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Hey guys! If you follow me on Twitter at all (first off, I'm sorry...I've been on a LOT more than usual and spamming you guys with this topic we will be talking about today. second, thanks for being patient), then you have seen me tweeting about this indie game called To The Edge of the Sky. One of my friends @TheTaeLane was tweeting about it for WEEKS now and finally I broke down and asked her what the hell she was talking about. Boy did I regret it (in a it took over my life kind of way). On 1/8/18 she tweeted about Operative Five and I finally decided to take a bite on what she was talking about. As you know, I am a Starlight but I also love other groups dearly but I don't follow them as closely as VIXX, so I hadn't even heard of TTEOTS before she explained it to me. (If you want to check out the full set of tweets, you can check them out here - but be warned...I apparently don't know how to contain my dirty mind when it comes to Operative Four...unintentionally of course.) Now this whole interaction happened around 9:30 at night, I downloaded the game around 9:50, by 11:20 I was dead. And this is where I start my review.

#TTEOTS - To The Edge of the Sky

Before I get into the actual review itself, I want to give you a bit back story about the game and the company behind the game. Aeon Dream Studios was founded in 2015 by Ajane and Egle. Let's take a look at the staff.

Ajane J.K. Celestin "Xel" 

She is the CEO, creative Director, Lead Writer, Editor, and Music Supervisor for Aeon Dream Studios. 

You can follow her on SNS here: 
Twitter - @xelestialwriter
Instagram - @xelestial_sky

Egle Dilyte

She is the Lead Creative Writer, Scriptwriter, and Social Media Coordinator for Aeon Dream Studios.

You can follow her on SNS here: 
Twitter - @stormvalkyrie
Instagram - @stormvalkyrie
Tumblr - stormvalkyrie

Marta Fernandes "Monz"

She is the Art Director and Lead Character and CG Artist for Aeon Dream Studios. 

You can follow her on SNS here: 
Twitter - @monzana21
Instagram - @monzana21
Art Station - monzana21
Tumblr - monzana21


She is a character and CG artist for To The Edge of the Sky. 

You can follow her on SNS here: 
Twitter - @xxeru
Instagram - @xxeru

Smyang Piano

He is creating the music for To The Edge of the Sky. 

You can follow him on SNS here: 
Website - www.smyaang.com
Spotify - Smyang Piano
iTunes - Smyang Piano

You can also follow Aeon Dream Studios on Twitter @AeonDreamStudio


The characters of TTEOTS are inspired by the members of the Korean idol group BTS. As this is a visual novel, the main character is played by you, so her name is the name of whoever is playing the game. However, there are several other characters you meet along the way. 

Main Characters

Operative Seven


This character is played by the game player. She is of the Psion class. Psions are known for their hand-to-hand combat and intuitive capabilities, enabling them to succeed against impossible odds. Surprise tactics are the best means to fight them, but their adaptive resilience means they can evolve to counter even unpredictability. Her exact age is unknown and her nationality is unknown. 

Operative Zero


Inspired by the maknae of BTS, Jeon Jungkook, Zero is the first friend Seven gains when she joins. Zero is 20 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2057.09.01. He is of the Infinite class. New class "Infinite" has been found. Unprecedented reports indicate "Zero" possesses skills of numerous classes. Avoid engaging and report any Intel gathered. Basically Zero is unknown. But he is a kind friend to Seven. 

Operative Nine


Inspired by the leader of BTS, Kim Namjoon (RM), Nine is the leader of Phantom Alpha. He is 23 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2054.09.12. He is of the Architect class. Architects are rare, highly skilled tacticians and diplomats who take command of other operatives in combat. Capture them to gain classified information about PHASe. From what we've met of Nine, he knows more than he lets on and is a good leader. 

Operative Four


Inspired by a rapper of BTS, Min Yoongi (Suga). Four is my favorite operative (and it has nothing to do with him being my bias in BTS either). He is 24 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2053.03.09. He is of the Wraith class (I took an online quiz - which you can take here - and I was put into the Wraith class - let me know what class you get). Wraiths are master assassins, trained to kill with unmatched skill and precision. Engage with caution. Four is kind of cold but you can tell his team means a lot to him. I'm curious to see more of Four because he intrigues me.

Operative Six


Inspired by the main dancer and rapper of BTS, Jung Hoseok (J-Hope). Six is...I don't even know how to explain him. The first time you meet him he breaks into your room. He is 23 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2054.02.18. He is of the Specter class. Specters are the masters of stealth, as highly cunning and extremely perceptive individuals, they can take control of any situation. Do not let them out of your sight. 

