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Hey guys. It's May. Just a little bit longer and it will be Summer. Can you believe it? Neither can I. I mean seriously, these last couple of months have gone by with ridiculous speed. So fun fact for you all. As you obviously know I post on Sunday's...well my birthday just so happens to fall onto a Sunday this year. So keep your eyes peeled for the special update.

Now as you probably know by now, I spend a lot of time on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instgram. Probably more than I care to admit. However there were two pictures this week that I saw on Twitter that had me rolling. One was very comical while the other spurred a reaction that I feel embarrassed to talk about. Here they are:

I know right? Pain and Light Yagami from Death Note, and Naruto all grown up...

Okay moving on.

Fantasy is a genre that I have loved since my childhood. There is no limit to what you can find. This list is just a few of the fantasy anime out there. It is a huge world and we all love Fantasy. It helps us step out of our every day life and step into a world that only exists in our imagination.

07- Ghost

Astarotte's Toy

Attack on Titan

Blast of Tempest

Blue Exorcist

Broken Blade


Demon King Daimao

Fairy Tail

Fortune Arterial

Hiiro no Kakera

Magical Warfare



Naruto Shippuden

Pandora Hearts

Sword Art Online

The Pilot's Love Song

The World Is Still Beautiful


Witch Craft Works

Blast of Tempest - I've spoken of this anime before but it is definitely a good one to start out with. Especially if you love Shakespeare and Literature and Magic and HOLY CRAP I just freaking love it.

Now don't judge me, but I love Hiiro no Kakera. I watched it just before season 2 started then all of season 2 as it aired. There is just something about this supernatural romance that drew me in.

I wonder.

Truly do.


Seriously though. there is an element to this that feels slightly different than most of this nature. 

Naruto Shippuden - okay so I won't say a lot but I will say: you don't NEED to watch Naruto first. I didn't and I am perfectly fine. I know all the same things, I just probably don't have as much hate for characters like Sasuke, Sakura, Hinata, etc as those who have been around since Naruto. I don't mind. 

Now this next one this equation is all you need to know. Wizard of Oz + Alice in Wonderland = Pandora Hearts. Enough said.

I am 100% honest when I sway that I recommend these shows for you to watch. If I feel such intense love for them I want to share that with you all and hope you experience the same emotions. 

Moving on.

You probably remember when I said a few weeks ago that I wouldn't be reviewing Naruto Shippuden because I wanted to do a mass review of the Kakashi ANBU arc...well here is that review. 

Taking a temporary break from the war, the creators have transported us back in time. At first you scoff and wonder why you are seeing the same thing you've seen several times before. That isn't true. This time we go into seeing how Kakashi went from the cold Jonin child to the cold ANBU captain to the sensei of Squad Seven. For the most part you get a behind the scenes look at things that happened before the story. 

It starts out with a  look into Minato's team (stuff we've seen before). However it then goes beyond that. We go into depth about Kakashi's nightmares over Rin and Obito as well as how he tries to cope with their death's. We learn about Minato becoming Hokage and appointing Kakashi to his personal ANBU. Then we learn about Kakashi being assigned to guard pregnant Kushina. Then it goes to show about the inside look of Kakashi and Sandaime's POV of that night. Then it explains the relationship between Kakashi and Itachi. We are also granted an inside look at what went down with the Uchiha's. Then after Kakashi was appointed to being a Jonin instructor at the recommendation of Gai, Asuma, Kurenai, and Sandaime. It shows how big an influence Kakashi has on everyone as well as his internal guilt. The last episode is the start of team seven. From there...we know the story. 

I personally loved this arc because it helped to show the relationship Kakashi has with everyone and gives you an insight into what helped to start the ethics in Squad Seven. There may be a deeper meaning to why they decided to do this arc, but until we get to the end of the series, I doubt we will know what the meaning is. It's also fun now to go back and watch parts of the show knowing what inspired certain events. Have you ever noticed that Kakashi always puts himself up against Itachi? Now we know why. He feels guilty. It also makes you question if that is why he favored Sasuke so much, because he felt guilty over not saving Itachi. Then it also brings into question why he avoided Naruto so much. Was that guilt as well? Kakashi definitely was influenced a ton by past guilt.

