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So as I have shown before I like to find pictures on the internet and if they really catch my attention I share them. Well this week I found an awesome picture of Ichigo and Rukia on Facebook. Just wanted to share it. 

Being serious for a minute I have something to say to you all. 

Again I just want to say *bows* Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita! I am so very happy because of you all. I love having my thoughts read by you all. It is very relieving to know that you guys are interested enough to read this blog. Last Sunday I posted the blog rather late at night and by midnight I had already had about 15 views. That may seem small but to me even one person reading is huge. So thank you. 

Hey guys. So in honor of Volume 18 having been released at the beginning of this month, I am proud to present a review of the series that kind of started it for me. Vampire Knight.

The anime and the manga vary in storyline greatly. Before I get into that though, I should explain a bit more about who the characters are and the basic premise of the story. This story, Vampire Knight, is about Yuki Cross who is the adoptive daughter of the headmaster of Cross Academy. She, together with her childhood friend Zero Kiryu, protects the special Night Class from the normal Day Class. What makes the Night Class special and different from the Day Class is that they are all Vampires. Zero and Yuki protect them because they know of the existence of vampires. The two were both attacked by vampires when they were younger, though Zero has a more traumatic past than Yuki does. The real difference between Yuki and Zero is that Yuki is in love with the vampire who saved her as a child Kaname Kuran who is the top dog in the vampire world.

Now that you know the basics (and I really mean that because there is a lot more to it than what I just wrote), I can discuss the differences between the anime and the manga. The anime is really aimed towards a Yuki and Kaname relationship whereas the manga deals with the love triangle between Yuki, Kaname, and Zero. One of the biggest changes that they don’t show is the kiss. If you are a fan of the series you know EXACTLY what I am talking about.

The anime series only covers the first 10 volumes of the manga and it cuts out several important parts. The anime was released on DVD by VIZ Media in two combo packs or in single volumes (6 in total). You can actually buy the two complete series combos at Wal-mart. The two seasons are two completely different names. The first season is just called Vampire Knight and is 13 episodes long. The second season is called Vampire Knight Guilty and is also 13 episodes long. Probably one of the things that really drew me into the series (besides the fact that it is about vampires) is the opening credits. The opening of Vampire Knight was Futatsu no Kodou to Akai Tsumi” by ON/OFF and the opening of Vampire Knight Guilty was “Rondo” by ON/OFF. I fell in love. 

Mind you at this point I had only read one volume of the manga, so the only world of Vampire Knight that I knew was the world of the anime. The Japanese dub was and still is wonderful. Mamoru Miyano is still one of my favorite voice actors but this role of Zero Kiryu was completely different than anything he had done before and would do in the future. Zero is a very serious character. He was traumatized by the death of his family and filled with anger from the hate he felt towards the vampire who killed them. His hate grew more and more as he realized the influence vampires had on his new family. He was conflicted between his hate and his feelings for Yuki (which are majorly downplayed in the anime). This role was brought to life by Mamoru Miyano. On the other hand (a few months later) I had attempted to watch the English dub and it SUCKED. This is probably one of the ONLY times that I can say for certain I hated Vic Mignogna's voice. I loved him in Fullmetal Alchemist but I couldn't stand his voice in Vampire Knight. It didn't fit for the image that was Zero. However he was not the worst voice actor in the English production. Yuki and Kaname's voices were the worst! 

Despite the crappy voices, VizMedia actually chose some really good ones. I think that these actors did a great job in matching their voice to the voice of the original Japanese actor. It almost makes them interchangable. 

