Update 11/2/14

Hey guys. It is a new month. I can only say that October did not end the way that I thought it would. Going through rejection sucks but when you top betrayal on it? Let's just say it hurts even worse. I am not ready to discuss what has happened, but let's just say it pushes back my future plans that much  farther. This is why I don't get excited over things and make plans. Because I know life is going to fuck them up for me.

Anyway, let's get into this blog.

October brought a lot of anime related purchases. Plus it was the start of the new anime season. Who is loving this season? I know that I am. There are so many good shows that I can barely keep up.

Let's start with the shows of Fall Anime. This month I have started a lot of shows. To keep it simple I am going to break it down by site and then by day. Let's go.

On Crunchyroll:

Sundays - Akame ga Kill at 11 am, & The Fruit of Grisaia at 12 pm

Mondays - Orenchi no Furo Jijo at 11 am, & When Supernatural Battles Become Common Place at 1:05 pm

Tuesdays - Akatsuki no Yona at 10 am (this show can also be viewed on Funimation), & Trinity Seven at 12:40 pm

Thursdays - Naruto Shippuden at 6 am

Fridays - Fairy Tail at 9 pm (this show can also be viewed on Funimation)

Saturdays - Sailor Moon Crystal at 5 am, & Sword Art Online at 11:30 am

On Funimation:

Wednesdays - A Good Librarian Like A Good Shepherd at 1:30 pm

Thursdays - Gonna Be The Twin-Tails! at 2:41 pm

Fridays - Laughing Under The Clouds at 2:28 pm

Saturdays - Lord Marksman and Vanadis at 10 am, & In Search of the Lost Future at 1:30 pm

As you can tell Saturdays are my busiest day. I have so much to watch and so little time to watch it in as I work on Saturdays. Phew. What are your anime schedules like? What shows do you watch? I'm so curious if you all watch the same shows that I do.

So it wasn't just a busy month due to the addition of new shows to watch, I added to my personal collection this month.

Vampire Knight volume 19 (digital and paper copy)

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign volume 2

Otaku USA December 2014 issue

Weekly Shonen Jump Issues from October 6th, 13th, and 20th.

Bleach episodes 361 to 365

"Kagayaku Sorano Shijimaniwa" by Kalafina from Black Butler 2

"Jiyuu e no Shingeki" by Linked Horizon from Attack on Titan

"Moshi Kono Kabe No Naka Ga Ikken No Ie Datoshitara" by Linked Horizon

"In My World [Album Version]" by ROOKiEZ is Punk'd from Blue Exorcist

"Song For...(Overcame Version)" by ROOKiEZ is Punk'd from Bleach

"Enamel" by Sid from Black Butler Book of Circus

"Cendrillon (feat. Hatsune Miku & KAITO)" by SignalP

"unravel" by TK from Ling tosite sigure from Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ravens (Original Japanese Version) Complete Series

"Cantarella (feat. Kaito & Hatsune Miku)" by WhiteFlame

Naruto Volume 67

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan volume 23

There is probably more but I can't remember it all. What is your favorite thing that you have purchased anime related recently? Mine is probably Tokyo Ravens because I love reliving this show. It is a beautiful series that I wish they had continued. 

So I know that I promised a Aquarion review of both the EVOL and Original series, but this week hasn't been my friend. I will post it later this week after I can write it. In the meantime, here is a drawing that I did for Kat's Anime Corner. (It's not very good. I quickly sketched it up last night then colored it in.)

Still coming up with ideas of how I am going to make a new design for the blog. If you guys have any ideas, let me know. or do you like this current design? 

So let's get right into it. The character of the week. This character is going to shock you as they do not fit into my usual group of likes. 

This week is: 


from Aquarion EVOL. 

She is a rule-following feminist that loves the concept of men and women living and working separately. She loves to fill in holes that she feels are against the rules, especially the holes that Andy W. Hole creates to peek on the girls. 

She is a good friend of Mikoto and Zessica, however they do not always appreciate her constant nagging. 

The one person who puts up with all her faults is Andy and she just can't bring herself to admit that she feels something for him as it is against the rules. 

When she is taken to the other world she becomes known as Mixy and she is only saved because of her feelings for Andy. 

See sometimes if you follow all the rules and get kidnapped you can get the guy. Okay...maybe that isn't the best example. Haha. 

Thumbs up for this studious, know-it-all. Want to see a different character featured? Want a specific character to show up? Let me know and maybe your character will be featured. 

Well that is it for this week. Keep your eyes open for the Aquarion review. I promise I will get it out at some point. 

Farewell to those of you who don't read my manga spoilers, for those who do...welcome. 



I was not expecting THAT ending to the damn fight. Really? Were you guys?

The last chapter left off with Sasuke standing ready over Naruto and this chapter picks up with the same scene. Naruto evades the attack by attacking Sasuke.

This fight ends with a Chidori vs Rasengan like the first fight. This time it is successful.

Naruto and Sasuke's feelings about each other are exposed in a little heart to heart. The beat up friends fall asleep after the end of the fight.

Three days later they wake to find they are sore and if they move to much they will lose more blood than they already have.

After Sasuke admits defeat, it is revealed that Naruto and Sasuke have both lost their arm.

Are you ready for the epic two chapter conclusion of this well beloved franchise? Neither am I. Here's to Naruto for Hokage.


Holy fuck. I knew that A was an asshole...but I didn't expect him to be this big of an asshole. He has taken the powers of all the Quincy once again to take on the Soul Kingdom.

Where is Ichigo when you need him? Oh yeah...he's in a fucking canon ball with Chad, Orihime, and his fucking cousin/uncle person.

Not sure what to expect next week. We shall see.

So that is it for this week guys. Hope you enjoyed your month of October. Again I apologize that I didn't finish the blog like I was supposed to...my week has been really hard emotionally and mentally. I promise to have it up at some point.

Until next week.

Ja ne.

xx Kat


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