D. Gray-Man 2016

Hey guys! So a while back it was announced that a favorite anime of mine would return to the small screen. So let's explore this in finer detail.

This new 2016 series is not a reboot. I repeat, this series is not a reboot. So read up and catch up on your D. Gray-Man because you will need to know where the original series left off. This 2016 reboot will be picking up right after episode 103.

Now if you are not familiar with D. Gray-Man, I refer you to my review of the series: here.

So two things that have been announced are the seiyuu's for Allen Walker and Howard Link of the new series. Unfortunately it has not been announced if anyone from the original series will be reprising their roles. Fortunately, this time around they found a male seiyuu for the now almost adult Allen Walker.

Allen Walker in 2008 was played by the amazing Sanae Kobayashi. In this 2016 sequel he will be played by Ayumu Murase who is well known for playing the tiny middle blocker of the Karasuno volleyball club Hinata Shoyo. I look forward to his performance.

Howard Link in 2008 was played by Daisuke Kishio. In this 2016 sequel he will be played by Shinnosuke Tachibana. Link wasn't as big of a role in the first series as he will be in this new series. So it will be nice to see his character develop even if it is a different seiyuu.

Now, some characters who I am seriously looking forward to seeing animated for the first time are as follows:

Sheril Kamelot - Road's crazy ass relative who is very prim and proper. Don't let the name fool you, Sheril is very much so a man.

Wisely -  a new Noah that we get to meet who gets a lot of headaches. I always imagined that if Lulubell had succeeded in kidnapping Allen that Wisely would be the character who would kick both Allen and Tyki's asses because of the headache they would give him.

Neah Walker - I will explain more about this character in my spoiler section, but I highly look forward to hearing the 14th Noah's voice for the first time.

Timothy Hearst - this pervy and rambunctious exorcist is certainly an addition to The Black Order.

Alma Karma - this character is a sad character from one of the original series character's pasts. Prepare tissues kiddos.

Apocryphos - The Millennium Earl has nothing on this bad guy. Let's just say that even the Noah are afraid of this guy.

So a little bit more about the series itself. The original anime covered volume 1 through about half of volume 16. It stopped at chapter 158. So I imagine that this new series will pick back up at vol 16's chapter 158 and continue from there. They have plenty of material that they can work with until the mangaka is finished with the series (which should hopefully be soon) but they can at least get a few more years out of the series. I also hope that this sparks a new fanbase for the series, however...someone is going to have to get rights to the full series since FUNimation only has rights to season 1 and 2. Cause it would be really nice if everyone could watch seasons 1 through 4 on a legal site. Get on it someone, whether it's Sentai, FUNimation, Crunchyroll, whatever. I just want to legally say people can watch this show in the US.

So guys, if you are as excited about this show as I am, let me know what you look forward to most

Now, it has been a long time since I have done this, but from this point forward:


Let's take a look at the part that I look forward to seeing animated the most. 

The biggest thing I want to see is the arc ranging from volume 19 to 22. Allen's transition into a Noah. It's rather compelling and it starts to show the tug-of-war Allen is feeling. Plus Neah Walker is such a mysterious character. I can't wait to see who they have voice him I would love to see someone like Yuchi Nakamura or someone similar voice him. What are your thoughts? 

Maybe they'll have Ayumu Murase voice him since technically Allen and Neah are the same person. 

Who knows. 

Let's just all look forward to such a great revival of a great series. I can't contain my excitement!!!!!!

Until next time guys. 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat 

Update 2/29/16


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