Update 1/11/15

Hey guys! Did you enjoy your first week back in school? No? I don't blame you. I feel so out of touch being busy again because I have been doing nothing but anime stuff. Doing adult stuff like work is tiring. Speaking of anime stuff...for Cyber Week (I believe) Crunchyroll had a deal on Mystery Bags for certain series (these were limited edition). I decided to partake in this deal and bought the Naruto Mystery Bag. I finally received the bag on Wednesday and this is what was inside. (My little sister was with me when I opened it...she was as excited as I was).

A black Crunchyroll messenger bag (limited edition)

Itachi Plushie ($19.95)

Sasuke Mouse Pad (not available)

Gamachan Wristband (not available)

Kakashi Keychain (not available)

Fall 2014 Anime

Fall was a big time – anime wise. I had started out watching fifteen shows and ended up finishing twelve shows for the season (losing interest in only three shows is awesome). Some were continued from the summer season while other will continue into the winter season. Let’s take a peek at my thoughts on the shows I watched. 

Akame ga Kill (complete): I give it an 9/10. The show was depressing and didn’t follow the manga, however it was amazing. I would recommend it (and did). 

Laughing Under the Clouds (complete): I give it an10/10. Thumbs are way up on this show which simulcast in both Japanese AND English. 

Akatsuki no Yona (cont’d in winter): This ongoing show is decent and so far has followed the manga pretty closely. 
Lord Marksman and Vanadis (complete): I give this series an 9/10. I feel like it is incomplete and deserves a second season. 

Sword Art Online (complete): I give this series 11/10. First, I wish they would continue because this is an amazing and beautiful world. Second, did he propose in the end? (I will so be doing a review of this show later this year).

Sailor Moon Crystal (cont’d in winter): This ongoing show has A TON of cliffhanger endings. 

Naruto Shippuden (cont’d in winter): One word describes this show…Madara. Enough said. 

Orenchi no Furo Jijo (complete): I give it an 8/10. I am unsure what genre to call it: yaoiShonen-aiBromance?

Trinity Seven (complete): I give it an 8/10 for one reason and one reason only…the show is incomplete! The manga is amazing and I would so root for a season two. 

Fairy Tail (cont’d in winter): Want to know what my thoughts on this latest arc of the series? Are you caught up? Read the spoiler section. I’ll give you my thoughts. 

When Supernatural Battle Becomes Common Place (complete): I give this show a 7/10 because I want MORE!! Yet another series left feeling incomplete. 

Gonna be the Twin-Tails! (complete): I give this series an 8/10 because it was a good show and it was very funny. I would seriously recommend it.

Winter 2015 Anime

Rolling over into winter now, I have an idea of what I am watching but it isn’t 100% yet. Here’s what I have so far. Will you be watching any of these? What will your anime schedule be like? 

Absolute Duo (FUNimation) @ 1PM

Akatsuki no Yona (FUNimation/Crunchyroll) @ 10AM

The Testament of Sister New Devil (Crunchyroll) @ 1PM

Naruto Shippuden (Crunchyroll) @ 5AM
Tokyo Ghoul √A (FUNimation) @ 11AM
Saekano –How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend- (Crunchyroll) @ 12:30PM


- Fairy Tail (Crunchyroll/FUNimation) @ 8PM (CR) & 9PM (FUN)
- Assassination Classroom (FUNimation) @ 12:20PM

- Sailor Moon Crystal (Crunchyroll) @ 4AM
- Aldnoah.Zero (Crunchyroll) @ 11:30AM
- Kuroko no Basuke (Daisuki)

- World Break (FUNimation/Crunchyroll) @ 11:05AM (FUN) & 12:05PM (CR)

Anime I Have Seen

As far as I am concerned, I have a highly addictive personality and shouldn't be allowed to get hobbies. I have been watching anime for almost four years now. My best friend who has been into anime FOR YEARS has said that I surpass her as an otaku...yeah, welcome to my life. So this is what I have watched. I don't know if it is EVERYTHING plus it is missing anime that I have watched over the last few months....so bear with me. 

