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Hey guys. Sorry that this is so late. As it is the only free days I have to do homework are Sundays and Wednesdays. Plus I needed to go buy new glasses (I am blind as hell btw) and that takes an hour to do. Then I found out that I had thrown away (by accident) my movie review I wrote for this update. All in all, I have had a shitty week. First week of school? First week of hell. Welcome to adulthood. In case you haven't figured it out, I hate homework. So much. I can't wait till I am done. Okay, you didn't come here to hear me bitch about school. Let's get on with this update.

Movie review time! It was only a matter of time before I reviewed this movie. Plus it gives great segue into my next segment. This time around I am reviewing Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower.

Team Kakashi is on a mission to catch Mukade a puppeteer who is out to change history. Unable to capture him in time, Mukade unleashes the "Ryumyaku" by removing the Yondaime's seal and the chakra released "wipes out" Mukade, Naruto, and Yamato. In truth Naruto finds himself transported back in time. He meets Sara who is the Queen of the city Roran and helps to discover Mukade's plan for this Queen and her city.

The coolest part of this movie is that it could fit into the story. It really could. The time line places the story after Pain's attack on Konoha (Naruto knows that Minato is his father and Jiraya is already dead) but before the Five Kage Summit Arc. It really is a mission plus Minato, young Kakashi, Yamato, Sara, Naruto, and all the other people from the past who were involved had their memory erased.

I love this movie because it is always fun to see Naruto and Minato work side by side as it isn't something you get to see until Road to Ninja and the latest arc of Shippuden. Not only is the story an eye catcher but Takanashi Yasuharu outdoes himself in this beautiful score. It is funny how I never saw before this movie that Takanashi Yasuharu also did the score for Fairy Tail but his songs for this movie are so similar to the ones he does for the much beloved anime series.

Speaking of music, can we talk about the ending song? I know I have said it before but the ending song for Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower is by far one of my favorite songs ever. If by Nishino Kana is a beautiful song and a fitting way to end a beautiful movie.

I give this movie a 9.5 out of 10. (I would have given it a 10 if Naruto and Minato actually had the chance to talk...but I get why they didn't so time wouldn't change...)

What do you think about Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost Tower? Do you prefer a different Naruto movie? Let me know and maybe I will talk about that one.

Sorry that review wasn't as in detail as the other ones, but like I said I lost my actual review and plus I didn't want to do a separate section for this movie. Anyway...moving on.

So a few weeks ago I did an update with my top ten favorite openings from anime. Well I have decided to do my top ten favorite endings from anime.

1. "Gekko Symphonia" by AKINO & AIKI from Aquarion EVOL - Ending 1
2. "FANTASTIC TUNE" by Kensho Ono from Kuroko no Basuke - Ending 4
3. "Tokohana" by Nagi Yanagi from Black Bullet
4. "Be As One" by w-inds. from Fairy Tail - Ending 6
5. "Sakurabito" by SunSet Swish from Bleach - Ending 21
6. "Bakuso Yume Uta" by Diggy-MO' from Soul Eater - Ending 3
7. "Black Night Town" by Akihisa Kondo from Naruto Shippuden - Ending 27
8. "String of Pain" by Tetsuya Kakihara from Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East - Ending 1
9. "Antoinetteblue" by Nana Kitade from D. Gray-Man - Ending 4
10. "Wired Life" by Meisa Kuroki from Blue Exorcist - Ending 2

*FUN FACT: Kensho Ono is the main character Tetsuya Kuroko's seiyu of the show he sings for and Tetsuya Kakihara is the main character Shino Inuzuka's seiyu (though he is more famously known for his character Natsu Dragoneel) of the show he sings for*

Honorable Mentions
*NOTE: These aren't in any particular order it's just easier to number them
1. "SPLASH FREE!" by Style Five from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - Ending 1
2. "Nageki no Oto" by KOKIA from Broken Blade - Ending 2
3. "Celiane" by GABRIELA ROBIN from Aquarion - Ending 3
4. "Millenario" by ELISA from The Irregular at Magic High School - Ending 1
5. "For You" by AZU from Naruto Shippuden - Ending 14
6. "Bring It On!!!" by DEV PARADE from Naruto Shippuden - Ending 8
7. "Deep Breathing" by SUPER BEAVER from Naruto Shippuden - Ending 9
8. "Freedom" by HOME MADE KAZOKU from Naruto Shippuden - Ending 17

This was actually a lot harder than I thought it was going to be. But nothing was as hard as the list I am about to give you. As promised...

Top Fairy Tail Openings

1. "STRIKE BACK" by BACK-ON (Opening 16 - episodes 189 to 203)

2. "MASAYUME CHASING" by BoA (Opening 15 - episodes 176 to 188)

3. "The Rock City Boy" by JAMIL (Opening 8 - episodes 86 to 98)

4. "Fairy Tail ~Yakusoku no Hi~ (Fairy Tail - Promised Day)" by Chihiro Yonekura (Opening 14 - episodes 167 to 175)

5. "Towa no Kizuna (Everlasting Bond)" by DaisyxDaisy ft. Another Infinity (Opening 9 - episodes 99 to 111)

6. "R.P.G ~Rockin' Playing Game" by SuG (Opening 4 - episodes 36 to 48)

7. "Ft." by Funkist (Opening 3 - episodes 25 to 35)

8. "Fiesta" by +Plus (Opening 6 - episodes 61 to 72)

9. "I Wish" by Milky Bunny (Opening 10 - episodes 112 to 124)

10. "Break through" by GOING UNDER GROUND (Opening 13 - episodes 151 to 166)

11. "The Starting Sky" by +Plus (Opening 11 - episodes 125 to 137)

12. "Evidence" by DaisyxDaisy (Opening 7 - episodes 73 to 85)

13. "Egao no Mahou (Magic Smile)" by Magic Party (Opening 5 - episodes 49 to 60)

14. "Tenohira" by HERO (Opening 12 - episodes 138 to 150)

15. "Sense of Wonder" by Idoling!!! (Opening 2 - episodes 12 to 24)

16. "Snow Fairy" by Funkist (Opening 1 - episodes 1 to 11)

Then starting October 17th (October 18th in Japan) is the 17th Opening for Fairy Tail "Mysterious Magic" by Do As Infinity. Be prepared. 

Can I just say that this was one of the hardest things to do? I thought sorting Naruto and Bleach was hard. Nope. This was harder. I have liked ALL of the Fairy Tail OP's. See look! These are my notes from the Openings. 

Next to the OP I have an arrow pointing up or down, an arrow with a minus, or a star. This helped to narrow things down a bit.

That's a lot of tough thinking. It took me like two hours to figure that all out. I even had the OP's playing in a playlist on YouTube. Ugh. 

What is your favorite Fairy Tail Opening? Do you agree with my list? Would you put them into a different order? Let me know! I would love to see not only your list for this but for Naruto, Bleach, Top 10 Openings, and Top 10 Endings. I'd love to compare and discuss our reasons!

So for time sake, here is where I will end this blog. I apologize once again. I promise that I will try harder to post on time, I just need to readjust my schedule now that I am working at a clinic for my internship and have a massive amount of homework for my review class. So next week you will be getting a double dose of Character of the Week and the Naruto and Bleach manga review. 

Again I am sorry. 

Have a great week and keep reading. 

See you next time. 
Ja ne! 

xx Kat


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