Korean Break Season 2: Part 6 - Kiss Me, You Heartless Stalker

Hey Kissme! I laughed so hard making the title for this post. It is one of the only blog posts that actually incorporates the fandom name into the title instead of just song titles or group names. I don't know why it makes me laugh so hard though. Anyway, let's get right into it!

In 2008 a group called U-Kiss was created! The members who debuted with the group are not all the same as the current members. Two of the current members didn't join until later. Since we are talking about the members let's start there.

Members of U-Kiss

Shin Soohyun
- debuted 2008
Lee Kiseop
- debuted 2008
Eli (Kim Kyoungjae)
- debuted 2008
- was secretly married & announced it after he announced his wife was expecting
Hoon (Yeo Hoonmin)
- debuted 2011
Jun (Lee Junyoung)
- debuted 2013
Past Members

- debuted 2008
- left in 2011

- debuted 2008
- left in 2011

- debuted 2008
- left in 2013

- debuted 2011
- left 2016

Kevin (Woo Sunghyun)
- debuted 2008
- left 2017
And if you read my bias posts then you know that the ever beautiful Kevin is my bias. I just really love his voice. My heart broke the day he announced he would be leaving U-KISS. I'm so very sad and I hope that he is doing what makes him happy now. I'm still happy though that he is remaining friends with all the U-KISS boys. Guess this puts Jun and Eli up to my top spots now. So it's really funny. I don't remember how I stumbled across U-Kiss but I do remember that Te Amo was the first song I heard of theirs. Te Amo and Heartless are my favorite U-Kiss songs. And since we are talking music, let's look at some of my favorite songs. 

"Te Amo" from The Special to Kissme (2012)
"Heartless" from Stalker (2016)
"Stalker" from Stalker (2016)

"Quit Playing" from MONO SCANDAL (2014)

"Tick Tock (Out of Time)" from Doradora (2012)
*NOTE: This M/V is the Japanese version*

"Stop Girl" from Stop Girl (2012)

"Playground" from Always (2015)

These aren't all their songs, these are just my absolute favorites! What is your favorite U-Kiss song? Who is your favorite U-Kiss member? Let me know! 

That is all for this week! 

Until next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 5/10/17


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