke, or Naruto will have a contingency plan. Madara will be stopped. Hell even Sakura could do something. What do you guys think?


I know it is probably pointless to say but I will say it till it's no longer true. Ichigo is still MIA. So the meteor has been destroyed and now Zaraki is up against the Quincy. The Quincy creates more clones but Zaraki boasts that he will cut them all down.

The quincy locks Zaraki in a special dimension that sucks out fluids but he breaks out. 

The Quincy then declares that he will becomes stronger to be able to prove he is powerful. Then he breaks own, Zaraki saying that he turned into a monster which in turned killed him.

Yeah...so still haven't bothered to remember what the quincy's name is. I just don't feel the need to. So do you think I will be pleased next chapter? Will Ichigo finally show up now that Zaraki's fight is over? Who knows...let's see next week, huh.

That's it for April guys. I hope you had a lot of fun. I have a lot planned for next month. Look forward to it. Follow me on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I will be posting a lot on those sites.

Until next week.

Ja ne.

xx Kat


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