Korean Break Season 2: Part 8 - It's My Fantasy

1, 2, 3...안녕하세요 STARLIGHTS! The blog post we have been waiting for since I started Korean Break Season 2 is finally here! If you follow me on SNS you've seen how far I have delved into the world of VIXX. I have gone so deep into the world that I feel like I have always been here. (Though looking back if you follow me on SNS you saw that I learned that I've actually been into k-pop since 2012 when I thought I didn't get into it until 2013...So essentially I have been with VIXX the entire time despite not actually seeing any of their music videos until 2015 and only listening to their songs on Pandora...) Getting right down to it, I should let you know about my history with VIXX. My first music video I watched was when Chained Up was released. Before that I had only heard their music on my Pandora radio station. The only reason I knew who any of the members were was because of All the Kpop Entertainment Academy and Infinite Coin Challenge over on the MBC Kpop Youtube channel. That is where I fell in love with N Oppa. So any music video that came out before Chained Up I had never seen until recently. My favorite song has always been Voodoo Doll - it was always fun for me to listen to. Now that I've seen the music video...I love it even more! I have a serious obsession with VIXX now and it is very dangerous. I would love to meet VIXX but I'd be so nervous! You have to remember that I am only 164 cm and their tallest member is 20 cm taller than me...that is very daunting. I'm very subconscious about my height, it is something I have been made fun of for. But you didn't come here to hear about me. Let's delve into VIXX.

Fun Fact: I've spaced out uploading these posts so that I could upload this post on N Oppa's birthday. So Happy N Day!! Happy Birthday Oppa! Thank you for being born. <3 Plus delaying it until N Oppa's birthday allowed for me to listen to and write about their newest comeback!!

Formed in May 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment through a music survival show myDOL, these boys debuted amongst many other great artists (see B.A.P. post for full list of 2012 boy groups). The cool thing about VIXX is that they were given an awesome opportunity alongside groups like BTOB to film a diary for MTV which documents their daily lives while they are debuting and promoting. Shortly after their debut VIXX started a YouTube series called VIXXTV a short series of videos that they filmed giving Starlights a chance to interact with them. VIXXTV came to an end at 100 episodes as they released Eternity but VIXXTV2 started up shortly after and is still ongoing. Now I follow A LOT of idols on SNS but VIXX just might be one of the most interactive idols I have seen on SNS. From posting almost daily to interactions meant specifically for Starlights, VIXX likes to be close with their fans.

Let's actually meet the boys of VIXX:

N (엔)
Cha Hakyeon
180 cm
Leader, Lead Dancer, Lead Vocals
"N Oppa"

Leo (레오)
Jung Taekwoon
183 cm
Main Vocals
"Leo Oppa"

Ken (켄)
Lee Jaehwan
180 cm
Main Vocals

FUN FACT #2: I've never had a bias-wrecker before until I met Kenjumma. He has slowly become as important to me as N Oppa. T.T Why must he be so amazing? If you've never heard him on singing shows...you should because he has made me cry before from how beautiful he is. 

Ravi (라비)
Kim Wonsik
183 cm
Main Rapper, Lead Dancer

Hongbin (홍빈)
Lee Hongbin
181 cm
Visual, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocals

Hyuk (혁)
Han Sanghyuk
184 cm
Maknae, Vocals, Main Dancer

So I'm sure you're wondering how I actually rank the group members...or you aren't but I'll tell you anyway. LOL. I actually had to put a lot of thought into this rank because it could easily change depending on scenario, but I decided to follow my gut feeling. Number 1 will always be the same, but the other 5 can always change. Here we go.

1. N
~This one is very obvious as N is my bias and I have been in love with him since 2013, when I first got into k-pop~ *Note: Again, I just recently found out that I've been into k-pop since 2012 so it is actually since 2012 when I first found out about N*
2. Leo
~I actually fell for Leo's personality! Believe it or not. I was not kidding when I said that I binge-watched a bunch of VIXX TV shows and Leo is super sweet!~
3. Ravi
~Again, same with Leo, Ravi is easy to fall for when you get to know him via their shows. I think he would be fun to hang out with.~
4. Hyuk
~Like, N, Hyuk was always guaranteed this spot. I don't love him like N, but he is perfect enough to not be at the bottom of the list.~
5. Hongbin
~The only reason Kong isn't at the bottom of the list is because he is so fucking pretty to look at. BUT, I cannot forgive his hairstyle during Superhero...I mean yeah that was probably hot in 2012, but looking back now...~
6. Ken
~Kenjumma could very easily be my number 2 because he is sooo fucking hilarious, but like with Kong, I cannot forget the hair from Hyde. I actually had a hard time ranking Kong and Ken...I flip-flopped so many times.~ (Note: I wrote this before Ken became my bias-wrecker. He literally became my bias-wrecker in March of 2017...I wrote this in 2016)

