Update 9/21/14

Well it certainly has been a long week. Yesterday I had a wedding to attend. I was dressed up...not as much as the wedding party though. The theme of the wedding was Steampunk. It was pretty badass, but still not my thing. Plus halfway through I suddenly started feeling crappy...my sister gave me her cold. Yay. Anyway, I have a big blog planned for today but I had to rush to write this. Wanna know why? Finals start on Tuesday for me. Eek. I'm almost finished with another quarter. Next quarter is my last. 

So let's get right into it!

Today I am going to be reviewing probably one of my favorite yaoi manga series. I hold this series near and dear to me. It is a Korean series (so it reads left to right unlike the Japanese right to left) and is the only actually yaoi manga I own. The series? If you follow me on Instagram and Tumblr you've probably seen it. I am reviewing: Totally Captivated.

The funny story about Totally Captivated is that a different yaoi series actually got me into it. The Viewfinder series (which is another favorite) was one of my first read series and I loved the concept of it so much that I wanted a new series similar. That brought me to Totally Captivated.

Baka-Updates Manga's description is: ""I'm pretty sure that the downfall of humans can be completely attributed to their curiosity", such is Ewon Jung's philosophy. 

Because of his curiosity and his "affectionate nature", Ewon somehow finds himself, after cheating one time too many on Jiho, dumped and threatened into working as a caretaker for Jiho's new boyfriend, Mookyul... who just so happens to be a Mafia Boss. 

And it is just the beginning of Ewon's troubles. 

Between Jiho, who still burns at Ewon's infidelity, and Mookyul, gang-leader with movie star good looks who starts to take a keen interest in him, Ewon slowly gets entangled in a net more intricate than that of the dangerous underworld, how will he survive it?"

Totally Captivated is about Ewon Jung and Mookyul Eun. What starts out as an act of revenge turns into a whirlwind romance. Ewon was once dating a young man named Jiho. Unfortunately for Jiho, Ewon likes to act on his instincts then regret it. However this last time was the final straw for the couple. Jiho then starts to "date" Mookyul and after a fateful meeting convinces Mookyul to hire Ewon. Thus the story begins. 

It is a funny and cute story with a hint of violence. You slowly fall in love with both Ewon and Mookyul while the entire time rooting for them. My favorite part of this series is: 

Well obviously there are more, but I laugh my ass off each time I see them looking at Ewon in awe for taking one for the team. Heehee. 

While the story begin with Ewon and Mookyul in a constant face off, slowly as the series progresses the two realize feelings for one another. Of course you can't just have a normal romance happen between these two. There are all kinds of outside complications the couple must face. Overall I think it is a well crafted series that brings forth a group of wonderful characters. I'm just sad that the series is only six volumes. Oh well. It's a classic and I would recommend it to everyone. 

I give this series a 9 out of 10. 

What is your favorite yaoi manga series? Would you like to see a specific manga series reviewed? Let me know. 

Hey guys! I have a new series for you! Are you excited? Now the cool thing is that the series will not be on here so much as the Facebook page. I will write a quick note in a blog about a show I recommend but you'll have to check out the Kat's Anime Corner Facebook page for more detail. Now I'm not forcing you to check it out, it's just that Facebook yells at me for not posting enough. Well sorry haha. 

However for this first one I am going to "Recommend It!" on here as a sort of example of what to expect on the Facebook page. 

1. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East - They would have lost their lives if they did not make the choice back then. The legendary eight beads and their owners... One is for someone important, and one is for his life as a human. The story of a destiny to encounter and fights lead by the beads, have just begun (source: Crunchyroll). 

This show is two seasons long with twenty-six episodes total. This is probably one of my favorite shows and is actually in my top ten favorite series. I would give this show a 9 out of 10. 

2. PandoraHearts - Oz Vessalius, who just turned fifteen, leads a rich and privileged life as the heir to the Vessalius name and estate. Everything changes when, during his Coming of Age Ceremony, he is drawn into an eternal prison known as "Abyss." There he meets and is saved by Alice, the Bloody Black Rabbit, or B-Rabbit for short. Join Oz on this fantasy adventure as he unravels the mysteries behind Alice, Abyss, and the "Pandora" organization (source: Crunchyroll).

This show is one season consisting of twenty-five episodes. This is another series that is on my top ten list and is a show that mixes together the world of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz. I give this show an 8 out of 10. 

3. Love Stage!! - Izumi was born in a family of celebrities. His father is a singer, his mother and artist, his older brother the lead vocalist for the popular band Crashers. Izumi himself, however, is just a nerdy college student. He loves the manga "Magical Girl Lala Lulu" and dreams of becoming a manga writer himself. One day he is roped into filming a commercial where he wears a dress. Another actor on the set, Ryoma Ichijo, mistakes him for a woman and falls in love at first sight. As it turns out, though, they met ten years in the past. And Ryoma feelings don't change when he finds out Izumi is a boy (source: Crunchyroll).

This show is one season consisting of ten episodes. I love seeing the manga brought to life by an anime however I wish they would do more of the anime as the manga series is phenomenal. I would give this series a 7 out of 10. 

So that is how it would work. If you have a show you'd like to have recommended, let me know and we can get it up on the Facebook page. I'm always excited to hear what everyone has as a favorite show. 

I know I never posted a picture to Instagram this week about my Character of the Week, but like I said, I had a rough one. So here is who I have selected as character of the week. 

Layfon Alseif 

from Chrome Shelled Regios

One of my first anime (watched it right after I watched Rosario + Vampire) and home to many a wonderful voice actor. Chrome Shelled Regios brings to us protagonist Layfon. He was once a Heaven's Blade but was cast out after using his sword to win money in illegal fights. 

This eighteen year old fighter is a brown-haired, blue-eyed beauty that is voiced by the one and only Todd Haberkorn. 

He is very strong but with that strength comes the fact that Layfon has very little social skills. He tends to not understand how to act around people or even read their feelings. He has several girls vying for his attention yet he is completely oblivious. 

I think one of my favorite things is how despite being oblivious he cares a lot for his friends. I was disappointed that the anime was so short and didn't add onto the character of Layfon. I can only use my imagination as to what he would be doing in his future. 

Who is your favorite character? Want to see them featured on Character of the Week? Let me know and I just may use your character. 

That's it for this week. I will see you all next week. Sorry for this crappy rushed update. I am feeling like crap so I am going to curl up and watch some movies while studying for finals. 

Thanks for reading. Until next week. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat 



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