Aido Hanabusa is played by Bryce Papenbrook in the English dub (remember how I said this was the first time I had EVER heard his voice) and his Japanese counterpart is the amazing Jun Fukuyama. Don't know who that is? He is Mizuiro and Yumichika from Bleach (one of Ichigo's best friends and the 'pretty boy' of squad 11), Keita Ito from Gakuen Heaven (LOVE this damn show and recommend you watch it at least once), Lelouch from Code Geass, Rikei from D. Gray-Man (the brunette from the Asian division that is always getting in trouble), Ayase from Okane ga Nai (yaoi people), Kei from Special A, Grell from Black Butler, Vincent Nightray from Pandora Hearts (Gil's brother), Hakuren Oak from 07-Ghost, Tsukumo-kun from Uraboku! (so damn cute that silver haired beauty....), Yukio from Blue Exorcist, Rikuo Nura from Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan, Yata Misaki from K (I literally screamed when I heard his voice because all I could picture was Hanabusa), Cassim from Magi, Hero from Maoyu (I forgot about this one till I started to watch it again), and Makoto Hanamiya from Kuroko no Basuke. Guys...he's just a great voice actor. Need I truly say more? 

Then we have...

Akatsuki Kain who is played by Troy Baker (Naruto man, Naruto) and his Japanese voice is Junichi Suwabe (FREAKING GRIMMJOW!)

And then... (name the anime)

Senri Shiki who is played by Steve Staley (Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach) and Soichiro Hoshi. This character is probably one of my favorites. I just can't get over it. His relationship with Rima is too cute and he is a model and he....and he...aw man he is just perfect. Plus he gets this dazed look that...I just can't.

Finally, Toga Yagari who is played by Hiroki Yasumoto in Japanese but it is really his English voice that makes me swoon...this actor his voice just...man. I'm telling ya. He has brought to life many a wonderful character. My personal favorites being: Yu Kanda from D. Gray-Man, Roy Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist (both series), Zetsu from Naruto, Mori from Ouran ("Mmm...Mori likes seashells"), Free from Soul Eater, and Kokuto from Bleach Hell Verse. Yep, I am talking about the beautiful man known as Travis Willingham. If you haven't heard this man speak, you are missing out. He just has one of those voices. OH I forgot! He has also recently been cast as Ginjo from Bleach. Yep the antagonist of season 16 is played by this guy. 

Anyway...I totally got off track there. I have a strange addiction to voice actors. I don't think it is healthy and I should probably seek help...but I won't. 

Voice actors aside, the anime wasn't TOO horrible but I certainly do believe that it is aimed at a more Kaname based love than the split love triangle of the original series. Yeah you feel horrible for Zero but you don't get to quite fall in love with him in the anime like you do in the manga. Though if I am 100% honest, I want to just rewrite the whole series all together. I think Zero was screwed out of EVERYTHING while Kaname got it all (and he played the bad guy most of the time!). I won't spoil the ending of the series as it hasn't been released in the US yet, but I will say that if you are a fan you will be sorely disappointed with the...how do I put it, vague ending? It was kind of like she just needed to end it and did. Poorly. I just wish that she had executed the ending better. Kind of like the anime needed to have a better executed ending...like I don't know, involving the kiss between Yuki and Zero or even a continuation. Unfortunately I think it is one of those things where the fan base just isn't there for Vampire Knight to have another season. 

Are you a fan of this series? Do you feel that the anime did it justice? What do you feel was something they left out that was needed to make the series better? Did you read the last volume already? Did it end the way you wanted? Should it have ended differently? Let's talk about it! Leave a comment below or find me on Twitter and we can totally hash this out together. 

So something that I have been tossing around for a while now is...why haven't I spoken about the music that I listen to that inspires things like my writing or my AMV's? Cause if I haven't mentioned it before, I have a specific playlist that I listen to for each and every blog update. If there is a certain feel to the emotion of my writing it was affected by the music I was listening to. That is why I have decided to share with you my 'Anime Inspired Music'. Music that I specifically bought because it reminded me of an anime. 

Let's Begin!

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - Reminds me of Fullmetal Alchemist

 - If you have seen my AMV that I posted on the blog a while ago you will understand what I mean when I say that this song fits. It just really pulls out the emotions and determination in the anime as well as the characters themselves. It's almost like Edward and Alphonse are telling their story in this song. 

Dark Horse by Katy Perry - Reminds me of girls like Rei (HotD), Kurumi (Date A Live), etc. 

