Update 12/14/14

Hey guys. Welcome to this new update. I was planning on doing a Black Cat anime review today, but I decided to hold off until next week to do that. Instead I have something else planned. And by something else, I mean something easier for me to do as well as something that allots more studying for finals time. Yeah…finals for this quarter are coming up this week and I am seriously tired. I just want to be over with this quarter. In other news, I have a huge vacation coming up in March. It’s gonna be so cool. However, let’s get this blog started. 


November Recap

November. Man, November was a busy month. I did a review of Aquarion and Aquarion EVOL where I broke down my favorite bits of each series and how I felt they related to one another. Then I Showcased my drawings, mostly my favorites, from over the years. I also started a new segment called Voice Actor Spotlight where I talked about Monica Rial's roles and how long I have been watching her. I had so much fun doing it. Then I discussed my top favorite fights in anime. There were twenty different fights that I broke down into one on one and teams. I then reviewed the manga series Captive Hearts. For the next week I discussed what I felt to be the top deaths in anime. This was really hard to do because every death is significant (and if I really wanted to the entire list could purely be Akame ga Kill characters). I also talked about my favorite songs of the moment whether Japanese or not. Finally I talked about what anime related things I watch on YouTube as in my favorite channels to watch which are relatively anime or Japanese related. Then the last topic discussed in November was a review of my favorite streaming site, Crunchyroll.


What did you all think of the November 2014 posts? Did anything stand out that you would like to see happen again? (Also look forward to the next Voice Actor Spotlight coming in 2015)

2014 Anime

I was originally going to do this next week, but I was struggling to get out my Black Cat review on time, so that will take this portions place next week. So this is going to be a multi-list section. I am going to discuss my favorite openings, my favorite endings, and my favorite anime of 2014 (including my top 10 favorite anime of Fall). Let's get this started!

Top 10 Anime of Fall 2014

1. Akame ga Kill

2. Lord Marksman and Vanadis

3. Trinity Seven

4. Laughing Under the Clouds

5. Sword Art Online

6. Sailor Moon Crystal

7. Gonna be the Twin-Tails!

8. Naruto Shippuden

9. When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace

10. Fairy Tail


If Naruto Shippuden hadn't of been so awesome the last couple of weeks (the Hinata/Hinabi episodes and the Madara rises episode) Akatsuki no Yona would have been on the list.

Top 10 Endings of 2014

1. "FANTASTIC TUNE" by Kensho Ono - Kuroko no Basuke ED 4
2. "FLAME" by DISH// - Naruto Shippuden ED 29
3. "Attitude of Life" by Galneryus - Laughing Under the Clouds ED 
4. "aLIEz" by Sawano Hiroyuki [nZk]:Mizuki - Aldnoah.Zero ED 2
5. "Konna Sekai, Shiritakunakitta." by Miku Sawai - Akame ga Kill ED 1
6. "Millenario" by ELISA - The Irregular at Magic High School ED 1
7. "Tokohana" by Nagi Yanagi - Black Bullet ED
8. "Signal" by Kanon Wakeshima - Strike the Blood ED 2
9. "Kyuusei Argyros" by Yousei Teikoku - Tokyo ESP ED
10. "Gekkou" by Momoiro Clover Z - Sailor Moon Crystal ED

Now these next two lists, I am going to do them a bit differently. For the Top Anime of 2014 and the Top Openings of 2014, I will be counting down to one. You'll see why, but I also want it to be a surprise what my number one picks are. 

Top 10 Anime of 2014

10. Strike the Blood
9. Tokyo Ghoul
8. Trinity Seven
7. Noragami
6. No Game No Life
5. The Irregular at Magic High School
4. Fairy Tail 
3. Tokyo Ravens
2. Sword Art Online

Here are a few category mentions: 
Top Surprising Anime - Aldnoah.Zero 
(runner up: Akame ga Kill)
Top Disappointing Anime - DRAMAtical Murder
Top Cutest Anime - Love Stage!!
Top Horror Anime - Tokyo Ghoul
Top Period Anime - Laughing Under the Clouds
(runner up: Black Butler)
Top Harem Anime - Lord Marksman and Vanadis
(runner up: Trinity Seven or Bladedance of Elementalers)
Top Romance Anime - Tokyo Ravens
(runner up: Nisekoi)
Top Artistic Anime - Noragami
Top Reboot Anime - Sailor Moon Crystal
(runner up: Fairy Tail)
Top Sequel - Sword Art Online
(runner up: Free! Eternal Summer)
Top Supernatural Anime - Tokyo ESP
(runner up: The Irregular at Magic High School)

Finally the moment you've been waiting for: 

Top Anime of 2014 - 
1. Akame ga Kill

No surprise there right? Well, moving on to my last list for anime of 2014. The top anime openings of this year. 