How would you rank the group members? Who is your VIXX bias? I think I could spend all day chatting with Ken and Ravi about crazy shit and I could talk with ALL of VIXX about anime. Again, if you follow them at all then you know that they LOVE One Piece. Anyway, now that we've determined my ranking of the group members check out this list I put together. If you are friends with me on K-Pop Amino then you know about this list already. 

Here is how I rank the members in each music video and what their overall ranking would be! LOL. It isn't too different from my actual ranking except Ravi and Hyuk are flipped and Ken and Kong are flipped. Leo and N are still my top 2. I ranked them in each individual music video based on looks and then I ranked them based on how many of each rank they got. Ex: Hongbin had 7 ranks of 6 and 5 ranks of 5 whereas Ken had 7 ranks of 6 and 7 ranks of 5 which put Ken in 5th place and Hongbin in 6th...It makes a lot of sense to me. How would you guys rank the boys in their music videos? 

Speaking of music videos, I decided to pick which concepts fit each member the best. It was originally going to be only one m/v per member...but well...you'll see. 


On and On 







Voodoo Doll


Rock 'Ur Body






Chained Up


I then had to decide which concept suits ALL the members the best....I was only going to do one....

Only U

Voodoo Doll


On and On



Which concept do you think fit the members the best? 

So all this talk about their concepts...why don't we talk about their music! As I type this up I am listening to the playlist of their songs that I put together. I won't talk about ALL their songs because that is WAAAAY too much, but I will talk about my favorites as well as their lead singles. 


"Super Hero" 

"Rock 'Ur Body" 


"다칠 준비가 돼있어  On and On"


"Love Letter"

This sweet ballad was on their 1st Mini Album Hyde and is a fan favorite. I love it especially because you get to hear Ravi sing! If you ever get to hear them perform this song live, you'll understand the depth of their feelings for their fans. (They performed this song at one of their Fantasia concerts)

"대.다.나.다.너 G.R.8.U."

"어떡하지 Say Love" 

There is just something so catchy and uplifting about this pop song. Plus if you know anything about my obsession with Ken...you'll know about my obsession with Ken's favorite word. HAHA, It's featured strongly in this song. It's an overall fun song to get caught up in. 

"대답은 너니까 Only U"

"저주인형 Voodoo Doll"
(clean ver)

(explicit ver)


It's fun. What can I say? It's so funny because there is a song very similar to it on their new album called "Black Out" that reminds me of this song. It's very captivating and I think you all will like it. 

"태어나줘서 고마워 Thank You For My Love"


(m/v ver)

(dance ver)

(m/v ver)

(lip and dance ver)

"After Dark"

This is a very beautiful song! It opens with Ravi rapping and just gets better from there. Again if you can see them perform this one live, you will not be disappointed! 


"Error (Chinese ver.)" 

"Love Equation" 

*This is actually a Ravi and Hyuk solo*

"Chained Up" 


Where do I start with these songs? "Spider" is a very captivating song that draws you into a tale about a poisonous woman who weaves her web. They performed this one at their Elysium concert and the dance is as captivating as the song. Where do I begin with "Maze"? I'm always listening to this song. It's addictive! I can't stop! They also performed this at Elysium...right after "Spider" actually...

"Chained Up (Chinese Ver.)"



"Six Feet Under" 

Going along with the upbeat feel of "Dynamite" is this upbeat song. It's actually one of my favorites to sing in the shower...I shouldn't have admitted that...



(drama video)

(performance video)

"Love Me Do" 
*note: this is my favorite performance of this song, I think it helped inspire their newest m/v*

"The Closer" 


"Shooting Star" 

"Good Night & Good Morning" 

Ravi is singing...need I say more? This beautiful song catches you with it's slow beat and draws you in with bittersweet lyrics sung by the gorgeous voices of our beautiful boys. 

"The Romance is Over" 

This was actually my first favorite song on this album. I bought this album right when it was released and I was instantly drawn to this song. I don't know what it is about these slow ballads that I just love. VIXX knows how to sell it. 