- So clearly what this song reminds me of his those headstrong, 'I-know-I'm-Beautiful' girls that take advantage of the men in their lives. They have a strength about them that makes them independent but they are heartbreakers. 

Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent - Reminds me of Naruto

- When I say it reminds me of Naruto, I mean it reminds me of the character Naruto Uzumaki. It has a tone to it that pretty much sums up what Naruto was like before well pretty much before he tamed Kurama. It shows the struggle he has with being shunned as well as the struggle of being tormented by the Kyuubi. 

S.C.A.V.A. by Hollywood Undead - Reminds me of the fantasy shows like Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pandora Hearts, etc. 

- There is just something about this song. It fits SO many anime out there. Pick a fantasy that has some element of darkness no matter how small and you can probably fit this song in there. I once saw an AMV that used a scene from Toradora in a multi-AMV. Yeah, Toradora which is a ROMANCE anime. 

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy - Reminds me of Bleach

- Power. This song reminds me so much of power. Actually a particular fight is what I think of every time. The fight between Ginjo, Ichigo, and Uryuu at the end of the anime. This song really fits for that fight, especially after Ichigo starts whooping Ginjo's ass. 

So Long Sentiment by Celldweller - Reminds me of dark theme shows

- You know that dark show that gives you the chills watching it and you need to have the lights on?  You know that part of the show that is dark and twisted, that draws you in and makes you start to feel as if you are sharing the same pain with the character? Yeah this is the song that makes me think of that moment. The song is talking about loneliness and pain. Plus there is an instrumental part during the chorus that reminds me of the opening credit of Uraboku. 

Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin - Reminds me of D. Gray-Man

- This song pretty much represents the entire story of D. Gray-Man in my mind. The "you" that they sing about is pretty much any of the characters involved with the Black Order and sometimes the "you" is the Earl. The "I" and "we" is Allen. The "him" and "devil" is totally the Earl. Just...I can't really explain it. If you know D. Gray-Man and listen to this song you will get it. 

Headstrong by Trapt - Reminds me of characters like Naruto and Ichigo and Rin

- Naruto Uzumaki, Rin Okumura, and Ichigo Kurosaki are all characters that come to mind when I think of headstrong characters that just don't know when to give up. They all have their own personal struggles but they are willing to fight. 

Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars - Reminds me of characters like Naruto and Ichigo

- Naruto and Ichigo have nearly gone to hell and back to fight for what they believe in. Naruto has chased after his best friend no matter how many times people beat him down. Ichigo took on the entire Soul Society to save a girl he knew for 2 months because they were punishing her for doing the right thing. This song really brings out those emotions. 

I'm Back by Dope - Reminds me of recurring bad guys like Madara

- Plain and simple all I can think of when I hear this song is Madara Uchiha. I don't know why. It's almost like this song is him laughing in your face saying that he is indestructible. 

Eat You Up by BoA - Reminds me of strong lead females

- For the most part one thing most anime lack is a strong female character. That is probably why I like Bleach, Naruto, D. Gray-Man, and Fullmetal Alchemist so much. They all have at least one female character who is strong. Don't get me wrong I am by no means a feminist, but I am a girl and I do like to see us women represented as something other than sappy girls or crazy psychos. This song really helps to show that strength but at the same time a girl can have feelings of lust and love. 

Brothers by Vic Mignogna - Fullmetal Alchemist (reason this one is in here is that it was never an official song from the series just something Vic got to do)

- This song literally is Edward Elric singing to Alphonse. 

Angel with a Shotgun by The Cab - Reminds me of Angel Beats and shows like that

- This song really brings out the desperation to overcome a problem in order to be with the one you love.
When the Darkness Comes by Colbie Caillat - Reminds me of bonds between friends like Naruto and Sakura, Ichigo and Rukia, Allen and Lenalee

- What the characters I selected have in common is that there is a darkness in all of them. Naruto and Sakura have lost their best friend but Naruto has a further darkness that Sakura learns of and starts to help him overcome. Ichigo and Rukia have both been hurt by sad pasts but Ichigo has a harder time due to his struggle against Aizen and his varying powers. Rukia is always on Ichigo's side even when they are separated for a while. Allen and Lenalee have both been affected by the Earl but Allen is struggling more so because of his connection with Nea. Lenalee tries her hardest to save Allen. This song just pulls out the feelings and amplifies them. It only fits though for bonds between friends that share darkness. 

