Korea Box Unboxing: April 2019

안녕하세요! I'm back at it again with another Korea Box unboxing post! I haven't been able to record a new video, so unfortunately you will have to settle for reading words from me. As you know I have been a subscriber of Korea Box for years now and I'm always trying to make an effort to share these boxes with you in whatever way I can. I have taken to sharing posts to Instagram, Twitter, here, and on YouTube. I work hard to bring you Korea Box content when I can. I've even scrapped several posts because I didn't like the way they came out. But I've decided to share one of the boxes I have gotten for April 2019. 시작!

2019년 4월 방탄소년단 케이팝박스

With all boxes, Korea Box attaches a handout that talks about a current event in Korea or something that is relevant to Korea/K-Pop right now. Including a monthly phrase. This month it is 날씨가 따뜻해요 which means the weather is warm. So not only to you get amazing k-pop merchandise, you also get a Korean lesson. 

One of the funny things about getting multiple boxes is that you wind up getting a lot of similar treats. One common treat in the April boxes is the Jeju Tangerine Yoogwa (제주 감귤 유과) which I find super yummy. With this box I received two more giving me a total of 5 that I have eaten this month. ㅠ.ㅠ 너무 맛있었어요!

The next item is BTS at the Grammy's! The beautiful stickers are going to be a nice addition to my ever growing sticker collection! If you like BTS these stickers will make your heart flutter. The boys are so very handsome in their tuxedos. Which is your favorite picture: 1, 2, or 3? (Comment your answer below!)

Now this is actually a item Korea Box brought back! I'm not sure if I ever posted the original BTS towel I received but here is my new one that says "Sweet Heart" and features the boys from their Love Yourself Answer photo shoot. This towel goes well with my pop figures. ㅋㅋㅋ

The final item is this beautiful, see-through purple glitter bag that says "I Purple You". You can flaunt your favorite BTS goodies in here for all to see! How fun! Would you carry this? If so, how would you use it? Mine shall be used only for decoration, sadly. 

Want to have your own Korea Box? Choose from a selection of groups or even the multi-fandom box and for only $29.99 (with free international shipping ^.^) you can get an awesome box like this one once a month. Visit www.korea-box.com today to subscribe for your box!

With that...블로그 포스트가 완성되었습니다!

That's all that I have at this time. Until next time! 


Ja ne! 

xx Kat/캍


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