February KoreaBox Unboxing

Hey guys! So very sorry for the delay in posting this. I've been a bad blog mommy and I haven't really been focusing on every aspect of this blog. I originally planned to have this up on the 18th but I wound up drinking more than my fair share of beer at a party and...yeah let's just say I was pretty much out of commission for the entire weekend. But I can promise that this is going to be a really good one because it is very long. Plus I am listening to BTS's "Not Today" on repeat as I write this. It might just be my favorite song right now. I am obsessed with the beat of the song. And why, you ask, is BTS important to this blog post? Well I got a whole bunch of BTS gear! Check out this bomb ass hat that I bought...no it isn't from KoreaBox, but still...

Anyway, let's get into my KoreaBoxes and see what I got. Yes I got two boxes this month...so what. So KoreaBox had a special sale going on where you got to buy snapbacks and calendars and so many other things like tumblers, etc. Well I bought two snapbacks and one calendar.

I own a VIXX FANTASY HAT!!! You'll find out more in my Korean Break Season 2: Part 8 why I am so excited to have this VIXX hat. Plus it's Fantasy! When I have more time to actually do my hair, you can find me on Snapchat or Instagram rocking this hat.

As excited as I was for my Fantasy hat, you have no idea how happy I am to own a GOT7 Hard Carry hat! I can totally rock this hat while listening to my Flight Log Albums...which I know I still need to review...but guys...I am literally only one person with one million and ten ideas. If there were more of me, I might actually get somewhere on this blog.

Now my favorite bit of this special box is the amazing new 2 year calendar that will be going on my new big desk when I finally get it. For now, it will stay in its packaging since I have no where for it in my room.

Getting into my actual February box, I have to say that I would probably get along with everyone over at KoreaBox because we would be able to jam to the Goblin Soundtrack like no tomorrow. My favorite song is actually Stay With Me by Chanyeol and Punch. I love Ailee's song and who doesn't love Heize's beautiful opening credit song?

So Sunny included some delicious snacks in this box as well. If you know me at all (which if you saw my Japanese candy hauls you'll know which snack went first), then you know that I loved the Pepero. My little sister wanted to try one so I let her have a bite of one and she hated it so much. The face she made would have anyone laughing.

Now the one that I have been munching on over the last few days are these really delicious rice snacks. I can't really describe the flavor, but I would highly recommend you try these if you ever get the chance.

She also gave me some melon cookie snacks but I haven't tried those yet. I'm not sure I'll like them though because melon is not one of my favorite flavors but I am always willing to try anything once. I tried a melon candy from China or Japan (I don't remember where it was from my co-worker gave it to me) before and I actually really liked it.

Let's get into the actual BTS merch! So they just rolled out these amazing Eco bags over at KoreaBox and I got the Blood, Sweat, & Tears BTS WINGS bag. I love it! It is a decent size bag and I could definitely see using this either as a quick on the run bag or for shopping. It is a really amazing bag and I just love the design!

Inside my Eco bag was a button of the Bangtan boys themselves! I can't believe I finally have a BTS button! I can add it to my button collection...wherever that went...I actually lost a lot of buttons in the move to my apartment. *takes a moment of silence for the fallen buttons*

Then I got some really amazing BTS WINGS stickers. The large sticker is the same picture as my Blanket I got in my December box!

Overall, I would say that this is my best haul yet! I cannot wait to see what next month will bring. Especially since BTS is launching their You Never Walk Alone promotions so there should be even more BTS merch rolling out.

What was your favorite item I received? Also, have you subscribed to KoreaBox yet? If you haven't you definitely should and let them know Katrina from Kat's Anime Corner sent you. You can go here to subscribe to a box: http://korea-box.com. If you have any questions about KoreaBox check out their FAQ page: http://korea-box.com/pages/about-us. They are really amazing people and will answer whatever questions you have. Plus their dog is so damn cute!

Well, that is all for this week guys! Stay tuned for more blog posts. I think my TWICE post for Korean Break Season 2 should be coming out within this week and I have a few other posts coming soon, too. Until next time!

Ja ne!

xx Kat

Update 2/20/2017


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