You're Going Down by Sick Puppies - Reminds me of the fights between Naruto and Sasuke

- In all honesty, all I can say is: this song fits for EVERY fight between Naruto and Sasuke. (Including the fight that was exclusive to the clothing commercial where Sasuke gained the new Sharingan and Naruto was in full Sage mode)

Busy Bein Born by Middle Class Rut - Reminds me of Bleach

- This song IS Bleach. That's really all I can say. There is no two ways about it. Listen to this song and you can see Bleach. It's a representation of the pressure that everything from his first meeting with Rukia to his final battle with Ginjo does to Ichigo. 

Remember the Name by Fort Minor - Reminds me of Naruto

- This song fits for each different character and their ability to gain more power. Though it more represents Naruto who puts in the most effort and gains the most while also losing the most. 

The Red by Chevelle - Reminds me of Naruto 

- This song literally is Naruto's anthem. 

We're All to Blame by Sum41 - Reminds me of Bleach, Naruto, Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist, D. Gray-man, etc. 

- I know I haven't shown you this AMV and I may at some point, but this song just fits for all of my favorites. I think I will add it into my next update of Kat's Anime Corner on YouTube, like a snippet or something. I really just can't put into words how this song fits. It is just a feeling. 

We Are by Hollywood Undead - Reminds me of characters like Ichigo, Naruto, Edward, Alphonse, Sasuke, etc.

- This song is a verbal representation of once again the darkness in the main characters like Ichigo, Naruto, Sasuke, Edward, Alphonse, and the many others out there. 

Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy by Tata Young - Reminds me of Junjo Romatica (funny story behind it)

- There is a story behind this song and why I can't help but think of Junjo Romantica with it. I was looking for AMV about the series because well that's just what I do. I look at AMV's about anime that I'm into. Well I came across not just one but SEVERAL videos labeled Sexy, Naughty, Misaki or Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy, Misaki. Naturally my curiosity was peaked so I watched them all. I just now can't think of anything of then Misaki and Usagi-san. If you are brave enough, I say you should look up those videos. Be warned though...it is a yaoi video. 

Dead Bite by Hollywood Undead - Reminds me of K

- This song has a story behind it too. I was just getting into the K anime and I was at work one day wanting to watch the show again. Mind you this was back when I had a Galaxy S 4G (first generation Samsung Galaxy...woot woot *sarcasm* jk I loved that phone), well it wasn't up to date enough to support the HuluPlus app so I had to watch anime on YouTube. Well someone had uploaded the first episode of K but to prevent infringement they had changed the opening credit song. They used Dead Bite by Hollywood Undead (their newest single at the time) and it fit! I loved it, so now I hear this song and think of the opening credit of K. 

Hello Fascination by Breathe Carolina - Reminds me of Death Note

- When I say this song reminds me of Death Note, I mean it reminds me of the characters of Death Note like Light who become so obsessed and can think of nothing but that. This show is really all about obsession and this song kind of boosts that feel. 

Blackout by Breathe Carolina - Reminds me of characters like Blank

- Blank is one of my favorite duos right now. This song really brings out the strength in these weak-seeming characters. No matter how lazy they are they give their all. This song really shows that motivation not just in Blank but other characters just like them. 

Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Krutch - Reminds me of Naruto (especially Minato and Naruto as well as Sasuke)

- If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the video I posted of Minato to this song. It still stands. Like We're All To Blame you really just need to see this video. I will probably post this one too. 

War of Change by Thousand Foot Krutch - Reminds me of Naruto (especially Naruto, Itachi, and Sasuke)

- Just watch my AMV. [link]

We Own It (Fast & Furious) by 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa - Reminds me of characters like Naruto, Minato, Ichigo, etc. Characters that sacrifices everything just to try.

