COMING SOON: KAC takes on AniMinneapolis 2017

Hey Guys! Quick update. I am going to AniMinneapolis 2017 with Taylor and Kenzie fellow anime and k-pop nerds. We will be there May 26th-29th. If you live in Minnesota and/or are attending the festivities please don't be afraid to stop me if you see me. I will have cards to hand out that I will sign for you. Who knows maybe we will become friends! I hope to see you there and please be patient. Between AniMinneapolis, moving, work, Korean Break, and sleep I've been a bit busy trying to put out blog posts. I am also going to the midnight showing of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 tonight too. But good news! We have officially hit 30,000 views and I kind of want to do a giveaway. So please let me know if you want me to do this. Maybe I'll pick something up at the convention to give away. Well until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 5/25/17


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