January KoreaBox Unboxing

Hey guys! As promised, I am continuing with my KoreaBox series! I seriously love them over there and if you guys follow me on Twitter at either my personal account or the blog account then you have probably seen our interactions. They are so very friendly and literally the nicest people you will ever get the chance to talk to. I would love to meet them in real life and get to know them better. Now, back to KoreaBox! So again, I subscribe to the K-Pop box and so I got the most amazing set of items. As with each of their boxes you don't know what you are getting until you get it. I got even more BTS merch with this box. But I will get into that in a moment.

As you may or may not know, I get my box sent to my parents' house because getting packages at my apartment is a pain in the ass. The hours of my apartment office are unrealistic for someone like me who works until 6 most days. Plus they are only open Monday through Friday and a lot of my days off are on the weekends. So it is easier to get the package at my parents' house. Now...my box has been sitting at their house for well over a week now because I hadn't gotten over there to get it. I finally went over there for dinner and was able to get the box. Now that I have my box, we can look inside!

The fruit thing in the box is always the personalized letters. I so want every bit of paper they have over there at the KoreaBox office because their paper is always so cute. This month's letter was written on adorable owl paper.

Now the first item I pulled out was this really cute BTS bag. It can be used for a variety of reasons as a makeup bag or a accessory bag, but it certainly is charming. On one side is Bangtan and the other side is the words BTS. I cannot believe how cute this bag is. I wonder if I will actually use it for something. 

The next item I noticed is by far my favorite. As you all know, I love posters and I have several of them hanging in my bedroom. I especially love the wall scroll posters because they are just so nicely put together. Well I am now the proud owner of a BTS wall scroll poster!

The last item in the box included a surprise item! I received a cute metal BTS bank but what is inside is the part that is awesome.

Inside the bank are two cracker-biscuit things...I'm not too familiar with them and I haven't tried them yet, I'll let you know what I think when I do. If you know what these are do let me know. The other thing is something I own in a different format. Do you remember the BTS picture I was giving away in that contest that no one entered? Well I now have that in a metal picture! It's really cute and I definitely don't want to lose it.

So overall I think this was a really good haul. I can't wait to see what else they have in store. I'm only 2 months in to their service and I am already madly in love! Do check them out at http://korea-box.com and let them know Katrina from Kat's Anime Corner sent you! Now I apologize that this blog took forever to actually upload since I picked the box up on Friday and today is Sunday. But I have been too busy being trapped in the world of W. If you have seen this drama, you'll understand. If you haven't, you definitely should.

Until next time...aka when I finally get my hats and calendar from them.

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 1/22/17


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