Korean Break Part 7: We are...Gatsebeun!

A, iGOT7, are you ready for this? Let's go. One step, two step girl...lol. Just kidding. Anyways...Hey guys! So I have officially moved and I will be posting a blog post about that soon-ish. I definitely had internet a lot faster than I had originally planned. But you didn't come here to listen to me blather about my internet, you came for the goods. I present...GOT7.

Before I start this blog though, let me tell you about a contest that I am running. So I got to thinking that since I am doing profiles on these groups, that I would pick two and put them in a head to head battle. Well, since I thought that, why not pick two groups that have performed the same song. So here we are GOT7 vs BTS. If you follow them you'll know which song I am referring to.

Here is the original performance of "This Love" by Shinhwa. Now, let's take a look at the BTS cover.

BTS also performed the song "T.O.P." by Shinhwa in the same performance, so here is a look at the original "T.O.P" performance by Shinhwa so you get an idea.

And last but not least, here is GOT7's performance of "This Love".

So who do you think performed it better? Well that is what this is all about!

Calling all iGOT7 and ARMY. Your groups need you. For this contest, I want to see some creative ways of getting other members of your fandom to vote for your group. Remember, we want to figure out who performed “This Love” the best. You have until 9/29 to get the word out. You can cast your votes before the GOT7 blog goes up on 9/17. So you have 20 days to spread the word in the most creative way you can. 

How to Enter: 

1. Tag me any posts on Instagram (@vamp1929 or @katsanimecorner), Tumblr (@vamp1929) or Facebook (@KatsAnimeCorner)
2. Use #KAC_Contest on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter
3. Specific which group you are voting for and who you are getting attention for (i.e. #iGOT7 or #BTSarmy)
4. Be creative and have fun

1st Place - BTS picture (perasonalized autograph by Kat) + personalized mix CD of Kat’s current favorite songs + chance to write a fan post for KAC (K-Pop or Anime)
2nd Place - Personalized mix CD of Kat’s current favorite songs + personalized letter from Kat

3rd Place - KAC autographed One Piece key chain + personalized letter from Kat

Good luck to you all. Winners will be announced in the finale blog and will be asked to contact Kat via the Facebook page. 

Now let's really learn about GOT7!

This group quickly jumped up to the top five of my favorite Korean groups. I listen to them all the time. My cousin actually thought that GOT7 was my favorite group. But no it is not.

2. BTS
3. GOT7
5. 2NE1

*fans self* So these guys are HOT. This is one of JYP's first hip-hop groups who debuted in 2014. They started flipping their acrobatic ways into hearts worldwide. Now let's meet these boys. 

Mark Tuan

Stagename: Mark
Birthdate: 09/04/1993
Height: 5'9" (175 cm)
Role: Rapper, Dancer

Im Jaebum 

Stagename: JB
South Korean
Birthdate: 01/06/1994
Height: 5'10" (179 cm)
Role: Leader, Singer, Dancer

Jackson Wang

Stagename: Jackson
Birthdate: 05/28/1994
Height: 5'9" (174 cm)
Role: Rapper, Singer, Dancer

Park Jin-young

Former Stagename: Junior
Current Stagename: Jinyoung
South Korean
Birthdate: 09/22/1994
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
Role: Singer, Rapper

Choi Youngjae

Stagename: Youngjae
South Korean
Birthdate: 09/17/1996 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNGJAE)
Height: 5'9" (177 cm)
Role: Singer

Kunpimook Bhuwakul

Stagename: BamBam
Birthdate: 05/02/1997
Height: 5'9" (176 cm)
Role: Rapper, Singer, Dancer, and Presenter

Kim Yugyeom 

Stagename: Yugyeom 
South Korean
Birthdate: 11/17/1997
Height: 6'0" (180 cm)
Role: Maknae, Singer, Dancer

It always makes me laugh that the Maknae is actually the tallest member of the group. Let me know in the comments below who your favorite member is! You'll find out my favorite member next time. 