Top 40 Openings of 2014: 
40. "EX:Futurize" by Yoko Hikasa - Z/X Ignition OP
39. "Courage" by Tomatsu Haruka - Sword Art Online OP 4
38. "True Force" by Hitomi Harada - Bladedacne of Elementalers OP
37. "Till the End" by Miyu Irino, Dasiuke Ono, Hiroshi Kamiya, Yoshimasa Hosoya, Toshiyuki Toyonaga, & Yuuto Uemura - Kamigami no Asobi OP
36. "Azurite" by Petit Milady - The Pilot's Love Song OP
35. "Ruten no Yo" by Ryuuji Aoki - Laughing Under the Clouds OP 2
34. "Gimme! Revolution" by Maaya Uchida - Gonna be the Twin-Tails! OP
33. "BEAUTIFUL WORLD" by Joanna Koike - The World is Still Beautiful OP
32. "Fight 4 Real" by ALTIMA - Strike the Blood OP 2
31. "Click" by ClariS - Nisekoi OP 1
30. "LøVEST" by SCREEN mode - Love Stage!! OP 1
29. "Trust in you" by sweet ARMS - Date a Live 2 OP
28. "Kimi Ja Nakya Dame Mitai" by Masayoshi Oishi  - Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun OP
27. "Akatsuki no Yona" by Kunihiko Ryo - Akatsuki no Yona OP
26. "This game" by Suzuki Konomi - No Game No Life OP
25. "Silhouette" by KANA-BOON - Naruto Shippuden OP 16
24. "heavenly blue" by Kalafina - Aldnoah.Zero OP
23. "MOON PRIDE" by Momoiro Clover Z - Sailor Moon Crystal OP
22. "Hengen Jizai no Magical Star" by GRANRODEO - Kuroko no Basuke OP 4
21. "Tokyo Zero Hearts" by Faylan - Tokyo ESP OP
20. "Tsuki no Okisa" by Nogizaka46 - Naruto Shippuden OP 14
19. "Enamel" by SID - Black Butler OP 3
18. "Outgrow" by Gero - Tokyo Ravens OP 2
17. "Biran no Kaze" by Ryuuji Aoki - Laughing Under the Clouds OP 1
16. "Strike the Blood" by Kishida Kyoudan & the Akeboshi Rockets - Strike the Blood OP 1
15. "MASAYUME CHASING" by BoA - Fairy Tail OP 15
14. "grilletto" by GARNiDELiA - The Irregular at Magic High School OP 2
13. "Skyreach" by Sora Amamiya - Akame ga Kill OP 1
12. "Ginsen no Kaze" by Suzuki Konomi - Lord Marksman and Vanadis OP
11. "Guren" by DOES - Naruto Shippuden OP 15
10. "Seven Doors" by ZAQ - Trinity Seven OP
9. "The Other self" by GRANRODEO - Kuroko no Basuke OP 3
8. "STRIKE BACK" by BACK-ON - Fairy Tail OP 16
7. "Rising Hope" by Lisa - The Irregular at Magic High School OP 1
6. "unravel" by TK from Ling tosite sigure - Tokyo Ghoul OP
5. "Goyanomachiawase" by Hello Sleepwalkers - Noragami OP
4. "X-encounter" by Maon Kurosaki - Tokyo Ravens OP 1
3. "Black Bullet" by fripside - Black Bullet OP
2. "Ignite" by Eir Aoi - Sword Art Online OP 3
1. "Liar Mask" by Rika Mayama - Akame ga Kill OP 2

This was one of the hardest things to do. I had to go through so many openings from 2014 and cut out a lot (even ones that I absolutely love) just to make a top 40 list. Plus I had to listen to all forty of these songs and rate them...no lies. I had these openings in a playlist on YouTube going through each individual one determining what needed to go where and what fit best as well as what worked. Let me know what you guys would do for a top 40 openings of 2014 list. Is yours similar to mine or extremely different? 

Character of the Week

This week's character of the week was one that I have loved unconditionally since I first saw him. Known as the Thirteenth Chronos, our Character of the Week is: 

Train Heartnet from Black Cat. 

This black wearing, cat-like assassin is a broken man from a horrible past. He watched his parents die and then he was forced to watch as his partner killed the girl he felt something for. Going from being the Black Cat to being just Train, he sets out with a band of weirdos and performs various missions. 

This adorable assassin is played by the wonderful Jason Liebrecht. 

My personal favorite episode from the anime has to be the episode where Train is transformed into a young kid. It's ridiculously cute plus Luci Christian is a perfect child voice. 

Would you mind if Train came to "deliver you some bad luck"? Yeah I probably would cause when he kills...he doesn't mess up....yikes. It is amusing that his catchphrase is such and so much "bad luck" revolves around the kid. 

What is your favorite part about Train? Have you seen Black Cat before? Would you rather see a different character? Let me know in the comments below. 

This is the end for those of you who are not spoiler readers. For those who like to read my reviews of the Bleach chapter and Fairy Tail episode. Please proceed. If not, see you next week. 




I can officially say that Yhwach scares the ever loving shit out of me. A is far more powerful than I had anticipated and I really hope that Ichigo shows up soon. Plus...I am still confused by this dude from Squad Zero. 

I don't know, but what about you guys? How do you think this manga will end? I hope it ends on a good note. Who knows. We will see soon (hopefully). 

Fairy Tail 

HOLY SHIT! This episode was awesome. Two more spirits are down for the count. Levy beat Capricorn at the Quiz show because she admitted who she likes (unfortunately we aren't privy to such details though I have a strong feeling it was Gajeel). Then after a strange fight, Juvia defeated Aries only to find out that she didn't know how to escape. Now we have Lucy who is running from the sadistic Virgo and the Princess is wandering around looking for whoever is in the new door (I am assuming this is where Loke has hidden). Back in "Leo's" realm, Natsu, Wendy, Carla, and Happy are all on a doctor visit. Literally. Ophiuchus has appeared before them as some naughty nurse looking person. Was not expecting her appearance. I also assumed that Ophiuchus's form would be a man. The large serpent is now torment our unfortunate dragon slayers. I can't wait to see next week's episode especially if you have seen the preview...I have one thing to say about it: 

Gemini turns Gajeel into a cat. 

That's all for this week. Next week will be a Black Cat review as well as a non-mainstream peek at anime. 

Until then. See ya next week. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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