1. 07-Ghost
2. 11 Eyes
3. A Dark Rabbit Has Seven Lives
4. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
5. Ai No Kusabi
6. Akame ga Kill!
7. Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
8. Amagami SS
9. Angel Beats!
10. Ano Natsu de Matteru
11. Aquarion
12. Aquarion EVOL
13. Astarotte’s Toy
14. Beyond the Boundary
15. Black Blood Brothers
16. Black Bullet
17. Black Butler
18. Black Cat
19. Bladedance of Elementalers
20. Blast of Tempest
21. Bleach
22. Blue Exorcist
23. Brave 10
24. Broken Blade
25. Brothers Conflict
26. Campione!
27. Chrome Shelled Regios
28. Clannad
29. Clannad After Story
30. Code Geass
31. D. Gray-Man
32. Dance in the Vampire Bund
33. Date a Live
34. Death Note
35. Demon King Daimao
36. Diabolik Lovers
37. Dragon Crisis
38. Dragonar Academy
39. DRAMAtical Murder
40. Durarara!
41. Elfen Lied
42. Engaged to the Unidentified
43. Fairy Tail
44. Fortune Arterial
45. Free! 
46. Fruits Basket
47. Fullmetal Alchemist
48. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
49. Gakuen Heaven
50. Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun
51. Gravitation
52. Gurren Lagann
53. Haganai
54. Haganai NEXT
55. Haiyoru! Nyaruani
56. Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
57. Hakuoki
58. Hetalia Axis Powers
59. Hetalia World Series
60. Hey, Class President!
61. Highschool DxD
62. Highschool of the Dead
63. Hiiro no Kakera
64. Ikoku OroKoi Romantan
65. Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san
66. Inuyasha
67. IS: Infinite Stratos
68. Junjo Romantica
69. Jyu-oh-Sei!
70. K
71. Kamigami no Asobi
72. Karneval
73. Kaze no Stigma
74. Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
75. Kirepapa
76. Kuroko no Basuke
77. La Corda D’oro
78. Love Stage!!
79. Love, Election, and Chocolate
80. Loveless
81. Magi
82. Magical Warfare
83. Maid-sama
84. Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
85. Mirai Nikki
86. Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun
87. My Little Monster
88. Myself; Yourself
89. Naruto
90. Naruto Shippuden
91. Nisekoi
92. No Game No Life
93. No. 6
94. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu
95. Noragami
96. Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan
97. Nyan Koi!
98. Nyarko-san: Another Crawling Chaos
99. Okane Ga Nai
100. One Piece
101. Onee-chan ga Kita
102. Oreshura
103. Ouran High School Host Club
104. Pandora Hearts
105. Papa to Kiss in the Dark
106. Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~
107. Princess Lover
108. Qwaser of Stigmata
109. Recently, My Sister is Unusual
110. Rosario + Vampire
111. Rumbling Hearts
112. Sailor Moon
113. Sailor Moon Crystal
114. Sands of Destruction
115. Say “I Love You”
116. Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi
117. Sekirei
118. Sensitive Pornograph
119. Shuffle
120. Soul Eater
121. Strange+
122. Strike the Blood
123. Sukisho
124. Suzuka
125. Sword Art Online
126. Tears to Tiara
127. The Devil is a Part-Timer!
128. The Irregular at Magic High School
129. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
130. The Pilot’s Love Song
131. The Tyrant Falls in Love
132. The World is Still Beautiful
133. This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
134. Tight Rope
135. Togainu no Chi
136. Tokyo ESP
137. Tokyo Ravens
138. Toradora
139. Uraboku
140. Vampire Knight
141. Viewfinder
142. Witch Craft Works
143. Z/X Ignition

Like I said, not everything is on there. Like I am missing Haikyuu! and most of the fall shows. Plus at some point I will need to add in the winter shows. Also don't forget that this doesn't include movies, ova, or live action. This is purely the anime I have seen. Over four years....I have a problem. 

What shows have you seen? Are your lists as extensive as mine? If not more or less? Let me know. 

Random Recommendation

Here you go. This random thing. 

Since there is no Bleach this week making this a short blog, I have decided to share with you one of my favorite YouTube videos. It is relevant because it is animated AND it features Attack on Titan's Levi. Enjoy. 

Character of the Week

Soramaru Kumo. The second Kumo brother from Laughing Under the Clouds. 
The middle ground between his brothers. He acts his age when he is relaxed otherwise he is very serious and mature about his job. 
He is determined to surpass his big brother Tenka. 
About halfway through the series he becomes even more evolved (not spoiling). 
He also has romantic? interest in a beautiful girl he met at the prison. 
Plus his voice actor is Yuki Kaji. 
Soramaru can do no wrong in my book. 

Spoiler Section

Spoiler Alert - Read at your own Risk - Spoiler Alert 

Fairy Tail

New Fairy Tail episode = disappointment. I am really not impressed with this arc anymore. It was cool in the beginning but now? Not so much. So instead of hating on the show...let's talk about that new OP. First that song is really catchy. I am loving the JPop sound. Second: 

(all images are screen shots from www.crunchyroll.com/fairy-tail)

So much HOT! Gray...Natsu...Laxus...hell even Erza is hot! 

Now this OP also shows that we can expect an ending soon from this arc but it also hints at a new filler arc that involves some cute fluffy thing and Rogue and another cute fluffy thing...I mean Sting. 

What do you guys thing of the new OP? Love it? Hate it? 

Well that is it for this week. I am off to get my hair dyed by my aunt and eat some delicious Chinese food. (If you follow me on Instagram, you will certainly see some pictures). 

Until then!

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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