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Hey guys. So I totally lied. I wound up having so much homework that I had to do on Thursday (my day off) and I had to give my dogs a bath...then I had no time to do a thing. I truly wish I could have done two updates but I didn't get to. So instead. Here we are. A new update that has little to nothing to do with last week. Like always. As I sit in my room on my laptop listening to my old iPod playlist from high school (the last time that my iPod was on was June 6th of 2008...the date & time told me) and hide from my mom who wants me to let her clean my room to suit her instead of me. Yeah, even an adult is pestered by their parents. So don't think it magically stops when you turn 18. You are a child in your parents' eyes for the rest of your life. But you aren't here for life advice. Let's start this update.


Haru: "Hmm f-fu-fu-free. This is getting ridiculous we need a tutor or something."
Gou: "Haru I know you can't read."
Haru's head: "She's on to us. Wait push her in the pool."
Haru: "Yes I can."
Gou: "What does this piece of paper say then?"
Haru: "It's a training regiment."
Gou: "Nice try but this is my Supernatural fan fiction. Makoto and Rei are reading the training regiment."
Makoto: "And then Crowley handcuffed Dean to the chair."

- 50% Off Episode 11: The Flyin' Hawaiian

Since high school (like 2007-2008), I have read fan fiction. I have even written fan fiction. However, I am not here to talk about that. I am here to highlight a few of my recent favorites. To share them with you and see what your opinions are.

Grimm Fairy Tail by BelleDayNight

"Levy received an enchanted book for payment on a job. As she's showing it off to her friends at lunch, it transports Lucy, Gray, Levy, and Gajeel into Grimm's Fairy Tales. Can they survive this mystical world where every new chapter brings a new danger?"

Pairing: Gray & Lucy, Levy & Gajeel

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: Guys...just think...Fairy Tail mixed with fairy tales! There is nothing more to say. 

The Man Behind the Red Mask by Chrys Stone

"Lucy gets an invitation that most people would kill for, and it leads to an unexpected encounter. Suddenly she finds herself obsessed with the mystery of just why Rufus wears that damn mask all the time. Will she get a chance to find out, or will Yukino's warning scare her off? She'll get her answer sooner than she thinks, and maybe something else she hadn't counted on."

Pairing: Rufus & Lucy

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: This new story (started on December 31st) is actually kind of amazing. I never would have thought of a Lucy and Rufus pairing...but somehow it works. Keep it up!

Sugar on Top by lunatrancy

"Modern Sugary Daddy Au! Eren is a typical struggling college student. One night he runs into a handsome stranger. But when this stranger starts to casually throw money at him, Eren comes to an agreement: having a pampering sugar daddy may not be the worst thing. Levi/Eren with some Jean/Eren (it's riren-centric though). Rated M for language and smut."

Pairing: Levi & Eren

Status: Complete

Thoughts: I got so attached to these characters. Even though you know them in their AoT persona, this AU of the same characters makes you love them in a whole new light. I even cried...a lot reading it. 

Abandoned Hearts by HannieB123 

"Life threw all it had at her, but he seemed to always be there when she was falling, they didn't know each other very well, but they were starting to, her heart was filling with life again, her laughter coming back, his hope for the future was bright as he held her in his arms. He wouldn't let her be alone anymore, he would do anything to make her smile...Please Review!"

Pairing: Lucy & Sting

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: So the beginning is very slow going and hard to get in to, but once you push past the first chapter or two you get to the good stuff. Lucy and Sting slowly grow to love one another and I can't help but fall with them. I cannot wait to see how this story ends. 

Hero or Monster by Mr AnimeKidd

"One man's evil is another's salvation. 'Death to all enemies of heaven.' - Bringer of Hope." 

Pairing: Naruto & Anko & Mei

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: Read it. Simple enough. Just go read it. 

Married to My Boss: Revised by Usami-Sensei

"Sasuke Uchiha is a twenty-one year old, single father. His son has been raised with the love, care and wealth of his family. Yet having an absent mother, his son has learned that wealth can not fill the void his mother left empty. Although, there is one person who easily fills that void, Uzumaki Naruto, his best friend. His done might be the perfect mother. Yaoi. Psychological."