- This song is about sacrificing everything for your family and putting your life on the line for what you believe in. It fits for characters who do just that and put it all on the line just to say that they tried...even if it means dying. 

I am certain you all have experienced this. When you are listening to the radio or music on your iPod and suddenly a song reminds you of something. Well I have compiled a list of music that reminds me of certain anime. This isn't everything and there are reasons behind them. I just want to share with you my thoughts and hope you start to think more deeply about the music and correlation to the things in your life. As I have said before music means everything to me and I am always incorporating it into everything I do. I just hope that you all appreciate the choices that I have made and can agree in some manner. 

Is there a song you listen to that reminds you of an anime?

So guys...it's that time once again. I know what you're thinking, I apologize profusely that I forgot to post a picture to Instagram of this week's character. I HAVE THE PICTURES AND EVERYTHING! I am so disappointed with myself. I have been super busy and I have been having really bad days. I will try to keep up on this. 

This week I chose a character who has been very near and dear to me since April. 

Tatsuya Shiba

Yep this handsome devil from The Irregular at Magic High School. 

The reason I chose him? He is mysterious. We really don't know too much about him. In the latest episode he was called Miyuki's Bodyguard and it is hinted that there is something about his military past that we don't know 100% about. 

Speaking of Miyuki...I am so curious as to what their relationship is! I mean seriously have you seen the way she clings to him and he allows it! Plus the opening credit hints at her having been injured when they were younger. Plus they are really close to the same age so are they even related. So many questions that remain unanswered. 

Another reason for choosing Shiba is that he is a really strong character. He trains with a ninja and he is extremely smart in magic (even if he isn't good at the practical side). 

There is only so much that I can take before I lose my damn mind over this guy! I just want my questions answered. We shall see, there are still several weeks left in the spring anime run. Crossing my fingers that it will be a long running show.  I wanna see more of Tatsuya. 

Want a character of your choice to appear in Character of the Week? Contact me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram using the #characteroftheweek and tagging me in it. I am always open to suggestions. 

So last week I never wrote up a review of the chapters of Bleach and Naruto. Not this week. So I say farewell to those who do not want to read on. Now for those of you who are stepping into this dark world. Welcome. 



Madara has appeared with Zetsu having taken over Obito's body and Madara has Obito's Rinnegan. Sakura then decides that she doesn't want to stand behind Naruto and Sasuke anymore. She unleashes her power that Tsunade granted her. She released the Mitotic Regeneration. Team 7 launches their first attack on Madara. Naruto and Sasuke run in to help Sakura and they discover that he has created even more shadows. Sakura then receives a shock when she learns that Sasuke has a Rinnegan as well. Madara creates 'rain drops' of rock using Chibaku Tensei. Naruto and Sasuke destroy it with Bijuudama Rasenshuriken and Susanoo, respectively. Madara's third eye opens up and he casts Infinite Tsukuyomi. 

Scary...I just hope that team 7 can find a way out of this dilemma like they always do. It's so scary that Madara is gaining so much power. I have a feeling though that the Hermit Sage isn't going to take this too lightly. I mean look what he did for Naruto and Sasuke. Those three have something up their sleeve. I just can't figure it out yet. 


Guys...to be honest after reading the last page of this chapter I forgot everything that happened....notice something missing from this? Anything at all? At the end of chapter 580 after Kenpachi and members of squad 11 get their asses handed to them by a group of girls, a mysterious burst appears in the sky. The spiritual pressure coming from this blast is enough to shock the female Quincy who were just beating up the toughest squad in the Soul Society. Yep...I think my dream has finally been answered. I believe Ichigo is finally back. Phew. I won't know for sure until next Wednesday but seriously guys...I am EXCITED! I just can't even think of anything else to say for this...

So that is it for this week. I hope you liked it because next week will be just as awesome PLUS I am making a few announcements about June and July. Keep your eyeballs peeled for that to hit the interwebs. 

See you guys next week. 

Ja ne. 
xx Kat


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