Crashing Worlds

Hey guys. So just a heads-up (in case you don't follow me on SNS). My MacBook which has been my laptop for the last 5 years finally called it quits. Yes my beautiful silver Mac which I had a black snap-cover on that was covered in fun k-pop stickers is no longer with us. *a moment of silence* The 2012 beast died Saturday (11/11/17) and I had to buy a new laptop (an HP Touch Screen) Sunday (11/12/17). So until I get my new laptop up to where I can fully function with it, I will have to call a temporary hiatus. Also, I am reaching out to all KoreaBox Family in an effort to hear how you all discovered KoreaBox and why you've stuck around. This is going to be part of my special KoreaBox 1 year anniversary post. In other news...I got VIXX's Voodoo Doll Japanese First DVD. It is an amazing addition to my VIXX collection. I also cannot wait for my copy of VIXX Live Fantasia Daydream to arrive. Anyway...I just wanted to quickly update you on what has been happening. 2017 can't end soon enough. It has been rather rude to the KAC Family...Sorry guys.

xx Kat

Update 11/12/17


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