Korean Break Season 2: Part 7 - Welcome to My House

Hey Hottest! Okay...that one felt a little weird...to say. Sorry for the awkward moment. LOL. So if you have been a fan of KAC since the beginning then you have probably seen me talk about this group before...but for their Japanese work and not their Korean work. I first heard them back in 2011 when they debuted in Japan with their song Take Off which was featured in the hit 2011 anime Blue Exorcist. But you didn't come here for their Japanese work, let's talk Korean music!

This JYP group was formed back in 2008. The group was originally part of an 11 member band called One Day but JYP split the group in two creating 2AM and 2PM. This is about 2PM. Now 2PM's former leader Jay Park left the group in 2010 following a pretty intense scandal but he is very successful now that he is back in Korea and he has a booming solo career. Since Jay Park's departure there was never a replacement leader, so there is no leader of 2PM. So let's take a look at the remaining members of 2PM.

Jun. K
Kim Min-jun
Main Vocalist

Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul

Ok Taecyeon
Main Rapper

Jang Wooyoung

Lee Junho

Hwang Chansung

Now as for the songs we will cover, each of these songs are the ones I own of theirs. It would be WAY too long for me to cover ALL their songs. 2008-2016 is a long time frame to cover...




"Hands Up"

"Take Off"

*WARNING: Adult Themes*


"My House" 
*favorite song*


"Promise (I'll Be)"

What is your favorite 2PM song? Mine is My House - plus the music video makes me laugh my ass off at the cute little bunny who sings. Plus Taecyeon is a wolf. ;) He's my bias if you didn't know. 

That is all for this week. Be prepared for next Korean Break, it's a HUGE update. That will be up on June 30th. The next blog post should be my AniMinneapolis blog post which recounts the anime convention I attended and that will be followed by a more serious blog post. 

Until next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 6/9/17

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