Year in Review: KAC 2016

Hey guys! It is already 2017 and I have decided that my first post will be a look back at what we've done on KAC in the last year...but this is now actually the second post because research for this post caused me to write it too long... I know that I haven't really been a good blog mom lately because I have had a really tough year...hell we've all had a tough year. Plus I have been sick over the last week with a really shitty cold. So let's start 2017 out right and look at the good and bad of 2016 on Kat's Anime Corner.

2016 started out late with its first post on January 13th. It was actually one of the largest changes you got to see though for KAC. It was an anime review of Kuroko no Basuke. This review is where you witnessed the first change to my writing style. I changed from writing multiple subjects every week to writing longer about one subject each post. I made this decision because each post from 2013 to 2015 got progressively longer and I figured that it would be easier to break down each post into smaller posts about single subjects that way you could pick and choose a subject rather than struggle through a lot of stuff you didn't want to read about only to read the thing you wanted to read. I do not regret changing my post style.

The follow-up post to the KnB review was actually a game changer. I did a list of my top 10 hottest guys in anime but I changed it up. I decided to also record a podcast that went along with the blog. It was the first time that I ever did them both at the same time!

2016 was truly the year of change because in February I decided to test the water on the 22nd of possibly incorporating Korean stuff into the world of Kat's Anime Corner. This was way back before I actually was able to buy a lot of Korean music instead of just listening to it on Pandora and YouTube. It was well before I actually bought BTS and GOT7 music but it allowed me to see how my readers would react to having K-Pop intertwined and obviously it went very well. Definitely planning more Korean blog posts for 2017 (If you follow me on Snapchat, you know more about this!).

On the 29th of February I actually got to relive the worst fucking way to start a year. If anyone knows about my Akashi figure or even follows me on SNS you know the story. This was the most stressful situation I had found myself in but at least Crunchyroll and YESANIME were very helpful in getting me what I needed.

Now in March I finally announced that I was planning on moving and that was the start of a severe decrease in blog posts from me. Only 3 months into the year... I didn't wind up moving until September, but you have to account for actually looking for a place to live and packing and packing...oh and of course packing.

Then of course I took a vacation and traveled to Georgia and Florida for a few weeks. That didn't stop me from writing one of my favorite voice actor spotlights of 2016...okay so it was the only VA Spotlight I did...bite me. I just really loved writing about Cliff and I had a lot of "fun" trying to look up facts about him on the internet... One thing you need to understand is that I was literally out in the middle of nowhere Georgia with next to no internet. So that fact that I was able to write a blog post was impressive.

Of course, no one can forget about the very popular Korean Break or the Interview with the Vampire...I mean the Interview with Terri Doty. Lol. Both of these things were such great highlights of my 2016 and I am forever grateful.

Now, let's take a look at a few of the cool things I already have planned for 2017! I already have most of my Attack on Titan Movie Part 2 review written, I just have to look up stuff and then write it up. I also have started on Korean Break Season keep your eyes open for that to pop up. I do want to get back into writing about anime some more, so let me know what you'd like to see. I also wan to start writing my VA Spotlights again. I am also planning on doing a Korea Drama recommendation sort of thing. But we'll see what I can actually manage to get done. So much is changing for me right now. I am moving again sometime later this year and my sister is going to be having a baby this summer. Just so much is happening and I want to try to keep myself sane by not pushing myself too much. Don't forget that I will also be doing my monthly unboxing with KoreaBox!

Well that is all for this time guys. So very sorry this took so long. Let me know what your favorite post of 2016 was. Also, let me know what you want to see in 2017.

Until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 1/5/17


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