Korea Box Unboxing: June 2018

Hey guys! It has been a while since I have done an unboxing post. A while back I did some unboxing posts for Korea Box's K-Pop BTS Box. Well, I have since gotten into their K-Pop Album Boxes! If you are new to KAC then you probably don't even know what Korea Box is, so let's briefly talk about that and then we can get into the actual box itself!

(All the following information was taken from Korea Box's FAQ page, I will only be using a few of their FAQ for the full list, please visit their website)

What is Korea Box? 

Korea Box is a monthly Korean cosmetics/snacks/K-Pop goods subscription box services. K-SNACK BOX, K-BEAUTY BOX, and K-POP BOX update every month. We proudly serve brand new and authentic items in KOREA BOX which you can hardly find in local grocery stores abroad.

How much is Shipping?

It's FREE! Once you subscribe Korea Box, no matter where you live, it's FREE.

How do I Cancel? 

To cancel your Monthly Subscription at any time, simply email us at koreabox.contact@gmail.com with the subject line "CANCEL". To ensure immediate assistance, please use the email address associated with your plan, or provide the shipping name and details associated with the plan. You will receive a response from our team. Please note that the very first box on a Monthly Subscription is a final sale and is nonrefundable once it is processed.

If you didn't know, KAC and Korea Box have a long standing friendship (nearly 2 years now!) so I feel like Korea Box definitely caters to the express tastes of the fans, especially with the Album Box. When you subscribe to the k-pop album box, you are asked to email them a large number of things.

1. List of your favorite K-Pop stars (Minimum FIVE groups/singers. Please give us as many as you can!)

2. List of CDs you owned.

3. List of groups/singers that you want CDs from

Also note that you email them with the email associated with your subscription or include your subscription details so they can easily locate your account.

Now, let's get into what you actually came here for! The unboxing of my Korea Box. Normally I would include a picture of the box itself...but my mail carrier was cruel to my box and it came to me heavily damaged (we had a new mail carrier the day that I got this box), usually the box comes to me in the exact condition it left Korea in.

The first thing you see, no matter which box you get, is the monthly flyer/handout. Each month Korea Box sends a handout that talks about a hot topic in Korea, gives you a Korean word of the month, and talks about important historical moments. This month is talking about BTS' worldwide success as well as the hopeful changes with the relations between South and North Korea. The historical section talks about the history of Hallyu reaching worldwide success from Wonder Girls to BTS.

Then you get a handwritten letter from Korea Box (usually the owner Sunny writes the letters). They are super cute and if they know you personally (as they come to learn all their subscribers slowly over time) the letters become a bit more personalized. Sunny once wrote me a letter about Goblin because her and I talk about that show a lot when it came out!

After the letter, you open it up to find the actual goods you came for. The first thing I opened was a B.A.P Eco Bag! If you know me at all, you know that I own a lot of Korea Box Eco bags (2 BTS bags, 1 EXO bags, and 1 VIXX bag) and I want to own more. So that is how I ended up with a beautiful BAP bag. Next is the album, I got an album that I was not expecting at all! Teen Top's Seoul Night album! I haven't even listened to this yet and have really wanted to! Now I own the album! The photo cards in the album are group pictures so I get to look at all five members of Teen Top, maybe I'll do a first listen review when I finally listen to it. Would you like that? The last thing is a sour candy which I am assuming is a melon flavor candy (melon candy seems to be popular in Korea), it kind of reminds me of warheads (have you ever had a warhead? they make my jaw hurt). I can't wait to try out the candy because I sometimes like sour candy. I wish my Korean was better so I could actually read the flavor. Maybe I will try one and let you know on Twitter what I think so be sure to be following me at @katrina_meade on Twitter to see my thoughts of the candy!

And that is it! That is my monthly Korea Box K-Pop CD Box. I am so thankful to Sunny for having so many amazing things to give me each month. I am hoping to try and review the two boxes a month I get so I can try and get into a good habit. Eventually I may even record videos so you can see that too. We shall see though.

Anyway, until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 06/30/18


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