Korean Break Part 8: Bias Finale

Hey guys! You made it all the way to the end. Congrats! I never planned on this break being so long, but it was necessary and it allowed me to explore a different side of my favorite things. First thing is first, let's cover the contest.

Congratulations to everyone who won. If you can go to the Facebook page and message me, I can get you your prizes. Now, let's get on with this final blog post in the Korean Break series.

It's a bit sad, but no one participated in the contest. I had so many people like a few of the posts I made on different social media outlets, but not one person shared a thing. So That is it for the contest. I'll save the prizes until next time and maybe then I'll have a badass contest that will be epic and probably by then we'll be a bit more famous. Anyway, let's move on with the final blow post in the Korean Break series.

So one thing about Korean idol videos is that your eyes are always drawn to one idol over another in a group. Let's take a look at my bias for the Korean groups on my phone.


This is a very big group. Even after they went from 12 to 9, that is still a lot of hot guys to look at. Well, one guy has always captured my attention. I don't know what it is about him, but I can't ever look away. 
Name: Do Kyung-soo
Birthdate: 01/12/1993


While EXO is big in numbers, BIGBANG is big in fame. So it isn't a surprise that everyone has a bias from this group. My bias is a popular choice amongst many. He's gorgeous and has one hell of a body. I actually share a bias with Megan Bowen aka ChoNunMigookSaram.

Name: Dong Young-bae 
Birthdate: 05/18/1988


I think that if you read my CNBLUE post you already know who it is. 
Name: Jung Yong-hwa 
Birthdate: 06/22/1989


Since the very beginning I have always found myself in love with my bias. He has captured my heart since the second I laid eyes on him. He is very comfortable in his own skin and he is a bright presence wherever he is. 
Name: Choi Minki
Birthdate: 11/03/1995


So this bias is also my bias for Trouble Maker...I guess that gives it away. 
Name: Jang Hyun-seung 
Birthdate: 09/03/1989


Okay, so if you don't know this one by now, you obviously don't know me. 
Suga/Agust D
Name: Min Yoongi
Birthdate: 03/09/1993


I think that literally all of B.A.P's members are eye-catching but this is the one member who has always caught my interest. 
Name: Moon Jongup
Birthdate: 02/06/1995


No lies, if you could have more than one bias, this would be the group that I would have 3 for. Well all the members are absolutely gorgeous, three of them stand out to me more than the rest. But you can't and that's why the member who caught my eyes first is the member who is my bias. Plus I am really good at picking out his voice in songs. So that is also a factor. 
Name: Kevin Woo
Birthdate: 05/25/1991


I have said that if someone had shown me JJ Project first, I would have a different bias than the one I have currently. JB would totally be my bias because I would have fallen in love with him in the Bounce music video, but I didn't. Instead I fell for the "foreign" boy. 
Name: Jackson Wang
Birthdate: 03/28/1994


So the first time I watched the music video for Hero, I had to Google search the members just to find out who this guy was. He was so hot. 
Name: Son Hyun Woo
Birthdate: 06/18/1992


So I determined that since there are technically three units to this group, I can have more than one bias. My rules. ;)
Name: Kwon Soonyoung
Birthdate: 06/15/1996
Name: Lee Jinhoon
Birthdate: 11/22/1996


It's not hard to determine who I like in this group. He literally overshadows all the other members of the group. He has the most beautiful smile ever. 
Name: Cha Hakyeon
Birthdate: 06/30/1990

Who is your bias? If anyone outright asks me who my Korean bias is, I instantly reply with Suga or Jackson. Let me know below. Maybe we have the same bias.

So moving on, let's take a look at my raking of a couple groups. I'm only going to rank four different groups: GOT7, BTS, NU'EST, and U-KISS.

First up is GOT7, who's newest CD is bomb as shit. Is that even cool to say anymore? Who the fuck cares. I am in love with it. "Hard Carry" and "Boom X3" are my two favorite songs from the album, but we'll get into that at a later date. For now, let's see how I rank these boys!

1. Jackson
~ Are you surprised? You shouldn't be, since he is my bias. LOL. ~
2. JB
~ Like I said before, if I knew about JJ Project before GOT7, JB would be my bias. ~
3. Mark
~ What isn't there to love about this cutie? I was actually shocked he is younger than me... ~
4. BamBam
~ It's really tough not to love BamBam. Especially since he went from cute to damn sexy. ~
5. Jinyoung
~ He seems bossy, in the sexy way, and I like that. ~
6. Yugyeom
~ A man who cries and is so passionate about what he does will always win my heart. ~
7. Youngjae
~ It's always hard to pick the person you have to put in last place...~

Now, let's do some BTS. This one was really tough to do because I love almost all of them equally. Suga will always win out. Sorry boys. 

1. Suga
~ I just can't. He is perfect and wonderful and so fucking sexy. ~
2. Jin
~ I think Jin is so under appreciated. He is sexy, goofy, an amazing cook, and he is super sweet. ~
3. Rapmonster 
~ If we were a couple, we'd be labeled the dangerous couple...because we'd break everything we touch. He's the God of Destruction for heaven's sake. ~
4. Jungkook
~  Where do I even begin with Kookie? ~
5. Jimin
~ He knows how to work it. He can be drop dead gorgeous one second and the next he's being a weirdo with RM. ~
6. V
~ My cousin is gonna hate me.... ~
7. J-Hope
~ I feel bad that I had to put our hope, our angel, J-Hope in last place... ~

Now for NU'EST. There is nothing wrong with this group. They are all gorgeous as fuck.

1. Ren
~ Obviously, since he was the first to catch my eyes. ~
2. Minhyun
~ This gorgeous singer would tower over me. ~
3. JR
~ Leader-nim is fucking hot and he is an amazing dancer. ~
4. Baekho
~ The main vocal has a bad boy image but is such a sweetheart. ~
5. Aron
~ This American rapper is very adorable. ~

And last but not least, U-KISS. I've been a fan for a long time but have only just recently learned ALL the members names instead of only Kevin and Eli. 

1. Kevin
~ The original reason I fell in love with U-KISS. ~
2. Jun
~ He's a newer addition to U-KISS but damn is he good looking. ~
3. Eli
~ This is Taylor's bias. ~
4. Kiseop
~ He is so hot, like a runway model. ~
5. Hoon
~ All I need to say is Quit Playing M/V. ~
6. Soohyun
~ I really dislike there being  a last place of these lists...~

How would you rank these guys? Let me know! 

So that is all for this week. I'm sad that this is the end of my Korean Break. Don't fret, I will be back for more Korean posts, but now I pass the torch to my new writer Taylor. 

Until next time. 

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 9/29/16


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