Operative Eight


Inspired by the dancer and vocal of BTS, Park Jimin. Eight has not appeared in the game as of yet. He is 22 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2055.10.13. He is of the Siren class. Sirens are the silver-tongued interrogators and diplomats. Highly deceptive and charming, their voices are said to be pleasantly hypnotic. Do not listen to them. 

Operative Five


Inspired by the weird alien and brilliant actor of BTS, Kim Taehyung (V). Five, like Eight, has not appeared in the game as of yet (much to the disdain of many Tae fans - yes, my friend, I am calling you out). He is 21 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2055.12.30. He is of the Shifter class. Shifters are versatile masters of disguise. They are skilled in twisting a variety of situations to their desires. Never believe anything they say or do. 

Operative Three


Inspired by the eldest member of BTS, Kim Seokjin (Jin). Three, like Five and Eight, has not appeared in the game as of yet. He is 24 years old of the Olympian race. He was born 2052.12.04. He is of the Oracle class. Oracles are skilled analysts and detectives of high caliber. They are exceptional at uncovering what is hidden. Do not leave any evidence behind. 


Enter the year 2077 and become Seven, the newest addition to Phantom Alpha, a secret team who operates under the enigmatic government organization known as P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. After joining, you find yourself befriending the other rookie on the team, an incredibly skilled youth known as Zero. As you meet the other members, you quickly learn that while vastly talented, each of them is clearly much more than meets the eye. 

Regardless of your differences, you quickly learn what Phantom Alpha can do. But together, you soon discover that on the other side of the radiant world of light, lies an equally dark world of shadow. Can you brave these worlds and trust the men by your side? 







You can download the game on here: 

Fan Thoughts

I took to Twitter and asked my BTS followers what they thought of the game. Obviously they tried out the game because they love BTS, but I wanted to know what drew them in or even what has kept them around this long. 

@TheTaeLane said: "The artwork sucked me in first because it is awesome! The storyline is kind of unique too for this style and styled of game (imho) and it's not strongly focused on romance. I'm just looking forward to what goes on with the characters."

@amerryfangirl said: "The artwork, music, and thoughtful dialogue (with agent 9 specifically) are all incredible. The company is extremely engaging with its players, to the point of endorsing a RP group on twitter and amino. The demo is long and well plotted, it leaves me wanting so much more." 

@TheTaeLane replied to @amerryfangirl: "And it's free! And yes the fan service is top notch. Dialogue with Nine...MUST BE NICE." 

If you can't guess, @TheTaeLane is a huge Taehyung stan, so she is eager for Five to finally make his appearance. Those of us like @amerryfangirl and I lucked out that our stans Nine and Four respectively have been around the whole time. 

And as @amerryfangirl stated, you can follow RP accounts of the operatives on Twitter and Amino (I don't have the amino app...sorry). Their twitter handles are as follows: 

Three - @Operative_Three
Five - @OperativeFive
Six - @OperativeSix
Eight - @OperativeEight

Please though, if you follow these accounts, be respectful to them. While they are RP accounts for the game characters, the people running the accounts are humans with emotions. They are all very sweet and love to interact with the fans, but be kind. Also note, they are NOT associated with Aeon Dream Studios so they don't have inside scoops into the game, so don't ask. They are just dedicated fans who help to promote the game by playing as the characters on social media. 

UPDATE 02/16/18: There is currently no Operative Six RP account until further notice. 

My Thoughts

I have quickly fallen in love with this game. It is easy to fall for all the characters but it is rewarding when the character you wind up drawn to is your bias. If you have never before played visual novels (otome or otherwise) then you know the route you take is about the choices you make. I was lucky enough to pick Four's route and I was lucky that Four is inspired by Min Yoongi, my BTS bias. I am really excited about this game and highly look forward to what is to come. I've also had a lot of fun getting to know more ARMY. As I mentioned before, I am a Starlight, so I don't really follow BTS that closely, but with this game I am finding myself spending a lot of time talking to ARMY. The ARMY who love this game and have been active about it on Twitter are so sweet. I'm so happy that my friends have shared this game with me so that I have something to share with you beautiful ARMY who read KAC. All my BTS posts are my most popular blog posts because ARMY is very dedicated. Thank you for allowing me to share this game with you. 

The next update for the game will come on February 2nd, 2018, so be on the look out for that. 

Well guys, that is all I have for you today! Be on the look out for my next blog post which is about SF9 and then I will be starting Korean Break Season 3 this month too. (Yes, you read right...I will be posting 5 blog posts this month.) If you want to keep up with me on where I am with TTEOTS, you can follow me on twitter @katrina_meade, I've been VERY active on twitter, so you can definitely find me there. 

Until next time! 

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 1/21/18


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