New Writer Alert: Meet Taylor

Hey guys! So I'm sure if you have followed me for long enough you'll know that there is a person in my life who has greatly appreciated the world of anime and K-Pop. No I am not talking about my little sister, I am actually talking about my cousin. I have posted several times about her as well as tagged her in a lot of stuff on Instagram and Snapchat. So please give a hearty KAC welcome to Taylor.

Since I have decided to toss this new writer at you, I've decided you need to get to know her a bit better. So I put together a series of questions that I asked her to answer before you get to know her. Instead of just throwing it at you, I've decided to share with you the questions and my answers so that you get an idea of what to expect, but her answers will be completely different and her writing style is completely different too.

Intro To Kat (Example) 

- Favorite K-Pop Group: CNBLUE
- K-Pop Idol Bias: Min Yoongi (Suga from BTS) and Jackson Wang (Jackson from GOT7)
- Favorite Korean Song: If You Do by GOT7 or Cold Love by CNBLUE
- Favorite Anime: D. Gray-Man and Fairy Tail 
- First Korean Group: 2NE1 and CNBLUE
- First Anime: Sailor Moon
- Aspirations as a KAC Writer: To get to the point where Kat's Anime Corner is interviewing voice actors and other important members of the anime industry as well as inside looks into companies like FUNimation and Crunchyroll or as Twitter has so lovingly deemed them #Funiroll
- A bit about yourself outside of KAC: I am a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician) and I work full-time in a small practice near where I live. When I am not working my full-time job as a CVT, I work full-time on KAC because it is my baby...or I procrastinate by watching K-Pop music videos or anime. 

Now let's see what Taylor has to say about these questions. 

Intro To Taylor 

Favorite K-Pop Group: BTS
K-Pop Idol Bias: Kim Taehyung (V from BTS) or Mark Tuan (Mark from GOT7)
Favorite Korean Song: "Boyz with Fun" by BTS or "Bang Bang Bang" by BIGBANG
Favorite Anime:  Psycho-Pass or Sword Art Online
First Korean Group: GOT7
First Anime: Fruits Basket
Aspirations as a KAC Writer: "I think right now this is sort of like a learning experience. I'm really new to this whole scene, (got to say I'm loving it so far) and to be able to write about it, I really will be immersing myself into this. It would be really cool to see KAC succeed, and to watch it grow!"
A bit about yourself outside of KAC: "I am in my second year of college getting a degree in art and business. My goal is to begin tattooing and open my own shop one day. When I'm not learning about art, I'm usually drawing or painting, or watching K-Pop videos. Or making bad jokes."

To give you an idea of what she does, here is a drawing she did of my bias Suga.

Credit: Taylor

You can find more of here art on her Instagram page: @imagination_and_art_is_key.

Give her a lot of love and look forward to more posts from both of us as well as a lot more fun to come. She will be in charge of writing about K-Pop and maybe sometimes about anime. Let me know what you think about getting a new writer, do you like it? Do you hate it? Keep me posted.

Also, don't forget to listen to this podcast Taylor and I recorded for KAC. We had so much fun and were laughing so hard through the entire thing!

Until next time, see ya later!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 9/13/16


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