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(Important notice: I apologize for the major delay in posting this. I wasn't feeling very good today and just wanted to sleep. I made sure that I got this up though. Hope you enjoy it. - Kat)

Hey guys! I am typing this at work because guess what guys? I am a busy girl. Monday I had an interview for an internship at a veterinary clinic and this week (September 9th – 13th) is two weeks before finals week which means next week is the week before finals. I also have a wedding next weekend. So in all honesty, writing this blog was put on the back burner. It sucks but it’s true. Let me just say though that I am so happy that you all have put me at 70+ views this week (it was at 74 views as I am writing this). This means a lot to me. I also would like to announce that we are at 1831 views which means shortly this blog will be at 2000 views. Are you serious?? You guys. If you didn’t read my blog I wouldn’t be as dedicated to sticking to this schedule. I absolutely love it. Thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart.

Let’s get this blog started!
First up for this week is my official list of top ten summer anime. Let’s see if you guys agree or not.

Top Ten Summer 2014 Anime

1. Sword Art Online

2. Akame ga Kill

3. Fairy Tail

4. Sailor Moon Crystal

5. The Irregular at Magic High School

6. Bladedance of Elementalers

7. Love Stage!! (slightly disappointed it was only 10 episodes)

8. Tokyo ESP

9. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

10. DRAMAtical Murder

Shockingly I didn’t include Naruto Shippuden in it. I think it would be unfair of me as it is my favorite anime (a statement I will discuss at a later date).

So what do you think? Do you agree with me? Do you disagree? Let me know. I am so curious what your top ten list would be. Leave me a comment below or a message on Twitter (@Katrina_Meade) and Facebook (Kat’s Anime Corner). I may even share your lists next time.

I know that was short but this next part is one that I am most excited about. I am finally going to talk about Sailor Moon. Yep. I told you all last week that the reason I didn’t talk about Usagi so much was because I would discuss her later. Here is that later.

As you should probably know by now, Sailor Moon was my first anime and my favorite show from my childhood. I began watching the show on Cartoon Network in the late 90’s. It was my favorite after school show. The original show from the 90’s was a whopping 200 episodes (5 seasons) and aired 4 seasons in the US. Now Japan has rebooted the series to follow the manga series with its newest run called Sailor Moon Crystal. There are things that you love and hate with both series. Let’s break down them both to discuss what those things are.

(it sparkles...)

The original Sailor Moon series had several different arcs. (Since I cannot for the life of me remember them all, I looked them up...don't judge I watched the entire series three and a half years ago) The first season is called Sailor Moon (or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) and is about the "dark kingdom" where Queen Beryl is on the hunt for the Silver Crystal as are the Sailor Scouts. The original Japanese series is 46 episodes long whereas the original English version was only 40 episodes. VizMedia is currently dubbing and releasing the series once again in its full version. So for the first time since 1998 (when the series reaired on Toonami in the US), Sailor Moon fans get to see the series in English with a new cast. Now season two is called Sailor Moon R (or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R) and consists of two different arcs. The first is the Makaiju arc which is about the "Doom Tree" and the second is about the Black Moon Clan. The original Japanese series is 43 episodes where the English is only 42 episodes. The third season is Sailor Moon S (or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S) and is the appearance of Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. This season was a total of 38 episodes. The fourth season is Sailor Moon SuperS (or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS) and is once again two arcs. The first arc is about Chibausa and Pegasus while the second arc is about the Amazoness Quartet and the Dark Moon Circus. The series was 39 episodes long and the last season to be dubbed into English. The final unaired in the US season of Sailor Moon is Sailor Moon Sailor Stars or Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars and was about Queen Nehellenia and the Sailor Starlights. The series was a total of 34 episodes and US fans are excited in their anticipation of VizMedia's release of the season as most fans have never seen it because they haven't watched the Japanese dub. (In my case this was the only season I had seen in Japanese until Viz started to release the Japanese dub on Hulu). Which leads us to the newest installment of the Sailor series. Sailor Moon Crystal (or Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal) is the newest series. This series is faithful to the original manga and is said to expect 26 episodes. VizMedia also has rights to this series so I can probably say that you should wait around for the English dub of this series. (I have hopes also that they will use the same English cast from the OG series for the new series). 

Now the biggest question of them all. Which do I prefer? The OG or Crystal. To be honest when I had originally planned this blog months ago, I spent all of that time until now thinking of my answer. My response: I cannot choose between the two. The OG series (including the new dub) is a nostalgic series that makes me feel like a kid again while Crystal is a beautiful reboot of a series that brings forth new content that was never before seen in the original series (not even in the original Japanese dub). This series is going to be on for a long time and I can imagine so many getting reattached or attached for the first time. (I mean the show does only air every other Saturday) So I say, keep it up Japan. You've got a good thing going here. (I also plan to do a character/VA breakdown at a later date...so keep your eyes open for that)

What do you think about the new series? Do you like it? Have you watched the release of the original series on Hulu? Have you watched the new dub? Let me know. It'll be fun to talk about it. 

So this week, I have a character who is from a series I haven't finished yet. (I know you'll think its weird that I haven't finished it, I'm only behind like 7 or so episodes but I lost interest in it) I first though want to say congratulations to jordandrawsanime on Instagram for guessing the character right. You got it like within a day of me posting the picture. Congrats. 

Yep, this week's character of the week is: 

Death the Kid

from Soul Eater

As I said I haven't seen the entire Soul Eater series yet which is strange because it is right up my alley of genres, but I have next to zero interest in the show right now. I am going to have to respark that interest. 

Death the Kid is an OCD, symmetry freak. There ya go. That sums him up. 

The son of Lord Death, Kid is a Shinigami and doesn't need to go to school. However, he choses on his own to join the DWMA with his weapons Liz and Patty. 

My major interest in this character comes from his voice actors. 

In the Japanese dub of the anime, this crazy character is played by the amazing Mamoru Miyano. 

In the English dub of the anime, he is played by the one, the only, the ever spectacular Todd Haberkorn. *sigh* Can you see my interest in this character? 

So what did you think? Did you guess it right? Want to see someone else? Let me know and maybe your character will be featured in Character of the Week. 

Well guys, I know I promised to discuss Naruto and Bleach this week, but as you can tell, I haven't had the time and I still want to update this on Monday, so I will be hopefully able to do a mass discussion at a later date. We'll see. 

So until next time. 

Thanks for reading and I'll see you all next week. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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