Pairing: Naruto & Sasuke

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: I never read the original, but I am really liking this. It is very interesting, though a fair warning that the psychological part stems from a character who has a mental illness. At times it is uncomfortable to read but that just means that this author does a great job of putting you in that character's head. 

The Worst Shift by CapturedByNoodles

"A decorated officer of the court, with a police record as immaculate as his badge, Naruto Uzumaki was certain he could take on anything. Even if that meant wearing a skirt, procuring a street corner, and going undercover as a prostitute...with his old high school rival as his first client." 

Pairing: Naruto & Sasuke

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: Holy crap is this funny. I laughed, I cried, I held my breath in suspense. This is a seriously well thought out story and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us. 

Alternate Worlds by Awesomenorwegian

"In a different world, Esdeath tracks down a member of Night Raid's local team to Tatsumi's village three days before he was supposed to leave. Trapped in the clutches of the Queen of Ice, will he ever be able to find his true destiny? Betareading done by Pyromania101." 

Pairing: Tatsumi & Esdeath

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: This is a very different and kind of refreshing take on the Akame Ga Kill world. I would like to see how Tatsumi changes over the course of this story in comparison to his change over the course of the original story. 

Liar, Liar by Sahara Niseli

"After their big win at the GMG, Lucy decided to take a little break from all the daily stress in her life. With Makarov's approval she went away for a vacation only to return back with a ring on her finger, legally married." 

Pairing: Lucy & Laxus...or is it Lucy & Gray

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: One of my favorite pairings, Lucy and Laxus get married much to the disappointment of Lucy and Gray...Confusing right? I really want to see this story progress either in the established Gray and Lucy pairing or the Laxus and Lucy pairing. Still waiting on a new update...it's been over a month. 

A Dream of Two Worlds by ErzaDreyar 

"One night, Lucy has a nightmare about a certain blue haired mage. Will she be able to, or can she, reach him and save him in time?" 

Pairing: Lucy & Jellal

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: ONE OF THE CUTEST FANFICTIONS I HAVE READ IN A LOOOOOONG TIME!!! This story is so cute and I cannot wait for the update. She promised to be back this year after putting this story on hold for a different story. Waiting with fingers crossed tightly. I have a strange addiction. Leave me alone. You read it and you'll be addicted too. 

A Solemn Vow to Take & A Solemn Vow to Make by imholynight

Pairing: Lucy & Laxus

Status: Complete

Thoughts: These two stories, you just need to read them. A Solemn Vow to Take sets the stage for a beautiful relationship and A Solemn Vow to Make sets it on fire and burns it into your heart...okay that was really cheesy...Just trust me on this. 

Imprisonment by UtsuhoTetsuya

"Kuroko surprisingly caught the attention of a reputable yakuza, Akashi Seijuurou. Through an agreement, Akashi managed to convince Kuroko to come to him every time the cops wanted information about the underworld. Of course, the price for it was much heavier than Kuroko expected. But if it was favorable towards the police force, why not? MafiaBoss!Akashi x Police!Kuroko." 

Pairing: Akashi & Kuroko

Status: On-Going

Thoughts: You fall in love with the beginning fluff and smut, then you relish in the darkness, and lose your mind crying over the sadness but pick yourself back up again to continue reading. 

Each of these is highly recommended, and I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are. Do you also read fan fiction? Let me know some of your favorites, and maybe I'll read those. 

The End: Naruto & Bleach...


Will Tite Kubo ever end Bleach? I don't just want to talk about Naruto being over. Maybe when Bleach finally ends, The Last will finally be available in the US.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. 

Well this is the end of this one. I know it was short, but guys...between my parents renovating the basement and starting up a new job on top of school and work...I just don't have a lot of time. Hopefully next week I will be able to do a awesome job for you but this week...I am still getting used to things. 

Hope you enjoyed it. 

This short...small...update...

See you next week. 

Ja ne. 

xx Kat


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