Music. In order to talk about GOT7 music I need to talk about JJ Project first. So JJ Project was a small thing that JYP put together in 2012 with two future members of GOT7. Debuting as JJ Project were GOT7 members Junior (now called Jinyoung) and JB. Junior got his nickname because he is Junior JYP and he recently decided that he wants to live up to the name Jinyoung instead of being just Junior. Anyway, JJ Project released an EP called Bounce. GOT7 actually wound up performing this song years later. Then in 2014 GOT7 debuted and here they are on their way to releasing their newest FLIGHT LOG: Turbulence album. Let's take a look at the albums that have already been released (I'll talk about individual songs after). 

Bounce EP (2012)

1. Bounce
2. Hooked
3. Before the Song Ends (feat. Suzy)
4. Bounce (Instrumental)

Got It? (2014)

1. Hello
2. Girls Girls Girls
3. I Like You
4. Follow Me
5. Like Oh
6. Playground

Got Love (2014)

1. U Got Me
2. A
3. Bad Behavior
4. Good Tonight
5. Forever Young
6. A (Remix)

Identify (2014) - First Album

1. Stop Stop It
2. Gimme
3. Take My Hand
4. Magnetic
5. Just Tonight
6. Turn Up The Volume
7. Stay
8. Moonlight
9. She's A Monster
10. Girls Girls Girls
11. A

Just Right (2015)

1. Just Right
2. Before the Full Moon Rises
3. My Reaction
4. Nice
5. Mine
6. Back to Me

MAD (2015)

1. If You Do
2. Put Your Hands Up
3. Feels Good
4. Good
5. Eyes on You
6. Tic Tic Tok

MAD Winter Edition (2015)

1. Confession Song
2. Everyday
3. To Star
4. If You Do
5. Put Them Up
6. Feels Good
7. Good
8. Eyes on You
9. Tic Tic Tok
10. If You Do (Stage Ver.)

HOME RUN EP (2016)


Flight Log: Departure [Fly] (2016)

1. Fly
2. Can't 
3. See the Light
6. Beggin' on my Knees
7. Something Good

Flight Log: Turbulence

So GOT7 has an extensive list of songs under their belt for only being around for 3 years. I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us. Now let's look at individual songs and share with you some videos. 


This song is fun and you get to see JB as a hot blonde. Plus, seeing GOT7 performing this song is something else. It fits with the style of GOT7. 

"Girls Girls Girls"

GOT7's debut song. Filled with confidence and flipping tricks. 

"I Like You" 

A fun and cute song that shows off a different side of these boys. 

"Follow Me" 

"Oops!" So you get to hear Jinyoung rapping in a GOT7 song showing that even though he does a lot of singing now he still has it with rapping. Plus this is just an all-around fun track. 


This is a hip-hop track introducing you to the many talents of GOT7. 


This is totally Youngjae's breakout song. 

"Stop Stop It" 


This song makes you want to give yourself over to these boys. I certainly wouldn't say no if they asked me to make them my man....


Sorry....I was too busy focusing on how cute they are...

"Just Right" 


The Just Right version of Hello...seriously. 

"If You Do" 

"Confession Song" 


Hitting a home run into my heart....okay that was corny. 



Welcome to the Fish Tank. This song reminds me of their older work like Follow Me and I Like You. It's fun and very easy to get caught up in. 

I can't wait to see what new music they have for us. Apparently one of the new tracks from this album being released at the end of the month will be a continuation of the If You Do theme. That's pretty damn exciting. So that is all for this time! Don't forget to participate in the contest for those pretty awesome prizes. Sorry that I couldn't get you guys something cooler, but I am pretty broke right now from moving...plus I wound up adopting a cat who was in desperate need of home. I'll introduce you to her soon unless you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat in which you've already met her. 

See you all next time! 

Ja ne! 

xx Kat

Update 9/17/16


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