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Hey guys! Happy New years!! I can't believe it is already 2018! Let's kick off 2018 with an amazing year filled with amazing blog posts! Can't wait to show you all I've got planned, plus the entire KAC team will be going to AniMinneapolis 2018. So if you are from Minnesota or travel to Anime Conventions, please don't be afraid to stop on by AniMinneapolis and hang out with the KAC team. Now let's get this blog post started.

Before I start out the series of posts I have written for this month, I just wanted to tell you about this amazing YouTuber that I found while perusing YouTube for k-pop videos. As you know there are a lot of people out there who react to k-pop and that is all they do, but I found this very funny and very sweet girl who is newer to k-pop who is learning about groups for the first time. She posts videos almost daily and loves everything about k-pop. Obviously I watch her VIXX reaction series, but she does other groups too (SuJu, BTOB, GOT7, BTS, NCT, Mamamoo, etc.). She learns everything she can about these groups and wholeheartedly loves to share that with fans of each group she covers. So please go give her some love.

Bre Reacts

Youtube Channel

Tell her KAC sent you. And also, Bre talked about KAC in one of her reaction videos! You can see it here. I certainly love this friendship that we have started and can't wait to see where we go from here. :)

Until next time.

Ja ne!

xx Kat
Update 1/1/18


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