"Milky Way" 



"Into the Void"

All of the songs on Shangri-La have a very similar feel and this song follows along with that theme. It's very smooth and flows right into your ears and straight to your heart. It's a very enticing song. 

"Black Out"
*note: this is my favorite song from this comeback*

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5"
"To Us"

What is it about K-Pop idols counting that gets us so excited? Again, all these songs follow a theme and "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" is no difference. It's a slow ballad that is easily going to capture your heart. And "To Us" is a sweet ballad that will make your heart clench and love the boys more than you already do (I didn't think it was possible to love VIXX anymore...but it is).

Honorable Single or Subunit Efforts

"Beautiful Liar" - VIXX LR (2015)

"Ghost (Ravi Solo)" - VIXX LR (2015)

If you watch VIXXTV like I do then you'll have seen the episode where they are getting ready for their Fantasia concert and N is sitting on the stairs to the stage when Ravi is on stage rehearsing. The song that N is lip-syncing to is this song! Ravi performed this song live and damn was it AMAZING! Damn Ravi! (Okay...I admit that was a bad joke...)

"DamnRa (feat. SAM & SP3CK)" - Ravi (2016)

"BOMB (feat. San E)" - Ravi (2017)

"Home Alone (feat. Jung Yong-hwa of CNBLUE)" - Ravi (2017)

Wow...That's still a lot of songs. And you have no idea how excited I was to see Ravi teaming up with Yong-hwa (he's my bias from CNBLUE and my first ever bias). Now I was going to list all the hair colors of VIXX and rank them based on who dyes their hair the most. But that would make this blog even longer than it already is....which is very long. I really do love VIXX. I'm glad I could finally share my love of VIXX with you guys and do sincerely apologize for those who had to suffer through me watching their music videos over and over and over and over and over and over. If you follow me on IG or Snapchat then you know what I'm talking about. 

So now you are wondering if this is the end of Korean Break. NOPE! I already have season 3 planned for you guys! I'm already planning it out and it should be out later this year. If you want to see a group added to a season of Korean Break let me know and I will add them to my ever-growing list. I am always interested in furthering my K-Pop knowledge. Hell, even Taylor is trying to get me to learn all the members of SVT without having to look at a list...that won't happen any time soon. 

And just because I can...here is my favorite scene from Rock 'Ur Body featuring Hyukkie! (If you're ever unfortunate enough to be Snapchat friends with me...you will see this anytime this song comes on...I'm sorry...)

Oh and here is this one too. Maknae Hyukkie is so damn adorable. 

Anyway, that is all for this week. I'll see you all next with a post that isn't a Korean Break. LOL. Until then...

Actually...one last thing. I forgot to share how big of a STARLIGHT I actually am. I own a ton of VIXX merchandise. You've obviously seen my Fantasy hat...I never not wear it...If you ever meet me in person 90% of the time I will be wearing my hat unless I can't find it. Let's take a peek at all the VIXX merchandise I own. 

First up is my Fantasy hat that I got from KoreaBox. Like I said...I wear this hat everywhere. Note though...don't wear a VIXX Fantasy hat to an anime convention because they will ask which Final Fantasy it is for...I was so annoyed by the end of the day.

If you guys remember, I had a Kratos phone case from KoreaBox but then I had phone complications and had to change phones...well I got three replacement phone cases when I got my iPhone 7. I'm in love and currently using the Dynamite phone case. 

Then there are these goodies that I got in my latest KoreaBox. Sunny even said that she would get me some N stuff! 

And of course, you cannot forget my beautiful Elysium DVD and Conception album.

Oh and this gem that I picked up. One day I will get to use this at a VIXX concert. One day...

Of course I have my VIXX calendar on my desk at all times and will even after the calendar is no longer valid (it goes until December 2018). 

Just the other night I finally got around to decorating my new bedroom with posters so obviously my VIXX Elysium poster had to be hung up. As well as my 2016 Conception poster (the picture itself is from Fantasy which is one of my favorites). Then you cannot forget my official VIXX Slogan (Cheer Towel) which hangs above my bed watching over me as I sleep.  (Don't mind the messy bed...I never actually make my bed...)

What official goods would you want to get for a VIXX or even your Ultimate Group? I want more albums as well as more of their DVD's. I need to get their first Fantasia DVD and when their new Fantasia DVD comes out I want to get that too. I wish I had cool friends who would buy me stuff like this for my birthday...Well, until next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 6/30/17


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