What are your thoughts on this arc? Did you like it? Did you hate it? What questions are brought to mind by this arc? Let me know. Maybe we can discuss it some more. 

It is the time you have all been waiting for. 

Every week I post some picture hints on Instagram and Tumblr with the #characteroftheweek. Then I ask you to guess before I post on Sunday. 

This week's character is: 

Tsunade Senju from the Naruto Franchise. 

Did you guess right? 

The Godaime Hokage and granddaughter of the Shodaime Hokage.

She is unlucky particularly with the men in her life (with the exception of one man).

- Nawaki was her younger brother who dreamed of becoming Hokage like their grandfather but he was killed in action. It was because of Nawaki that Tsunade started the Medical Ninjas. He wore the Shodaime's necklace before his death.

- Dan was Tsunade's lover who dreamed of becoming Hokage. He helped her with starting the Medical Ninjas but was killed in action and was unable to be saved by Tsunade. He wore the Shodaime's necklace before his death.

- Orochimaru was one of her teammates. He left the village after he got caught doing illegal experiments and performing forbidden jutsu. He joined the Akatsuki and led his sensei to his death. He tried to destroy Konoha and helped Sasuke go Rogue. He tried to take advantage of Tsunade and he was known as one of the Legendary Sannin. He was killed by Sasuke and then resurrected by Sasuke so he could bring back the four Hokage.

- Jiraya was one of her teammates and her love after Dan. Though they never actually had a relationship, the feelings were mutual but never acted upon. Jiraya was the reason that Naruto was able to convince her to become the Godaime Hokage. He helped her fight off Orochimaru. He was like her advisor of sorts when he was in the village. She didn't want to send him off to the Hidden Rain to do recon on Pain but she had no choice because he played with her emotions. She feels guilty to this day that he died.

- Naruto Uzumaki is the reason she is Hokage. She sees Naruto as a grandson of sorts and she sees him as her successor. He is the only man that she has given the Shodaime's necklace to who hasn't died. Unfortunately the necklace was shattered when he was fighting Pain. Naruto is very close to Tsunade and they have both worked to get each other out of trouble and backed the other up through thick and thin.

Her closest companions are Shizune and TonTon. Her only student is Sakura. She is sort of the only family Naruto has left now. She has a gambling and drinking problem but is very dedicated to those around her.

Naruto is the only one of the men in her life that hasn't "died because of her". It is partly because he is an Uzumaki and partly because he is the Jinchuriki of Kurama.

Tsunade also has the ability of Mitotic Regeneration. She uses the ability to help out the civilians of Konoha after Pain's attack and again after she was cut in half by Madara Uchiha during the war. She can summon slugs and is known as the 'Slug Princess'. Katsuyu can access Tsunade's regeneration if she choses.

Tsunade has passed her abilities onto Sakura. She was one of the Three Legendary Sannin. She was in love with Dan and Jiraya.

I am so interested to see how Tsunade fairs at the end of this war. Will she survive to be able to pass on the torch to Naruto or will she lose her life along side the countless others? Let's see how this develops.

And that's it!

I know what you are thinking. Why is she ending it now? Well there was no new Naruto, Bleach, or Naruto Shippuden. I know. Sucks. Let me help you feel better.

Isn't that cute?!?! I drew that at work on Saturday. It's young Naruto and young Kurama.

FUN FACT: I am writing this update while listening to the Soundtrack to Fast & Furious 6. Don't judge me. >.<

FUN FACT TAKE TWO: This blog has hit over 400 views. You all rock!

So this is farewell.

See you all next week.

Ja ne!
xx Kat


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